168 Hours Challenge Day 2

Thanks to everyone who’s been participating! We got tons of time logs here, at Facebook, at Twitter, and some folks emailed me. Congrats to Claudia, one of the e-mailers, who won the first book give-away. I’m giving them away all this week, so please keep leaving comments.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Sleeping Sun night to Monday I got close to 8 hours of sleep. I didn’t do as much work as I planned (about 6 hours), but I also had 2.5 hours related to my volunteer work. I spent close to 2 hours feeding the baby. Often, I check email during this time or try to read something, but it’s hard to do much. I had been wondering where my time went some days, and it seems like this is part of the answer. Maybe I will try to use that time to read a novel or something. Or consciously chill, because the baby won’t be little forever.

Now for today!
6:10 wake up
6:10-6:30 feed baby
6:30-6:40 shower
6:40-7:45 play with kids (plus 5 minutes getting dressed in there)
7:45 -8:45 – travel to NJ PAC, check emails on train
8:45-1:00 – Make Mine a Million $ Business competition; interviewed several awesome business owners who may be the subjects of future pieces.
1-2 – travel home, more work emails along the way
2-2:45 work (pitching column)
2:45-3:05 – feed baby
3:05-3:50 – email/FB/twitter
3:50 -4:25 – nap 🙂
4:25-4:50 email/FB/twitter
4:50-6:10 – go get Jasper at school, take him to Borders to spend his $25 birthday gift card. We get some new stories and come home.
6:10-6:30 – dinner
6:30-6:45 – feed baby
6:45-10:30 go to Lincoln Center for ABT’s Sleeping Beauty. Now home and hopefully to bed soon!

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7 thoughts on “168 Hours Challenge Day 2

  1. So since 8:30 last night.

    8:30-10:30 surf internet.
    10:30-11 talk to friend/get ready for bed.
    11-7:30am sleep.
    7:30-8 lay in bed and stare at ceiling.
    8-9 get ready for internship, read book.
    9:15-10:30 phone calls at internship.
    10:30-10:45 snack break.
    10:45- 12:45 finish phone calls.
    12:45-12:50 ask for next duty, post this. 🙂

  2. 12:50-2:30 work on tables for bookstore.
    2:30-3:45 work on tables/facebook/google
    3:45-4:15 drive to rookwood.
    4:15-5:00 eat dinner at nice restaurant with friend.
    5:00-6:00 window shopping with same friend.
    6-10:30 read new book, facebook, browse internet, look for jobs, grad school, new career advice, etc.

    My day was pretty monotonous, so I didn’t find it necessary to break it up in half hour slots or anything.

  3. Umm I can tell some of these folks here who are reading books and doing facebook from 6 to 10:30 and on the INternet do not have kids !!
    Didn’t make it to Make Mine a Million but would like to participate at Some Point and Hear More!
    Here’s my log .. need to get to bed earlier and spent a lot of time today on a sales presentation that the graphic designer hasn’t said he’d finish so this could be a problem since I need the power point for monday (my times aren’t pasting, but got in some great time with kid, and got up before her which I really enjoy having half an horu or more in the morning to get myself ready and get some work going before she gets up.. b/c she got up earlier also had over an hour with her this morning and quite a bit of time with her myself from 6:30 to 10:30, as hubby was working late.
    7 a.m. wake up coffe dress
    orian aup time with her
    oriana leave for daycar, start work
    work jill input
    work , sales propos
    meet sally
    meet sally
    work , sales proposal
    woek some collections
    work sales proposal took longer than thought
    work sales proposal took longer than thought
    work send ads to designer call designer about ads and data entry work
    send sales proposal counsel with national sales rep about power point present
    finish work grab stuff to take oriana for canal walk
    canal walk /natute walk mom and daughter, nice soemthing
    oriana canal walk
    crying it out with o, hubby working late grandma finally helps me put her down
    oriana down finally
    email, send check to vendor, pay bills,

  4. Here’s my day today…

    3:30 Alarm sets of for morning prayers
    3:45 get up/pray
    4:15 back to bed (I’m a little slow at this time)

    6:30 Alarm sets off for morning
    6:50 Jump out of bed
    7:00-7:25 get ready etc, help kids start routine and get dressed, leave for work by 7:25
    (thank God lunches were prepped the night before and I have a responsible/helpful 12 year old)
    7:50 arrive at work
    8:00 start work–eat breakfast at desk
    work on emails/calls etc.
    2:45 leave work and head towards a meeting with SFU Career Services

    3:30 meeting is supposed to start, but am still on the road and lost
    3:50 arrive at meeting–thankfully, the counselor agrees to see me.
    4:50 leave meeting and head towards home

    6:00 reach home to a not so clean kitchen…am stressed at this…
    6:15 sit for dinner with kids and mom (Mom has cooked)
    6:45 p/u table, clean up, sweep floors etc… still stressed, have 12 year old help…
    7:15 upstairs for afternoon prayers (a little late…)

    7:45 leave home with kids for walk to park feel more relaxed
    9:00 return home from walk; kids shower etc. get ready for bed, sneak in some basic laundry–folding and putting away–task is still incomplete…
    9:30 evening prayer
    10:15 downstairs–put load in dryer, start diswasher
    10:30-11:15 review day, post log, wind down and try to play with updating my resume for Thursday evening…

    Did not do: lunch prep–tomorrow morning will be busy!!!

  5. Life does tend to be a lot less time consuming when you don’t have kids! haha. I’m not looking forward to losing me time in the (far away) future if/when kids come into my life.

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