168 Hours Challenge Day 4

It’s a lovely Thursday here in NYC, and Day 4 of the 168 Hours Challenge has begun. Now that many of us have the hang of recording our hours, I think it’s time to start reflecting on them. Today, I’m asking two questions. First, what do you want to do *more* of in your 168 hours? And second, what do you want to get off your plate? (There is a great discussion of these questions going on over at the Facebook 168 Hours fan page, so feel free to join us there as well).

Today’s log for me:
6:40 – 7:10 – feed baby
7:10-7:25 – attempt, unsuccessfully, to fall back asleep
7:25- 8 – eat breakfast, some playing with kids, reading paper, dressing baby, etc.
8-8:20 – emails/FB
8:20-8:30 – phone interview for column
8:30-9:30 – work on column
9:30-9:40 – record National Review podcast
9:40-10 – email/FB
10-11 — buckle down and crank out column draft
11-11:20 – feed baby
11:20-1:20 edit column (plus occasional bursts of FB, email, and eating lunch in there)
1:20-1:30 – get ready for run
1:30-2:30 – run outside. Good weather for it. Decide to go a little farther than I originally planned.
2:30-3:10 – work administration stuff
3:10-3:30 – feed baby
3:30 – 4:10 – morass of email/FB/Twitter and dealing with financial stuff. Decide to make list of the most important things that have to happen by end of the day. Showering is on list. I kid you not. So is ordering an air mattress so brother has somewhere to sleep when he visits next week.
4:10-4:25 – shower, get dressed for event
4:25- 5:15 – working on webinar pitch, responding to interview requests (yay!)
5:15-5:30 – hair and make-up
5:30-8 – CRAVE event in Meatpacking district. Networking. I am so trying to get better at this sort of thing.
8-9:30 – Jasper time. Playing, snuggling, reading stories about sea creatures and looking at family photos.
9:30- Jasper down, tying up loose ends here, hopefully to bed before long.

Would love to see some more time logs. We’ve got a great discussion going on Facebook – I guess people are more comfortable posting there!

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10 thoughts on “168 Hours Challenge Day 4

  1. 10:30pm-1:00a talk to my best friend that i haven’t seen
    1am-8am sleep
    8am-8:30 get ready for the day
    8:30-9:30 work on tables at work
    9:30-11:30 meeting
    11:30-2:30 more work on tables/snack while working
    2:30-4:00 excel work
    4:00-6:00 read
    6:00-6:20 eat dinner
    6:20-7:15 drive home
    7:15-7:45 read while waiting for friend
    7:45-9:30 walk with friend
    9:30-10:15 goof off
    10:15-11:15 online meeting
    11:15-2am country night 🙂
    2am-8am on and off sleeping
    8am-8:50am internet goofing off

  2. This morning thus far:

    4:00 alarm goes off for morning prayer
    4:45 actually wake up pray and head back to bed
    6:47 get up (really late)
    7:15: come down, make macaroni/cheese, cut fruit, put my lunch together
    7:35 leave home for work–really late
    7:55 arrive at work
    8:00 start work, grab tea etc.
    8:35 here I am…

    I would like more time for exercising and to work on my own personal stuff…. career.

    I am not sure what to give up…

  3. 6:24 up!
    6:30-7:15 workout to DVD
    7:15-8:10 shower, dress, pack lunch
    8:15-8:50 commute to work
    8:50-9:40 web content resources, Mac setup
    9:50-10 email
    10-11:50 data entry
    11:52-12 update subscription form
    12-1:15 lunch
    1:15-2 Winter term report
    2-3:10 look at social productivity tool (manymoon)
    3:10-4:15 Winter term report
    4:15-4:30 time log for work
    4:30-4:36 168 Hours blog post

    Tuesday was a day off which I spent mostly working on my hobby (genealogy… mega time waster) and some laundry. Wednesday

    1. I love that we are now referencing ourselves – the blog post here taking 6 minutes, exactly. Great way to start the day, Kathy, with a work-out DVD. Sometimes I wish I were more of a morning person.

  4. Ok – again the end of year kid activities are filling up the time. This time my fault lingering too long at school as it is one the last times to see oldest in elementary school. And then onto my next challenge – packing for the family trip. I wish there was a way to ignore it, minimize it, or outsource it! Tomorrow’s question – is driving 7 hours considered family time?


    wake up, need rest, this is late am giving up on pushign myself to get up so early, o up
    o play talk get dressed
    work finish up insurance issue with accountant, send designer examples of other companies’ sales power points
    drive o to daycare
    drive office from dayare, call acountant realtor about rental property, check messages, talk to sales repabout her ads for tomorrow’s paper
    meet with editor about ads, rest
    leae to pickup oriana
    drive to pickup o, major time break, mental break that is distracting and didn’t have much organized to do on the way there, called to try ot make a hair appointment got on wait list for appointment at 5:15.. Would prefer to doTexas meetings with a decent updated haircut
    drive home, regroup
    start work again
    take last minute hair appointment as havent’ had haircut in 20 weeks
    haircut walk for tip businesscards
    arrive home oriana
    back to work, presentation, email Invoice gov client is asking for even though the’ve received it 100 times, send state guy estimate


  6. Rest of my day…
    3:00 leave work to pick up kids
    3:30 return home, give kids a snack
    3:45-4:30 shower etc.
    4:30-4:50 pick up daughter from friend’s place
    4:50-6:15 take kids to activity, grocery shop during this time and p/up coffee
    6:40 return home, make rice, put away groceries, have leftovers for dinner (kids shower during this time)
    7:35 rush up, get dressed for mosque
    7:54-9:35 mosque
    9:35 return home, clean up table, load dishwasher etc.
    (kids brush and head to bed during this time)
    9:52-10:43, bedtime routine, pray etc, post rest of schedule
    now till 11:30 work a little, sleep.

  7. So impressed with the detailed logs! Have made a start in tracking my 168 hours — printed out the log. Sadly, have yet to start entering… blaming the last week of school craziness & the fact that this week does not represent a “normal” week (although it’s never normal around here!) Am looking forward to actually logging, but for now I’m mentally tracking the unproductive time I’m spending. Thanks for the push in the right direction!

  8. Thursday
    6:30 wake up, make coffee, feed cats
    6:45-9:40 work (I work from home)
    9:40-10:20 personal email, facebook, twitter, google reader
    10:20-10:35 shower, get dressed
    10:35-11 work
    11-11:15 blogging
    11:15-12:15 work (+ 20 min gchat with friend)
    12:15-12:30 talk with boyfriend (who also works from home)
    12:30-1:20 work
    1:20-1:30 respond about guest blogging for friend, draft ideas
    1:30-1:45 talk to boyfriend & neighbor-friend while they cook
    1:45- 2:10-make to do list, do some pitching research
    2:10 -2:20 read google reader
    2:20-2:40 lunch w/boyfriend & friends
    2:40- 2:50 email/facebook/twitter
    2:50- 3:15 work on screenwriting project for creative collective, GDC
    3:30-4 bike to boyfriend’s old apartment
    4-5:30 look for camera, etc. (we’re in process of moving)
    5:30-6 bike home
    6-7 watch daily show online with boyfriend
    7-8 make dinner
    8-10:10 go to friends for potluck dinner, eat, hang out with friends, talk some about screenplay
    10:10 get home, get ready for bed
    10:20-10:45 random internet stuff
    10:45 bed

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