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I am writing this from my bed, where I have spent much of the past 16 hours. My daughter had thrown up Wednesday night, and sure enough, yesterday around 4:30 I started feeling pretty off. I went up to lie down for a bit, and then wow. I had a more brutal version of it than she did. Sometimes you have one episode and that solves the problem, but I was in the thick of it fro… read more »

What does tenure take?

I have long been fascinated by the academic concept of tenure. Like making partner in a law or consulting firm, getting this offer of a position for life (in essence) is a sign you have arrived. The problem is that it's not always 100% clear what it takes to leap through this hoop, and it is a hoop (if you don't make tenure, you can't really stay long-term. It's an up… read more »

Thinking of going part-time? Some questions to ask (and boundaries to draw)

If you've got young kids, making the pieces of work and life fit together can be challenging. That's why part-time work remains a popular option. Various Pew Research Center studies have found close to half of mothers would prefer to work part-time (note: that's not just moms working full time hours who want to scale down -- about four in ten stay-at-home… read more »

Time-tracking challenge – wrap up thread

The 168 Hours Time-Tracking Challenge officially ended for me at 5 a.m. Monday morning. I was asleep! Indeed, I slept from 10:30-6:30, when I heard the baby. I kind of rolled over and assumed my husband got up with him, and I dozed until 6:45, when I realized the baby had gone back to sleep! He slept until 8. He must have been tired from tiring us out over the weekend… read more »

168 Hours Time-Tracking Challenge- Day 7

We are almost to the end! Did you make it through the whole week? If you neglected your time log a bit today, that's OK. You can try to recreate the day now. "Family time" works as an entry. The goal is more seeing the big picture than knowing how you spent every 5 minutes. Last night I did get some reading in, though less than I wanted since the 5-year-old had a few issu… read more »