Rethinking Your Time Crunch (North County Times)

Thanks to Jennifer Kabbany of the North County Times (California) for a great review of 168 Hours called “Rethinking Your Time Crunch.”

To quote Kabbany:

Vanderkam mixes advice and statistics with success stories to help us carefully decide how we should spend our 168 hours —- 24 hours times 7 days —- which make up each week. Part of that is prioritizing things we are good at and that matter, and dropping the waste.

It’s perfect for those who think they face a constant time crunch. Until recently, I was one.

Reading the book helped me realize I do have time to write that novel, start that blog, take that dance class, exercise every day —- and still have dinner ready for my husband and spend quality time with my kids.

The bottom line is this: with some self-evaluation, discipline and determination —- you, too, can have the life of your dreams.

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