Unsolved crimes and Wednesday thoughts

I was quite taken with this story from the New York Times about a 1978 fire in a hotel in Greece, New York. It was arson, deadly, and it remains unsolved. For those of you who’ve read The Cortlandt Boys, you know that there’s a fire in a hotel that brings mysteries to light. The story had me thinking up new directions for future stories (of course, writing a nove… read more »

The first few days

My first few days back home with my baby have coincided with a long weekend, which has turned out to be nice. Everything is low-key. The kids aren’t having to wake up at a certain time to get to school so we can all operate on newborn time. I have never quite been able to “sleep while your baby sleeps.” There are certain times of day that I’m naturally sleepi… read more »

Introducing the new addition

Say hello to the newest addition to the family! He arrived very early Thursday morning. Here’s my husband’s account in the email he sent out to friends and family: “It was an exciting and unanticipated delivery.  As Laura had never done spontaneous labor, we were scheduled to be induced Thursday at 7 am.  Instead, at 12:30 am as I finished a final em… read more »

I Know How She Does It

Here’s the cover! The book will be published June 9, 2015. I hope you like the cover and the title. If not, well, maybe don’t tell me… read more »

Reader question: When should I turn down well-paying work?

Today’s reader question comes from a woman I’ll call Amy. She works full time (35-40 hours/week) from home as a contractor to major tech companies. She also runs a creative business on the side. She devotes about 5 hours a week to that. She was recently approached about doing a bigger digital creative project that would be something new for her, but fits wi… read more »