Before breakfast in Mexico

Monday dawned hot in our part of Mexico, but I still wanted to walk on the beach before I flew back to Philly, and keeping my feet in the water made the heat better. As for the view (see photo)? Not bad at all.
This was a chill long weekend. My husband was in Mexico on business, and I tagged along. He had to do work stuff. I did not. The kids were back at home. So I engaged in… read more »

Working on now: recurring meetings, Mosaic

I love blogging. Not only is it fun, it’s a never ending source of sources!
I’m working on a few things right now that I’d love to chat with people about. First, recurring meetings. They’re a staple of life in many offices. If it’s Monday at 10 a.m., you must be having a staff meeting. But there are different schools of thought ab… read more »

On gravitas

I interviewed economist and frequent commentator Sylvia Ann Hewlett yesterday. She has a new book out called Executive Presence: The Missing Link Between Merit and Success, and it deals with this question: what makes people look like leadership material? The obvious answer is “you are a tall white man,” but the rest of us, alas, cannot become tall whit… read more »

Life is a lot of running around (or how I get my 10,000 steps per day)

My 7-year-old asked for a step counter for his birthday. I got him a Fitbit Zip, which he then promptly lost. But I was intrigued enough by the idea that I bought myself one. I was curious how much activity I was averaging, and if the Fitbit would encourage me to get more.
I now know the answer to the first question. I do a lot of running around. I started wearing the Fi… read more »

Remember the berry season is short

I encountered this memento mori of sorts on the strawberry box at Linvilla Orchards, a pick-your-own farm about 30 minutes from my house: Remember the berry season is short. It’s true. I love strawberries, and I especially love bright juicy red ones picked at their peak. But berry season is short, so it’s a struggle to get to the pick-your-own farm someti… read more »