Leisure time and sunk costs (aka update on my silent auction items)

I wrote last spring that I’d kind of outdone myself at our preschool’s silent auction. I had high hopes that my plethora of gift certificates would force me to schedule in and make time for things I wanted to do. After all, once I’d paid out the cash, it wasn’t just about making time for fun. The frugal part of my brain would kick in and make sure I wasn’t s… read more »

5 unsung benefits of working from home

Working from home is an incredibly popular perk. Indeed, sometimes the idea that work can be done from home is so exciting that people don’t think about what the job is, or what it pays. There’s a reason that, unlike many job boards, FlexJobs charges job-seekers, rather than job-posters. There are so many scams out there that screening for real opportuni… read more »

October weekend moments

This past weekend was a nice one. For starters, we had real fall weather, with a nip in the air and lots of the trees starting to change. Second, we had a good number of “anchor events.” It was just the right number to make the weekend feel full of good memories, but with enough space for down time too.
On Friday night, my husband and I went to the restaurant Sbrag… read more »

How to mentor more efficiently

I’m working this week on a story on ways to mentor more efficiently. Warm and fuzzy as it might feel, mentoring is not a purely charitable act; over time it can massively help you in your career, particularly if you make time for it early on. People’s careers progress at different rates, and the people you mentor early on aren’t starting that far behind yo… read more »

My 4th quarter update

I’m not sure that I actually created a blog post about goals for 2014. I can’t seem to find one. I know I had a few in mind so, as we enter the 4th quarter of the year, it’s time to check back in with them.
1. Finish the Book-Formerly-Known-As-Mosaic. On track for this one, as long as we nail down the title soon! The bulk of this 75,000-word manuscript is finishe… read more »