How I spent my 10-year anniversary

I got married 10 years ago today. The weather in Princeton, NJ was lovely, and the photographer got this great image of us in the late afternoon light. We then took off for Africa for 3 weeks, seeing South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Mauritius.  
I celebrated my anniversary today by having a date with a different dude, namely, my 4-year-old. He and the 2-ye… read more »

New schools mean new shoes

I spent a ridiculous amount of time at Target the other night trying to purchase school supplies. Since we were gone for 2 weeks, I didn’t have the list from my son’s teacher. So, naturally, a lot of stuff was sold out. Indeed, as I was shopping the back-to-school aisles, Target employees were pulling stuff off the racks and taking down the signs. When I prot… read more »

Beach vacation highlights

We’re back home from the beach, and easing into the new routine. The 7-year-old starts school Tuesday, and the other two shortly thereafter. Then soccer practice starts, we’ll put mums in the yard, and all will soon feel like fall.
But in the meantime, since this blog has taken the place of my journal, I’m remembering a few highlights and discoveri… read more »

Labor Day, the 47-hour work week, and the problem with polls

How many hours do you work per week?
It seems like a straightforward question, and yet it’s less clear than it seems. For instance, which week? This week? Many Americans have today, Monday, off, so this isn’t a “typical” week. But what is a typical week?
I was thinking about this question when I read the results of a recent Gallup Poll. According to the L… read more »

Do you like Monday deadlines?

I’m working on a piece on the case for and against Monday deadlines. As a freelancer, I’ve been advised in the past to ask for Monday deadlines on long projects. The idea is simple: Most project managers/editors won’t deal with whatever you turn in on Friday until Monday anyway. So asking to have until Monday gives you wiggle room. You’ll aim to be done… read more »