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Be more productive in 2017 (Day 4: Make one connection daily)

Over the past few days, I've been sharing simple habits that can have a big impact on productivity. Today's strategy has to do with building and maintaining connections over time. "Networking" often seems either sleazy or intimidating. It can be done ineffectively; people collect dozens of business cards at conferences and then elect not to follow up with… read more »

Be more productive in 2017 (Day 3: Think through weekends by Wednesday)

This week I'm sharing five small habits that make a big impact on productivity. First, we talked about climbing mountains on Monday morning (that is, tackling long-term, important stuff that doesn't have to happen first). Yesterday we talked about building in mindful breaks. Today's habit -- a strategy for creating more satisfying leisure time -- has lit… read more »

Be more productive in 2017 (Day 2: Plan mindful breaks)

This week, I am sharing 5 small habits that can boost productivity in 2017. Today's habit is to start taking better breaks. More specifically, plan in your breaks so you can manage your energy, and get more done. People, like machines that need scheduled maintenance, cannot function perpetually. Unlike machines, though, people often fool themselves into… read more »

Be more productive in 2017 (Day 1: Climb your mountains on Monday morning)

Lots of people hope to be more productive in the new year. But what does that mean? I'm not sure I know, but I do know that this week I will be offering five suggestions of habits that will not only have a big impact, they're entirely doable too. Implement these and you might get everything you plan to do in 2017 done by March! Day 1: Climb your mountains on Monday mo… read more »

My 2017 quarterly goals (and how I did on my quarterly goals in 2016)

In two decades of writing, I suspect I have written at least 20 New Year's timed stories on how to set better goals. I follow some of the better advice I've heard from experts. For instance, I try to make goals specific and measurable. I set them in multiple categories (career, relationships, self). And after hearing this brilliant tip from Angela Jia Kim, I now… read more »