168 Hours Challenge Day 5

It’s Friday (finally!) and our workweek challenge logs are almost done. But the key thing to remember when thinking about 168 hours is that our weeks aren’t even close to done. We still have a solid 60 hours between 6pm on Friday and 6am on Monday. Think about that! Obviously some of it involves sleeping, but using the 60 hours of a weekend well is an important step toward getting the most out of our entire 168 hours. We have a tendency to forget that weekends exist in the middle of a busy workweek. But life doesn’t just happen between 9am-5pm M-F (or 8am-6pm, etc.) One idea? Use a break today to ponder what you’d like to do this weekend. I usually say that 3-5 things is plenty. This weekend we are tentatively planning to go apple picking, and to go to the zoo with some friends. I would like to get a workout in as well. And that’s it, I hope.

I went to bed at 10PM last night, but the day started earlier than planned…

10PM-2:30AM – sleep

2:30AM – Jasper comes paddling into bedroom, demands to climb in bed with me. (Husband is still out of town, so there is space). I have trouble getting back to sleep as I am somewhat worried he will fall out of the bed. But finally, at 3:30, I guess I’m too tired to keep worrying.

3:30AM-6:30AM – sleep.

6:30AM – Jasper awake. Then hear Sam crying. He is almost comically wet. Strip down and change baby.

6:35-6:55 – feed baby while Jasper plays half on my lap as well. Why would we want to use more than 1 of the 1600 square feet in my apartment?

6:55-7:45 – play under covers in Mommy’s bed, then under covers in Jasper’s bed, with one mishap of baby climbing up on rocking chair and launching himself headfirst over the side. Comfort baby. Read various books including Jungle Drums (again!) Jasper is concerned about which warthog is Ngiri’s mommy. He also makes me point out which elephant is Babar’s mommy in that book (we have yet to explain the page where the hunter shoots her. I say the mommy falls asleep and Babar runs away. So does he know and he’s testing me, to see if I forget which elephant I have identified as Babar’s mommy???)

7:45-8 breakfast for everyone. Lots of ‘nanas for my Nana-Monsters.

8-8:45 coffee, read blog posts about 168 Hours, catch up on email. Realizing this leg of time is not quite long enough to get anything done. Read newspaper.

8:45-9:10 – walk Jasper to school. We are running late, and play time is over (plus circle time is starting early today). So he doesn’t get to play with toys and is very upset about it. Screaming commences, and it takes another 10 minutes of cuddling to get him to calm down. Poor kid.

9:10-9:35 – Post office, to mail copies of 168 Hours.

9:35- 11:05 back at work, thinking through book angles. Set up today’s blog post, check Twitter/FB/comments.

11:05-11:30 – talk with team at Portfolio about book angle. Here’s the deal: It’s personal finance, doing for money what 168 Hours does for time. That is, be data-driven, and get people to look at the topic in a new light. We do not have a title yet, but we decide that is OK. It will arise out of the research/chapters for the book.

11:30-11:45 – baby not so interested in eating. Play a little instead, grab pretzels.

11:45-12:05 – talk with agent, recap Portfolio conversation, and discuss gifted education

12:05- 12:30 – start thinking about new book, answer blog comments, etc.

12:30-1 pm – run across street to grab lunch. Accidentally grab someone else’s salad in addition to my own, run back over to deli to return it (in case the person with the missing salad was still around…)

1pm-1:25 – eat, hang out with Sam, get him ready to go

1:25-2pm – epic journey to Met Museum of Art. Cab gets stuck in traffic, finally bail and walk chunk of way there.

2-2:45 – enjoy priceless art, though Sam is quite loud while we are there. I realize one of the reasons I haven’t been taking him to museums is that I really hate being stared at in the galleries, even if people understand that babies make noise.

2:45-3:30 – walk through Central Park. Sam almost takes some steps on the grass.

3:30-4:05 – subway, plus walk home from station. Sam falls asleep 5 minutes from house. Doing some work now, and will let him nap, and probably won’t update again until tonight. In case anyone is hanging on my every minute…

4:30 – hey, that was a short nap!

4:30-4:50 – feed baby while reading book on artisanal cheese. Particularly the section on lactating cows. Moo.

4:50-5:30 – play with baby

5:30-5:50 – Michael shows up with Jasper. Much running around getting everyone in play clothes

5:50-6:40 – playground

6:40-7:10 – clean up then make dinner

7:10-7:45 – everyone eats together

7:45-8:10 – play with Jasper while Michael tries to put Sam down

8:10-8:30 – listen to Sam scream on and off, M trying to quiet him.

8:30- 8:50 – nurse baby, he finally falls asleep

8:50- 9:50 – some playing with Jasper, some reading People magazine. Now going to bed pretty soon.

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2 thoughts on “168 Hours Challenge Day 5

  1. Glad to hear you got a reprieve on the book title. Titles just seem to happen when they want to happen and never feel quite right until they do. Don’t know how adaptable this is to your title quest, but a conductor friend of mine brainstorms concert program themes and titles for several years ahead while on long car trips, bouncing ideas back and forth with his partner and jotting them all down (several pages worth) until some workable ones emerge.


    wake up, make hot chocolate, bathroom etc
    get on treadmill, do log on treadmill
    end workout at 9:30
    time with baby, o to daycare with daddy
    shower, start work
    send preschool appw

    chat w friend for 15 minutes
    drive one hour to sales call, talk to assistant, call rental tenant, make a few work calls note to self: should buy or rent more books on tape…for times I am driving to sales calls
    meeting, close deal

    drive to burger king, eat in car on way to daycare which is on way home

    pick o up at daycare, she is playing nicely outside with other kids, forget to pickup stuff I needed at wal mart which is near daycare..and feel a little badly about picking her up early.. think I will put in some time with her and then try to get date night with daddy
    Make a few calls in car, then actually pick her up
    drive home, give o snack in car
    visit neighbors, take o and neihbors to park
    play at park, some good exercise for kids and fresh air for me, chat with another mom, think I will not get the swing set, we have so many parks
    play at park until 7

    bring home, put on video prepare dinner
    give dinner to o and neighbor girl
    feel tired.. Go through mail, straighten up, eat soemthing myself while they are watching their show and eating
    hubby walks in at 8:30 p.m. from work event… thought he would be home earlier for date night.. Which would now be racing out to find a movie I can stay awake for… tell him I am too tired.
    play with baby, realize baby has pooped again and has diaper burn pretty badily, jhave a big fight about whose fault this is and that I let her ride home from daycare in dirty diaper.. (never mind the 2 poopy diapers since the 4 p.m. pickup) or husbands 8:30 arrival time such that diaper burn is all about mommy.. try to comfort kid as she screams through her second bath of the night to remove poop and put cream on ..
    at 11 p.m. we all pass out … !

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