329 million hours a month

That’s how much time Americans spend checking email. We spend 407 million hours per month playing online games, and 906 million on social media like Facebook, Twitter and blogs. For more from Nielsen about how Americans spend their time online, visit their website here.

There are two ways of looking at this. One is that 329 million hours (or 407 million hours, or 906 million hours) is a lot of time. On the other hand, according to this chart from Internet World Stats, roughly 240 million Americans use the internet these days. That means that if 240 million Americans clock 329 million hours checking emails, the average American checks email less than 1.5 hours per month. That figure would be a complete shock to many knowledge workers who seem to be on email around the clock. But the way we perceive things based on our own experiences may not always be the way life works for everyone. I think this stat shows that pretty well.

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