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This post will feature a lot of randomness. First, my publisher sent over suggestions for cover designs for Off the Clock yesterday. The cover of a book becomes mixed in with notions of the book itself, so this is always an important stage in making the book feel real. And it matters -- there's the saying that we shouldn't judge a book on its cover, but we do! More u… read more »

Best of Both Worlds episode 10: Networking for parents

Networking is one of those topics where the name may stand in the way of implementation. "Networking" sounds so cheesy and transactional. In my commencement speech, I do a little riff talking about "networking" in the funny voice that I'm ascribing to people giving career advice. It's kind of like "plastics" that way. Of course, the bad connotations people… read more »

Sweet child of mine

This was quite the weekend. I actually printed up my time log for the week of October 2-8 just to marvel at what all happened in the course of seven days. The weekend itself started fairly low key. My husband took the big boys to Texas to watch the Texas A&M/Alabama game (which was not the total blow out it could have been). They met up with cousins, an aunt, an un… read more »

Friday miscellany

I really meant to blog more often this week. But if you subscribe to my monthly newsletter and my weekly newsletter (and listen to the podcast), that ups the content total a bit! Anyway, I spent Wednesday and Thursday in Atlanta, where I was speaking at the inaugural Leadercast Women conference. I did a different speech than I had given before, both because the… read more »

Best of Both Worlds: Toward a 50-50 split, plus emotional labor

Today's episode of Best of Both Worlds covers the idea of moving toward a 50-50 split on the home front. A lot of housework can be outsourced, but someone still needs to manage it, and do the tasks that are not easily outsourced. Parents want to be deeply involved in their children's lives; they just also want their partners to be equally involved, since kids tak… read more »