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Stop plotting your escape

Last week, I wrote a piece on how to gracefully exit a conversation. You’ve no doubt been in these situations at networking events where you’d like to break away, but there’s no obvious way to do so. There’s the bathroom and the bar, but if your drink is full, or you started talking to the person after coming out of the bathroom, those aren’t options. T… read more »

How to think and play big

I read a lot of self-help books. Most are…eh. So I was pleasantly surprised when I read Tara Sophia Mohr’s Playing Big, which came out last fall. I think there are some interesting insights in there for readers generally, and as I’ve been pondering my own career. Mohr’s thesis is that many people (she writes for women, which is smart if you’re do… read more »

Chores: A little a day or a lot at once?

Some aspects of housekeeping are fun. If I’m by myself, grocery shopping is prime me time. I also like trying new recipes (again, when there’s no one pulling on my leg). This beet, tomato, and radish salad was an experiment riffing on a recent recipe in Runner’s World. However, as my household is currently operating without a cleaning service, I’ve b… read more »

“And then there were the wife bonuses”

If one party in a relationship earns a paycheck, and the other doesn’t, how should financial decisions be made? When should either party need to consult the other, and when is that not necessary? There are answers in the real world, and then there are answers, according to a recent essay in the New York Times, in the rarefied world of the Upper East Side of Manh… read more »

Early summer mornings

I am not naturally a morning person. However, between the sky lightening by 5:30 a.m. these days, and my baby seldom sleeping past 6 a.m., I am discovering, again, how much can fit into these early hours. On Sunday, I was up at 5:15 a.m., which was a little painful. The upside, though, was that I was fully caffeinated and fueled by 7 a.m., when I met my running partn… read more »