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Nightscape date night, and a (final) update on the Summer Fun List

When my husband and I do date night, we have a tendency to do the same thing over and over (namely, go out to dinner). We both like to eat in nice restaurants, so that makes sense. But sometimes it's fun to do something different. Longwood Gardens (a botanical garden about 45 minutes from our house) has been running a nightly light show/art installation called… read more »

Guest post: 4 productivity hacks every college student needs this year

Laura's note: Know anyone headed back to school this fall? Here's a guest post from a college student on how to tune up your schedule and feel better about it too. By Dominic Vaiana As a college student, I dislike the phrase "time management." Time management implies that I'm obliged to find time for everything – to juggle a multitude of tasks and force space f… read more »

More links: Success podcast, plus come see me at the New York Public Library

I have spent seemingly my entire day on the phone with plumbers, people on various sides of an online financial transaction that will not go through, the dentist's office, a washing machine repair service, etc. On the plus side, I did give a speech this morning, and I went for a run, so the day hasn't been a total pit of energy-leaching personal to-dos. I want to s… read more »

Trying to think deep thoughts

I took a "mini retreat" today. I love the idea of a multi-day retreat somewhere quiet and beautiful where I ponder what I want my life and career to look like. Right now that is not tremendously practical. However, over the years I have gotten better at scheduling, and when I see that a day is relatively clear, I sometimes do what I can to get it completely clear. I l… read more »

Back to school morning tips

My kids don't go back to school until after Labor Day, but lots of districts are starting next week or the week after. Getting into a new routine can always be challenging, but I certainly don't think mornings have to be this crazed circus. In the September issue of Parents, I shared several tips for making it out the door on time. Among them: Designate a launch pa… read more »