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Reading Virginia Woolf at a wrestling meet

I spent Saturday morning as I have many a wintry Saturday morning this year: driving to a wrestling meet in some new corner of Pennsylvania. This week's was in Atglen, a rather rustic place about an hour from my house. I snapped these pictures of the frosty fields and silos. We saw an Amish buggy while driving through town. Sometimes it seems that the smaller the… read more »

How to end an email (if you want a reply)

How do you end your emails? It turns out some closers are more likely to get a response than others. Boomerang, an email app that allows you to schedule and manage messages, analyzed thousands of messages sent to twenty different online communities. While some people have their own unique closers, certain phrases appear far more often than others: best, sin… read more »

Why time flies

As part of writing Off the Clock, I've been reading a lot of literature on time. Robert Grudin's Time and the Art of Living came well recommended, and I enjoyed reading it on the flight to California a few weeks ago. Amazon's algorithm also recommended I pick up a copy of Why Time Flies, by Alan Burdick, a staff writer at the New Yorker. While Grudin's book came out… read more »

Forward motion in hurry-up-and-wait jobs

Some jobs operate on a predictable rhythm. Meetings and phone calls get scheduled in advance. You know roughly what the "hard landscape" of your day is, and what time is available for other projects. This can change, of course, and interruptions can be frequent, but the nature of the days is to be scheduled. Since the standard office job looks like this, much p… read more »

Opening a new spreadsheet

I started tracking my time continuously in April of 2015. There was no one event that precipitated it. I'd had a baby in January, and had a book coming out in June, and I knew it would be a full year. I wanted to see where the time really went. I wanted a record of what life looked like in a way that my journal wasn't necessarily proving to be (I had a hard time keeping up w… read more »