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Sleep: Part of this American life

The American Time Use Survey is out today. Every year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics does this large scale time diary study to find out how different Americans spend their hours. Rather than ask how many hours people devote to different categories, researchers (generally) have people talk through the previous day. This method removes some of the problems… read more »

Another reason to choose a career you like

My mother asked me the other day if I was getting tired of hearing myself talk. This was meant in a nice way (I think) – and touches on something aspiring book authors should know. Book writing is often about book speaking, trying to interest people in your ideas and prose. Frankly, it can be a bit of a slog. Unless you’ve got something incredibly dishy (w… read more »

Forget finding time for a partner. How do you find time to find a partner?

This past weekend I spoke at the Forte Foundation’s annual MBA conference in Washington D.C. My audience was a great group of young women who are on their way to conquering the world. They managed to be engaged despite my drawing the nap-inducing post-lunch spot. Anyway, one of the questions during the Q&A was about a topic I really haven’t written mu… read more »

You don’t have to start on Monday

Plenty of people would like to track their time, and there are many ways to do this. But it turns out there’s one particular time when people would like to start. According to data shared with me by time-tracking app Toggl, Monday is (by far) the most popular day when their users start tracking time. As for time of year? January (on the back of New Year’s r… read more »

Wall Street Journal: Working Mothers Who Make It All Work

I have an essay in Saturday’s WSJ Review section on “Working Mothers Who Make It All Work.” It’s not behind the pay firewall, so even if you’re not a subscriber you can read it. If you are a paper subscriber, it’s on page 3 of the Review section. Thanks for giving it a look!… read more »