168 Hours Challenge: The Time Makeover

From Sept 13-19, many of us logged our time as part of the second 168 Hours Challenge. I promised to select one reader for a time makeover. So on Monday, you’ll hear from Nancy Rielle, owner of VerveCards.

I thought Nancy’s situation summed up what we’ve been talking about this month in terms of filling our lives with things we want to have in them. On 10/01/10, I posted my List of 100 Dreams, and several other people joined me, both here and at their own blogs. The point of this exercise is to realize that time management isn’t just about playing defense, and saving five minutes here and there. We need to play offense as well, and choose what we’d like to put in our 168 hours.

Nancy’s situation gets at this question more purely than most of us. She is an entrepreneur and sets her own hours and tasks for any given week. She doesn’t have children, so she doesn’t have those constraints on her time either. Indeed, except for a pesky need to eat and sleep, there is nothing she has to do.

So what should she be doing? How can she fill her blank slate of time in a way that makes life work for her?

We discussed these questions over lunch two weeks ago. Due to a childcare snafu my 1-year-old joined us for this lunch, and howled for big chunks of the time. Also, I seem to have made off with Nancy’s cheese grater (sorry about that!) But despite these challenges, we came up with some good fixes for helping her create a schedule she can work and live with. You’ll hear more about it directly from her on Monday, so please check back then!

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