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My birthday weekend

There are some downsides to having a birthday relatively close to Christmas. As a kid, I sometimes didn't like that all my gift-receiving occasions came in one month. However, as an adult, I like that this time is already festive and full. I can piggyback on some of that festivity without planning everything on my own. And as for things that do require planning… read more »

The planned vs. the serendipitous: On writing the 2017 performance review now

Part of time management is making time for one's priorities. The problem is that it's not always clear what those priorities are, or else we have many priorities and have trouble figuring out what's good to do next. So in workshops, I like to have people do an exercise that involves performance reviews. Across the corporate universe, people are now engaged in… read more »

Quick dispatch from California

I've been in California this week for Fortune's Most Powerful Women Next Gen conference. An offshoot from the grown-up Most Powerful Women conference, this one is for people in their 30s and early 40s. I spoke about productivity and have been enjoying participating in everything. Some fun stuff: A dinner featuring 8 top female chefs, each creating small… read more »

The 2016 literary Advent calendar

Two years ago, I started a new tradition in my house: the literary Advent calendar. Each night during December, my kids unwrap a Christmas story and we read it together. The first year I had to round up the few holiday books we already owned, and fill out the list with more than a dozen others that I basically just found while perusing on Amazon. Some were total flo… read more »


I have been sick for about two straight weeks now. The illness keeps evolving. First a cold, now it's something involving a headache and sore throat (which the 9-year-old had for several days too). The baby is waking up every morning before 5. We are trying to teach him to play quietly until the clock turns green for 5 a.m. The fact that 5 a.m. is the goal says somet… read more »