Round-up: Procrastination, Multi-tasking and Blog Inspiration

I’ve been taking a week off from book writing before plunging into revisions next week. It’s been kind of nice to have a little bit of space, to actively choose to not do something for a while.

However, sometimes we put things off for other reasons. Over at BNET this week, I blogged on 5 Ways To Stop Procrastinating By Friday. I am particularly a fan of two approaches — doing a task first thing in the morning, or using blatant bribery.

I also blogged about how you can Make Multi-Tasking Work. Usually, trying to do two things at once is a recipe for disaster. But there are a few exceptions, when you combine something you have to do anyway with something that builds more joy into your life. Examples include exercising with friends, carpooling with a colleague you like, and so forth.

I really appreciate all your visits over at the BNET blog. I crossed the 100,000 visit mark for March, which is pretty exciting since I’m only writing 8 posts a month.

This week, Urban Muse Writer reviewed 168 Hours, and I seem to have inspired a new blog called Stop & Smell The Roses. Nice!

On Wednesday night, I went to a party celebrating the successful close of DailyWorth‘s recent funding round. DailyWorth is an email newsletter with a financial thought for the day (just follow the link to the webpage for an easy subscription process). One interesting tidbit about DailyWorth: the founder is a mom of little kids. A very low percent of angel and VC capital goes to women-owned businesses, and I’m guessing even less to the so-called “mompreneur” demographic. Why is that? I’m working on column on just that topic.

Also, a few days left to subscribe to the 168 Hours newsletter, “Just a Minute.” See the links to the right. This comes once a month (the next one is April 4) and always has an original essay, book review and a few other things. Our subscription list is now into the thousands and growing — I hope you’ll join!

3 thoughts on “Round-up: Procrastination, Multi-tasking and Blog Inspiration

  1. I’d like to know more about VC funding and other kinds of business funding as well as if there are any folks out there who specialize in this. I think you have to give up some “ownership” of the business in a lot of funding…like be willing to sell or cut someone else in as “owner” — when a better strategy seems to bet money or resources against your own ability to grow a business so you still reap the benefits as “owner”.

    1. @ Cara- different businesses would do best with different kinds of funding. If you are very scalable and provide a clear exit strategy (you will go public or will be sold to a larger business) then you’re a good candidate for angel funds and VC funding. The benefit of equity capital is that it can be a huge cash infusion and enable you to grow very quickly. The downside is yes, you sign some chunk of ownership over. But if you’re planning to, say, go public in a $200 million IPO, then you’ll reap plenty of benefits as a 25% owner too.

  2. I love many of these pniots. I’m a little to type-A to implement the 168 hour plan (I work on being less structured, not more). I agree with ignoring, minimizing and outsourcing housework as well as making home life fun. Great post.

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