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The camp spreadsheet

Every year around this time, I come to the question of what we are doing this summer. It is a complicated question, as it involves figuring out vacation weeks and camps for three children (the fourth is still too young for most of them). Last year the kids were off for much of August, and while there were definitely some fun times, there was also a ridiculous amoun… read more »

Running in Austin

The heat is unassuming at first. You step out onto streets full of festival-goers in shorts and name tags and wend toward the river. You are wary, and yet the sun is setting. There is a slight breeze. If the thermometer says 90, this does not seem so bad. It is only as you start to run that the full weight of the heat envelopes you. The air is thick. You jog along a dirt p… read more »

From SXSW – Gretchen Rubin, Facebook Live, and me

I am in Austin, Texas at SXSW and having a great time! Gretchen Rubin, author of Better Than Before, and I interviewed each other for Facebook Live videos that are posted on our respective pages. You can view hers by going to her author page. You can see the one on mine by going to my author page. I have also been enjoying tacos, margaritas, a ridiculous quantity of… read more »


We have had beautiful weather this week. It feels like spring, and on some days even like summer! I celebrated by going on a middle-of-the-week long run on Wednesday. This is one of the perks of self-employment. I ran about 6.5-7 miles. It was tiring, so I have some work to do before the Broad Street 10-miler in May, and my first half-marathon of the season in June… read more »

It is only a season

In a recent post, I asked for time management tips from accountants on how they handle busy season. I collected a lot of great tips, but I think the most profound, which I heard over and over, was to remember that it is just a season. To be sure, working 60-plus hours per week is no fun. And yes, it often is 60 hours. When I collected time logs for I Know How She Does It, I… read more »