How do you reward yourself?

Many a Tuesday night, I take myself out for sushi. It’s the night I usually work late, and I figure if I were in an office working late, my company might spring for dinner from somewhere. Indeed, when I worked at Fortune as an intern one summer, many an evening featured sushi delivered up to those of us figuring out the question of who the 40 richest people under a… read more »

7 ways teachers keep it together — that the rest of us can use too

I’ve been enjoying reading through Maia Heyck-Merlin’s book, The Together Teacher — a time management tome aimed at the chalkboard set. Good teaching is all about how you manage your time. It’s also about how you manage your students’ time so they can learn a lot in the 180-ish school days that comprise a year.
Heyck-Merlin defines this Toget… read more »

A love letter to Amazon Prime

When I was at the Makers Conference a few weeks ago, Wendy Clark, SVP of Coca-Cola’s “Global Sparkling Brand Center,” talked about how she managed the care of her 3 kids and her rather large job. She obviously had childcare during the week, but confessed that for a while she’d thought she should do all the random other kid things hers… read more »

Confessions of a demand-side reader

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the differences between “supply side” readers — those who set aside times to read, and build reading naturally into their lives in their structural leisure time as a habit, and “demand side” readers. These are people whose inclination to read is more driven by having an engaging book. When they find something read… read more »

Overestimating, dread, and psychic time

I spent a few hours today working on my taxes. Actually, I spent 2.5 hours, and I’m about 95 percent finished. In my mind it was an all-day activity. I knew, rationally, this wasn’t true; I timed myself 2 years ago and found it took 5 hours as an upper bound. And yet because it seemed like a huge and awful thing it still loomed large in my mental accounting.
In my p… read more »