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Reader time makeover: Adding exercise and writing to an incredibly full life

Whenever I poll audiences about what they'd like to spend more time doing, exercise almost always comes out on top. Push a little bit more, and people mention other activities that at first glance seem different, but broadly fall in the same category: writing and other creative activities, brand-building opportunities such as blogging, and so forth. Thes… read more »

Better weekend coordination

While Sunday is not yet over, I feel comfortable saying this weekend went better than last weekend. Partly, it was that there was no swim meet, and I wasn't trying to run 10 miles. But even aside from that, things felt much more smoothly coordinated. We started on Friday with a quick stop at one of my husband's work events (cocktail hour) before we did date night a… read more »

Random Friday thoughts

It's too hard to write an essay for Friday. So this will be a random assortment of thoughts and updates on life right now (non-political -- there's a thread from earlier in the week on that). Anyway, it was my turn to deal with the toddler last night. I got myself into bed before 10 p.m. I woke up at 5 a.m. when he woke up. I was actually grateful for 5 a.m. He'd been gett… read more »

My bad time habits

Over the past few weeks, I've been analyzing my time logs from the past 6 months. I began tracking my time continuously in April, 2015, and wrote about the first year here. The next 6 months showed similar themes. Indeed, my sleep average came out exactly the same: 7.4 hours/day. That seems improbable┬áto me at first glance, because each individual night is va… read more »

Bubbles and daily life

It was quite a night last night. My day started early, as it often does, with the added rush of trying to get my husband and I out to vote before 8 a.m. I went to our polling place first with our 9-year-old, and we stood in line 25 minutes. He was bored (at one point figuring out how many days he had been alive on my iPhone calculator) but interested in the whole process.… read more »