Pre-Challenge Thoughts

I plan to keep track of my time this week. It’s been a while since I’ve done so, and I’m curious to see what my life looks like right now. Unlike my other “168 Hour Challenges,” this one is pretty spur-of-the-moment, so I haven’t had time to plan my week and make sure it looks good. Much of my work is just plugging along sort of stuff. The logs of that aren’t going to be too scintillating.

On the other hand, I do know there will be some fun stuff in it. For starters, my 10th college reunion is this weekend, and I’m looking forward to the big-name (but as yet a surprise) band that’s been hired for Friday night!

The big thing I find myself thinking about as I plan this week is how to both make good use of my mornings, and to use the lengthening summer evenings for fun. This evening, we loaded the kids in the stroller and went for a walk to a nearby park. The kids ran around for a while, poking at bushes and picking up rocks. Nothing special, but a nice ending to the weekend. I’m hoping to create a few more enjoyable evenings like that out of the next 168 hours.

What are you looking forward to this week?

One thought on “Pre-Challenge Thoughts

  1. I’m looking forward to meet an old friend whom I haven’t seen for a long time. I moved to Thailand a few years back. Made many new friends here, but of course I also got out of touch with some old ones. Skype and facebook just isn’t the same – so I cherish those simple moments with good friends even more than previously.

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