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24 hours in the mosaic

People who've read I Know How She Does It know I like the mosaic metaphor for life. I track my time on spreadsheets with half hour blocks on the vertical axis and the days of the week on the horizontal. We can speak of this as 336 cells on a grid, but I prefer the more artsy image of "tiles on a mosaic." How I place those tiles is up to me, and by moving things around, a… read more »

Housekeeping vs. childcare: the utility of an extra hour

In a comment on my previous post, reader Jenny posed a question about how to best invest in making life easier during what another commenter recently called the "rush hour" years. These are the years when you are building your career, and raising a young family. Time and money are both limited resources, though time is more strictly limited. You can make mor… read more »

Moments both intense and slow

This was quite a weekend, as I look back on it. I think it officially began for me Thursday night, when I went to a retirement party for a teacher at my kids' preschool. It was ladies only, and in the gorgeous backyard of a friend's house. The day had been hot, but the temperature dropped to perfect for an evening outside. My friend was worried about parking, so she t… read more »

Early mornings, summer edition

In my summer fun list yesterday, I talked about getting outside in the mornings. Lo and behold, thinking about that nudged me to actually do it. This morning I was up at 6:20 a.m. with the little guy. Now, let me stress that I'm fine with this; 6:20 a.m. is far more civilized than 4:30 a.m., which is what we were dealing with for a long time. But in any case, it's still… read more »

The 2017 summer fun list

For the past few years, I have observed a summer tradition: creating a list, in late spring, of things I want to do before Labor Day. Time passes whether we think about where it is going or not, and I find that thinking about what I want to spend time doing vastly increases the chances that I spend time doing those things. There are also certain activities that make… read more »