What I’m working on: Daily reading rituals, idea files, keeping in touch

It’s Friday again, and here in PA it looks like it will be a beautiful weekend. I’m looking forward to some running, swimming, and hopefully biking, and maybe going out to eat too.
I’m writing on a few topics right now. As always, I love to hear people’s ideas, suggestions of experts, or personal stories. You can post in the comments, or feel free to emai… read more »

Chunks of leisure, or why confetti is still OK

The kids are all taking swim lessons right now. Since we have a backyard pool, it’s more efficient to hire an instructor to come here and teach all three in a row. When we do this during the evening, this 90 minute extravaganza generally takes the form of me putting kid #1 in a swimsuit and sending him/her down while the other two watch TV. After 25 minutes, I star… read more »

Noticing as the minutes feel less lousy

On Sunday morning I didn’t think I was in for a good run.  I was tired. My legs felt heavy. But I hadn’t run on Friday or Saturday and the air was relatively cool after a Saturday night rain. I thought it was worth a shot. I started slowly. I kept going. At a little under 3 miles, I felt good enough that I added an extension that brought me to 4 miles. At 4 miles, I was… read more »

Stuff that enables an experience

In happiness literature, there’s a general distinction between “stuff” and “experiences.” Experiences tend to make us happier than things. The problem is that a lot of experiences are enabled by stuff. So the line isn’t always so clear.
A lot of the experiences my kids had this past weekend involved stuff that we actively chose to spend money o… read more »

Easton Farmers’ Market adventures

I’ve been reading Edible Philly magazine. In the most recent issue, there was a feature on the Easton Farmers’ Market, with the author focusing on 3 vendors vying for spots. I found this intriguing since my impression of farmers’ markets has largely been that they weren’t all that selective. Like if you had a farm or soap shop or whatever, yo… read more »