168 Hours Challenge, the Weekend Post

I will be updating a bit less often because, well, part of using my 168 hours well means not being on the computer all weekend! Saturday went like this:

5:50- 7 – up with the kids, feed baby, hang out
7-8:15 – back to sleep while M takes his turn
8:15 – 10 – breakfast, feed baby again, get him down to nap, get ready for beach
10-11:20 – go to ferry, take ferry to Sandy Hook, NJ. Walk to beach, hang out there…
11:45 – 3:15 – hang out on beach
3:15 – 3:45 – walk back to ferry, solo. M decides to stay later with kids but I am going back to NY for event. Enjoy sitting quietly on grass, waiting for boat, all by myself.
3:45-4:40 – trip back on ferry, solo. Enjoy total relaxation watching the scenery from the top deck.
4:40-5:30 – shower, check email, get dressed.
5:30-8 Op-Ed project Happy Hour (I’m a mentor-editor for them)
8- 8:20 – home, picking up (as no one else seems to be around)
8:20-8:45 – M comes home with kids from grocery store, attempt to get Sam down to sleep, feed him.
8:45-9:20 – cook dinner with M (fajitas! his specialty) Eat dinner, drink margaritas
9:20-10 – hang out, attempt to get Jasper to bed. Finally succeed around 10.
10-10:30 – read a bit putter around house, then go to bed

Here’s how Sunday is going:
7:10 – up
7:10-7:30 – feed baby
7:30-8:30 – drink coffee, play with baby
8:30 – 9 M gets up, have breakfast (make waffles for Father’s Day)
9-9:45 – playing dinosaurs with kids, try to get Sam down for nap, do not succeed.
9:45-10:15 – hang out with M
10:15 – 10:40 – kids, diaper changes, putter around, get run clothes on
10:40-11:45 – run outside. Very humid. Yuck – nice to run though.
11:45-12 – come home to watch the credits on Toy Story 2, the “out takes.” Ha!
12-12:50 – Sam is napping, J busy playing, I work
12:50-1:20 – Sam awake, we have lunch
1:20-2 – play with kids, get them ready to go
2:00-5:00 – M takes kids to zoo, I work (the stuff I didn’t do Friday, pretty much)
5-5:10 – shower
5:10-5:35 – pick up house, put away laundry
5:35-6:25 – work, get organized for week
6:25 – 6:40 – cook dinner
6:40 – M and kids come home
6:40-7:30 – dinner, interrupted by a baby diaper explosion that necessitates a bath. Get back to hamburger after it has gotten cold. Microwaves are great.
7:30-8 – play with kids
8-8:30 – nurse Sam, put him to bed
8:30-8:55 – watch Dora with Jasper
8:55-9:40 – play with Jasper, finally get him into bed.
9:40 – and here we are, coming up to the end of this 168 hours!

I will post a wrap-up thread tomorrow, and remember, I’m offering 5 giveaway copies of 168 Hours to (randomly selected) people who send me completed logs. If your logs are in a form that is not easily mailed, you can just tell me you completed it and tell me what you learned, and I’ll enter you as well. Thanks for sticking with this!

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2 thoughts on “168 Hours Challenge, the Weekend Post

  1. I like the idea of time log, it is an effective way to identify weakness in your schedule (though I have not yet identified if you use an active punch clock on your smartphone or do post-day activity report which you might find is less accurate).

    One question, though, in most of the days I don’t see any activity for housekeeping (laundry, cleaning) nor cooking food nor cleaning dishes, paying bills. Do you outsource all of that activity? Always do takeout, or is there one day of the week I have not seen yet which is a massive meal prep, clean day which makes the rest of the days smooth.

    1. Good question, Dave. I ordered groceries online on Sunday (pre-time log) which showed up Tuesday. I have a cleaning service come in every other week, which was not this week. You’ll see some dinner cooking and making kids dinner on the schedule. Breakfast and lunch are pretty much ready-made meals. There is a little bit of tidying up (today in particular). My husband takes the lead on laundry (you’ll see there is a little folding on Sunday).

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