Go! (The 168Hours Challenge)

Ladies and gentlemen, start your time logs! We’ll be recording how we spend our time June 14-20, to learn where the hours really go. We have 60-70 people committed to doing this, both here, at Facebook (become a fan of 168 Hours) and on Twitter (#168Hours). I’ll be sharing my time logs here, and you can leave a comment, or blog about your progress on your own site and leave a link (or email it to me). If you want to elaborate or publish your whole log, the latter is a better idea, as the comment field here is somewhat limited. You can also post on Facebook or tweet. I’ll check back in later today. My log starts at 6am, after going to bed at 10:30. It was a relaxing Sunday evening — my kids both crashed at 6pm and slept the whole night. That has never happened before. A good omen!

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