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Report on Mommy Day #2

We staggered the camp schedules this week. The 7-year-old and 5-year-old are occupied during the day; the 10-year-old is not. So he and I elected to do our Mommy Day on Monday. During the summer, I take a day to go do something fun with each of my three big kids. The 5-year-old had her day at Hersheypark a few weeks ago. Monday, the 10-year-old and I went to Dutch Won… read more »

7 productivity tips I really use (because they really work)

The internet is full of tips for making people more efficient. You could procrastinate for weeks by reading such articles, or books on how to be more productive. Since I write about these topics, I've waded through a lot of the literature. Some is...eh. But these are the strategies I actually use in my life, over and over again -- because I find they make life s… read more »

The longest day

Eleven years ago, my husband and I spent late June in northern Norway. In particular, I remember a night in Trondheim, right around the solstice. The sky turned a deep blue around midnight, but it was never truly dark, and the sun was up by about 2 a.m. People responded as one might expect -- with a sort of frenzied energy out on the streets as 10 p.m. was as light as a… read more »


I am deep into revisions on Off the Clock. (My next book; current subtitle is "The fine art of feeling less busy while getting more done.") This is consuming pretty much all my mental energy, so I don't have a lot on the blog front. So just a few thoughts. First, please leave a comment on the previous post on abandoned books! I will choose a comment at random (using a… read more »

A list of abandoned books (plus an abandoned book give-away!)

No one likes layoffs. But in economics you learn that labor market flexibility is a two-way street. If employers know that they can cut jobs if they need to, they're more likely to hire people. If they can't cut jobs, they'll need to be really certain before they add people to the payroll, and the pace of hiring is slower than it might otherwise be. In my quest to re… read more »