Travel fun

When air travel is good, it is very good. My flight from Philly to Indy last Thursday took off at 8:04 a.m. and by 10:20 a.m. I was in my sister-in-law’s minivan. But the trip home was not so wonderful. They dropped me off around 9:15 a.m. for a 10:45 a.m. flight — a wee bit early, but I figured I’d get a few things done. Little did I know I’d be in that termi… read more »

What I’m working on: Personal assistants, networking groups

I’m attempting to get back from Indianapolis right now, and am experiencing a few flight delays. Fortunately, my speech last night went well, and I was able to visit family too. I “test-drove” my sister-in-law’s Toyota Sienna. I’m still pondering getting a minivan, but I’m having trouble getting my head around the… read more »

Writing for the ear

I read through Eudora Welty’s One Writer’s Beginnings this week. I’d read it decades ago, but after reading The Optimist’s Daughter earlier this year, I thought I’d pick it back up off my shelf (this is why I don’t get rid of things!)
It’s a short and lovely memoir. Like The Optimist’s Daughter it packs a lot in with an economy bred of skill. One… read more »

Real Simple and the laundry

Real Simple magazine has been around for about 15 years, and there are only so many aspects of daily life to be simplified. So the magazine turned its attention to laundry, again, for its August 2014 issue. The advice is perfectly reasonable and helpful: you probably need less detergent! But I’ll admit that I was a bit puzzled by Kristin van Ogtrop’s edito… read more »

Going one-on-one (or trying to)

My kids are starting to play well together. The 2-year-old is finally mature enough to interact with her brothers (ages 4 and 7) instead of automatically causing total havoc. This is the upside of having siblings close in age: constant playmates! Sometimes they play and entertain themselves and I get to just sit there. But there’s a lot of arguing too, and w… read more »