How to stop obsessing about work when you’re not there

Coming up with great ideas in the shower is one thing. But ruminating over business problems while you’re eating dinner or trying to play with your kids isn’t so fun. Unfortunately, telling yourself “don’t think about work” is about as effective as telling yourself “don’t think about a polar bear.” Wh… read more »

On not watching the clock

It happened more than once on the Mosaic logs. A woman had negotiated a schedule to leave work quite early. She’d go pick up her young kids from daycare…and then confess to spending the afternoon and evening hours watching the clock. How many minutes until dinner time? How many minutes until I can start the bedtime routine? Small kids aren’t always… read more »

The lure of lazy writing

Read a lot of women’s magazines, and you start to notice something. A lot of articles start with first person anecdotes. Our writer has been struggling to schedule date night, to lose weight, to find a method of birth control she doesn’t hate, to get ahold of her finances. She achieves some epiphany, and then we move into the bulk of the article.
There are a f… read more »

I should get out more

Working from home is great. It’s highly efficient, with no need to drive anywhere. If I need to get in touch with someone, I can just email or call.
But there’s always a trade-off, because I like to write about interesting things. And not many interesting things happen in my home office. Vast as the internet is, it is not the only source of stories, or the only… read more »

Before breakfast in Mexico

Monday dawned hot in our part of Mexico, but I still wanted to walk on the beach before I flew back to Philly, and keeping my feet in the water made the heat better. As for the view (see photo)? Not bad at all.
This was a chill long weekend. My husband was in Mexico on business, and I tagged along. He had to do work stuff. I did not. The kids were back at home. So I engaged in… read more »