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Welcome to the 168 Hours Time Tracking Challenge!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. For those of you tracking time this week, welcome! The 168 Hours Time Tracking Challenge starts this morning (use that link to get daily emails from me). If you need a time log, you can download one (Excel or PDF; 30- or 15-minute versions) here. You can also use any commercial time tracking app (e.g. Toggl). Or just walk aroun… read more »

Friday miscellany

I have been watching (mostly via Twitter) Hurricane Irma's progress toward Florida. We don't get too many hurricane experiences here in PA, but we've had a few. Here was my write-up of our aftermath of Sandy (3 small kids, no power as the weather turned cold, solo parenting for multiple days). We also attempted to drive to Maine in the summer of 2011 shortly aft… read more »

New for 2017: My fall fun list

Last week I shared how I did on my summer fun list. Since fall also has very strong seasonal associations for me, this year I decided to create a fall fun list to help me really enjoy autumn. Those weeks when the leaves are at their peak always seem fleeting. Here are a few things I would like to do before the leaves are all down from the trees. Pick apples. We already d… read more »

The mental load of parenting — Best of Both Worlds episode 5 discussion thread

Thanks to everyone who's listened to the Best of Both Worlds podcast! Sarah and I are thrilled to have over 15,000 downloads of the first 5 episodes. If you enjoyed it, would you please do me a favor and rate and/or review it? It only takes a minute! Most weeks I plan to post a discussion thread dealing with the topic we covered in that week's episode. Most likely Sa… read more »

Long weekends with small children are not relaxing, and other truths about parenting

We just survived a 3-day weekend. While 3-day weekends imply relaxation, for our demographic it implies three days with no school or other such breaks. We were also trying to do a few summer things before summer was over, but so was everyone else on the East Coast, and the weather was not 100% cooperative either. So...not relaxing. One major source of stress: d… read more »