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Books read in January

Quite the mix this month. Here's what made it off the shelf (or onto the Kindle) in January: Braving the Wilderness, by Brené Brown I've seen Brown speak, and I know she has tons of raving fans, so I thought I'd check out her new book. Braving the Wilderness is about staying true to oneself while simultaneously being willing to engage with people who think diffe… read more »

Learning to love winter

A little over two years ago, I pitched a piece to Fast Company on ways to stay happy during winter. I intended to give advice such as "listen to music" and "exercise." Then I happened upon the work of a young researcher who visited the far north of Norway to write about the (relative) lack of seasonal affective disorder. She learned that inhabitants of the far nor… read more »

Podcast discussion thread: Make new friends, but keep the old…

There are several versions of a "dilemma" circulating in social media: Work, family, friends — pick two! Or sometimes we get work, family, friends, exercise, sleep — pick three! The idea is that during the busy years when you are building a career and raising children, many other parts of life can fall by the wayside. What these "dilemmas" are highlighti… read more »

The Art of Screen Time: Q&A with Anya Kamenetz

How much screen time should children have? Does it matter what kind of screen? And what about what they're doing on them: watching Daniel Tiger, or obnoxious YouTube videos about a barfing Elsa Barbie? If young kids spend hours watching stuff on screens, will their brains turn to mush? Does letting your kids watch SpongeBob Square Pants on your iPad while you… read more »

Friday miscellany

I am sitting in a hotel room in Canada and have an hour until I need to get my kids, so I thought I'd post a few quick Friday things. First, for any Canadian readers, I'm excited to be speaking at The Art of Leadership for Women conference in Toronto on April 13. I'm particularly getting a kick out of seeing my face next to Malala's in their marketing materials! I am re… read more »