List of 100 Dreams: Moving to NYC

Every year on Sept 2 I celebrate my “New York anniversary.” When I was younger and living in Indiana, moving to NYC would have been on my List of 100 Dreams (if I’d made an official one). On Sept. 2, 2002 I actually did it. Not because I had a job here. I didn’t, a fact which was mildly alarming to me. I moved because I wanted to live in New York, and for the past eight years, it’s been a great ride, a great reminder that one can write the story of one’s own life.

However, this will probably be my last New York anniversary celebrated in New York. Sometimes you do start wanting more privacy and space, and a lower cost of living, or at least the ability to send your kid to kindergarten without it being like applying to college all over again. And as people point out, you don’t actually go to the Met that often. Which is why I laughed out loud when someone sent me this link to an Onion article called 8.4 Million New Yorkers Suddenly Realize New York City A Horrible Place To Live. On my New York anniversary! Now, if I could just figure out where we want to live instead…

4 thoughts on “List of 100 Dreams: Moving to NYC

  1. Might I recommend the Triangle area of NC? I also come from the Midwest (Ohio), and I absolutely love it here. Low cost of living, plenty of space, an incredible variety of great food, always near the top of “brainiest city” lists, and a growing cultural scene.

  2. May I suggest Orange County, CA? Good jobs, good schools, great quality of life. Lower cost of living than the city and much, much better produce (unless things have drastically improved since I lived there…)
    I loved that Onion article!

  3. Reminds me of the “live in Chicago” dream that I waited to fulfill until I had four kids 🙂 Living in the city was a grand experiment and introduced me to people and opportunities I otherwise never would have known. Ultimately it just made more sense for us to live where we do now, but I’m so glad we went–even though it was only for about a year and a half–and we’re still feeling a positive ripple effect from the move.

    If you’re interested in heading back to the Midwest, we’d love to have you!

  4. Come to DC!! There are several great, very affordable suburbs, lots of green space and outdoor activities, and you can always take the Acela back to NYC if you miss the city. (Plus, as I’ve mentioned before, when a woman moves from NYC to DC she instantly becomes thinner and more fashionable, by contrast to the surrounding population.) My favorite time of year is spring, when the whole city smells like flowering trees.

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