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Have you restarted a habit you’d stopped?

I’ll be writing a lot about habits over the next week. For an upcoming article, I’m looking for examples of people who have successfully re-started a habit they’d previously stopped. After falling off the wagon, how do you get back on again? Was it harder the second time? I’ve managed to restart my daily journaling habit after abou… read more »

Looking at life a year ago

I use a lot of time logs in I Know How She Does It. One (it was only fair) is mine. I kept it during a week in mid-March, 2014, when I was deep into analyzing the logs I’d received. It wasn’t a terribly remarkable week, except recording it means I now have memorialized that week as what life was like then. I can look back on my life during that week a year ago, and see w… read more »

Do billable hours lead to unhappiness?

I’ve spoken with groups of lawyers, and groups that include lawyers, several times. I mention the idea of keeping a time log. I point out that people are no doubt familiar with the concept, and keeping a time log just means “billing” your personal time like your work time. Inevitably, someone will tell me that if she had to keep track of her personal time l… read more »

Strike a pose

Last Thursday I was snowed in, solo, with four small children. Monday was completely different. I journeyed into NYC to be interviewed for a potential article in More magazine, and then I discovered my inner fashion model as part of a 4-hour photo shoot. Check out the bathroom selfie I snapped with my hair in curlers. I was wearing my own clothes at that point, b… read more »

Survival of the snowbound

Here’s a fun dinner party question: which days of your life would you like to live through again? This is a different question from identifying your happiest days. I’m thrilled for the births of my children, but I would prefer not to repeat those experiences. In any case, Thursday, March 5th, is not a day I’d like to repeat either. Due to an unfortunate ho… read more »