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Podcast discussion thread: The “fifth” trimester – those first weeks back at work

You know about the first three trimesters -- how some people demarcate the 9 months babies spend in the womb. Some people refer to the "fourth trimester," which would be the first 12 weeks when newborns are still adjusting to life on the outside. They become a lot more alert after that...but of course that's when many women in the U.S. return to work. Enter the "f… read more »

A tale of two weekends

This weekend had its ups and downs. On the positive side, we did some fun holiday stuff, such as reading book selections from the literary Advent calendar. This included the Grinch, and I always love the Grinch. Even better, my 8-year-old decided to read the Grinch aloud to everyone! And the 10-year-old read The Night Before The Night Before Christmas. They a… read more »

Friday miscellany: On my mind this week

Sassy the Elf reappeared this morning. She (he?) is nestled in the Christmas tree. The little guy was up first, so I showed him where she/he was, so he immediately told his sister when she came downstairs. Then she proceeded to tell her big brothers where Sassy was, which infuriated them. There were such discussions at the breakfast table as "I'm going to wake u… read more »

Books read in November

It's that time again! I read more this month than I thought I would. It was not a month of War and Peace type books, but some intriguing stuff, nonetheless. We Need to Talk, by Celeste Headlee I met Headlee in the speaker's lounge at the Texas Conference for Women. We were introduced by Jess Lahey (author of The Gift of Failure) who was also there. While Celeste a… read more »

2017 Literary Advent Calendar picks

I took a few minutes yesterday to organize the Christmas stories. Here's what we'll be opening in December, one a night. I didn't wind up purchasing any new books this year, because three years into our literary Advent calendar tradition, I've found we have enough holiday stories in the house to chuck the real duds. I also realized last year that we had run out o… read more »