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Will your kids be better off than you?

We’ve been reading a lot of family stories lately. My grandfather’s short memoir is as good an American story as they come. His grandparents, who lived in a village in the northern Netherlands, basically couldn’t afford to feed his father. So when my great-grandfather was a boy, he rose at 5 a.m. to tend a local landowner’s sheep in order to earn his ke… read more »

What I learned from recording the audio version of my next book

I spent the past several days recording the audio version of I Know How She Does It. It was a fun experience. It was also a swift one! We were scheduled to go through Friday, but finished Thursday afternoon. This was great, because it was both the director and the recording engineer’s birthdays (what kind of amazing coincidence was that?) We celebrated with w… read more »

The upside of running in the morning

I normally run during the afternoon. But this week I’ve been commuting downtown to record my audio book during business hours. So I decided to meet my new running buddy for a short run this morning before I needed to report to the studio. We squeezed in 40 minutes before I had to battle the traffic on I-76. After I got out of the recording studio around 4 p.m., and… read more »

Life right now…

…is simultaneously wearying and exciting, stressful and wonderful. I’ve been pushing myself with running. I ran for 95 minutes on Monday in order to train for Broad Street (which is 10 miles). The weather was so beautiful I wanted to keep going. Aerobically I feel capable of going forever. My knees are not quite there. They complained on the hills. I… read more »

A room of one’s own (or not)

Since my baby arrived about 12 weeks ago, he’s been nomadic. He’s slept in my office, and in the closet in my bedroom, and in various other random napping spots. But he’ll soon be too big to be sleeping in bassinets and car seats, and so he needed to be transitioned into the crib (a 2007 purchase that will likely be retired in 2018 or so after an amazing 11 year… read more »