The book blurb

I am now filling out Penguin’s Author Questionnaire. Among the requests was that I write my own synopsis/blurb for the book. After a while, I came up with this:

We all know there are 24 hours in a day; some of us talk of doing things “24-7.” But few of us multiply those numbers together. That’s too bad, because 168 hour weeks provide the most useful framework for thinking about our lives, and how we use our time. The premise of this book is that there is more than enough time in a 168 hour week for building a Career with a capital C, raising a family, getting adequate sleep and exercise, and nurturing your personal interests as well. This book is about how people spend their 168 hours, and how we can all spend them better. It is about focusing on the things you do best and that others cannot do nearly as well. It is about taking your career to the next level while investing in your personal life, and about where the time really goes. Drawing upon vast troves of research about time use in the past and present, and upon hundreds of interviews and time logs, 168 Hours makes the case that we have more time than we think – enough time to really have it all.

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