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Friday miscellany: 500 words, and writing in general

On December 24, 2016, I went for a run. Over the next week or so, I managed to run every day. So then I thought, hey, why don't I keep going? I've now run at least a mile every day for the last 400-plus days. I know the streak can't continue indefinitely. Life happens, but I feel like it's been a good addition to my life. Exercise is a known mood booster, and so I'm gettin… read more »

Planning fatigue: It’s a thing

I will be honest: I am not loving February. The kids have been trading around a stomach bug. I have been feeling queasy for the past week, though I have mostly kept it together. The weather is bad. The schools had a two-hour delay on Monday for ice. We had one this morning too, which soon morphed into a total closure. Not that I got to sleep in as a result; the 3-year-o… read more »

Podcast discussion thread: Travel with kids — pain, pleasure, and everything in between

Whenever I hear people talking about how relaxing it is to go on vacation, and how important it is to get away from the stresses of work, I find myself stuck on this thought: this person is not the primary parent of small children. The average work stress has nothing on the stress of sitting with a 2-year-old on a flight that has been delayed 3 hours. Things that are… read more »

A slow start to Monday…

We woke this morning to find out that the schools were delayed two hours. Ostensibly the reason is ice. I also got a call about something else being canceled, the person being sick. Perhaps. I have my suspicions. But at least the widespread cancelations, delays, etc. extended to my husband's jury duty. He was called for service today, but learned he did not hav… read more »

Friday miscellany: I need a nap

So, after I wrote my post on learning to love winter, the 3-year-old got sick (a stomach bug, relatively mild, but still). I have been up in the middle of the night for not insignificant chunks of time for the past three nights. I'm really hoping to fit in a nap this afternoon. My brain feels fried. I keep looking at my to-do list and then getting distracted. Also on… read more »