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Friday post: Deconstructing the week (plus my blog vacation)

I am on vacation next week and will not be blogging much (if at all). Try not to miss me too much 🙂 Some ups and downs this week as usual. I had scheduled a massage this morning — my little occasional treat — but after getting myself to the place on time, and then waiting for a while, I learned my masseuse was not there yet and was running at least 30 minutes late.… read more »

Guest post: The perfect parent hoax

Laura's note: Today's guest post deals with the topic of parents who say they "never" miss a special occasion. I'll be back tomorrow - thanks! by Camille Preston I recently attended an all-day learning event where business leaders shared their wisdom and experience. It wasn't even 9:15 and the first two speakers had both gloated about how they never miss an i… read more »

Planning the fall activity schedule

Yesterday, my 7-year-old tried out for, and made, a competitive swim team around here. It's the same one the 10-year-old is on. After he was in, and I learned which group he'd be assigned to (and hence the practice times) I had the necessary information for creating our fall activity schedule. This can be quite a puzzle. I know in recent years it's become fashio… read more »

Cheez-its for breakfast: Parenting and the fourth child

I would never claim to be the super-mom type. I have never made my own baby food, or fretted much about the material of my children's play-things. Probably more fundamental: I have no illusions that the children are extensions of me. From the beginning, I have assumed that they are their own little people, and my parenting, such as it is, can get them to brush the… read more »

When people want to ‘pick your brain’

At a talk recently, someone asked me for the best way to handle a high volume of people asking for informational meetings. You know the sort. The niece of someone you knew at an old job wants to get into your industry. A friend's brother’s friend is looking to start a company. This person was told "oh, you should talk to [you]." An email arrives shortly thereaft… read more »