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The day that ended well

Ever have one of those days where you will be leaving for a business trip mid-day, and yet before that happens, one of your children winds up getting stitches in the ER, and another comes home sick from school? Yeah, Wednesday was that. I had a speech scheduled Thursday morning in Nashville, so I was leaving Wednesday mid-day. My daughter fell out of bed, perhap… read more »

All castles crumble, but still you build them

One of my Q2 goals is to revise the novel I wrote during National Novel Writing Month. During NaNoWriMo, as they call it, people attempt to write a 50,000 word novel within the 30 days of November. I participated this past fall, and wrote my 50,000 words. It was a fun experience, and you can read about some of my experience here. Here is a post from 2014 about the top… read more »

Nearing the end of my 8784 hours

In late April last year, inspired by the time logs in I Know How She Does It, I decided to start tracking my time continuously. I am still at it now, just shy of a year later. Since the goal was to get through a year -- normally 8760 hours, but 8784 hours with the leap year -- I am almost there. I printed up most of the logs this morning and started what will be the last full… read more »

Will April snow bring May flowers?

I gave a speech in Bethesda, Maryland on Saturday. The speech went great, but the drive was challenging. On the way down (a trip I started at 6:00 A.M. after coming home late from the preschool gala the night before) I encountered driving rain during the last 30 minutes or so that reduced visibility to just about nothing. And it was approximately 34 degrees, a lo… read more »

27 hours in Pittsburgh

I flew to Pittsburgh on Wednesday this week in order to give two speeches on Thursday. They both went well, though they had a very different vibe. As I build my business as a speaker I am becoming ever more aware of how audience dynamics (percent men vs. women, age, how full the room is) affect how I should present concepts to people and how I should engage with them… read more »