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Long weekends with small children are not relaxing, and other truths about parenting

We just survived a 3-day weekend. While 3-day weekends imply relaxation, for our demographic it implies three days with no school or other such breaks. We were also trying to do a few summer things before summer was over, but so was everyone else on the East Coast, and the weather was not 100% cooperative either. So...not relaxing. One major source of stress: d… read more »

Books read in August

I feel like this month I achieved a breakthrough as a reader. I tackled a few long and extremely challenging books, and found that I could stick with a narrative for a while. I spent a lot of time reading, but I didn't spend all my time reading. By using small bits of time, coupled with larger chunks (2-year-old's nap, an hour before bed), I could get through some su… read more »

It’s late August. Here’s how we did on the summer fun list.

Summer is not officially over until Labor Day (right?) but the soon-to-be changing month seems like a good enough time to revisit the summer fun list. Every year, I make a list of things I would like to do before the end of summer. You can read my 2017 list here (and 2016, and 2015). Here's how I did on the list. See Brad Paisley in concert. Did this in late May. My husb… read more »

Best of Both Worlds Episode 4: Childcare — what we wish we knew starting out

Thanks to everyone who has listened to Best of Both Worlds, the new podcast I co-host with physician and blogger Sarah Hart-Unger. We are thrilled to see thousands of downloads, plus reviews and ratings! We will be releasing new episodes every Tuesday. Since today is Tuesday, episode 4 is now live! (That link goes to the Libsyn site where it's hosted; iTune… read more »

Lobster, oysters, and 13 years

My husband and I got married on Sept. 4, 2004. Since the 13th anniversary isn't exactly a milestone one, we didn't plan anything huge, but we did manage to convince G (nanny) to stay overnight with our kids on Sunday night. We took off in the afternoon for Cape May, NJ, for a 24-hour adults-only trip. Not all went perfectly. For instance, I thought I had booked a ho… read more »