More 168 Hours shout-outs

The buzz is building…

Thanks to Lenore Skenazy over at the Free Range Kids blog for running a guest post called “Are You Spending Enough Time With Your Kids?” 27 comments already and the day is young!

Thanks to Irene Levine for running a Q&A on finding time for friends in your 168 hours (a great topic) on some of her blogs, including The Friendship Blog and The Friendship Doctor over at Psychology Today.

Thanks to Lindsey Pollak for recording a podcast on BlogTalk Radio this morning called “You Have More Time Than You Think.” (follow the links for a listen!)

Thanks to Camille Noe Pagan for a great article in June’s Self magazine called “Put Fun First.” You can read a scanned version here.

We will post more as they come in.

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