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Podcast discussion thread: Books with Modern Mrs. Darcy!

Sarah -- who just had her baby!! -- and I are delighted to welcome Anne Bogel as our special guest to the Best of Both Worlds podcast this week. Anne is the blogger behind the genius blog Modern Mrs. Darcy, which is where I get approximately 99 percent of my book recommendations. Well, that and her podcast, What Should I Read Next?, which answers that pressing que… read more »

Weekend: Bach, raingutter regatta, snow

We got our first snowstorm of the season this weekend. As snowstorms go, this one was pretty good. It hit on a Saturday, so there wasn't the fuss of school being canceled. It never got too cold, we only had a few inches and the next day was into the high 30s so most of the roads are clear. My 2-year-old was quite taken with the snow, so I spent a lot of time outside with hi… read more »

Friday miscellany: Bereft of the phone

This week has been a doozy, as described in the birthday post. But I did manage to get my car battery and brakes replaced, and my cracked iPhone screen repaired. Apparently there's a whole chain of stores called iDropped Inc. that specialize in phone repair. The young man who was running the location I visited told me that Fridays were busy because people had be… read more »

Time masters have this skill — do you?

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how not to make a to-do list. I'd found a hypothetical to-do list printed on the cover of a journal with such entries as run a marathon, run for office, etc. While the list was meant to be humorous, I noted that many people make similarly grandiose to-do lists. Then they lament that to-do lists don't work. That doesn't strike me as the o… read more »

Birthday thoughts

I may have celebrated a birthday this week. It was not a milestone birthday, though it is one leading me perilously close to a major milestone. Birthdays always make me introspective. As mine comes toward the end of the year, while everyone is running best-of-the-year lists and such, I tend to blend all this retrospection together. End of the year, plus I made… read more »