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As time opens up

Perhaps it is the coming spring.* Perhaps it is the lull between sports. But this weekend had a different feel to it. When there are lots of little kids around, chunks of the weekend always feel like survival mode. Not the entire weekend certainly; I have had many wonderful weekend moments over the past decade, despite being pregnant or having a baby for almost… read more »

What I’m into (March edition)

Time for another miscellany post on life right now. Here are a few things I'm into as of this month. The running streak. It lives. I have run at least a mile a day since December 24. It will not live forever, but so far, so good. The pause between sports. Wrestling is over. Little League has yet to start. Swimming is eternal but we don't have any meets right now. Nords… read more »

Books read in February

I had somewhat fallen out of the habit of reading books in recent years. OK, that is not entirely true. I have always read a lot, but I'd say that 90 percent of the books I was consuming were either those I was assigned to review, those by authors I was interviewing, or books by friends. Magazines filled the bulk of my recreational reading time. In 2017, I wanted to e… read more »

Video games, time, and the labor market

Video games are a fun way to spend the time. I spent many a happy hour as a kid trying to beat Super Mario Brothers, the game that came with the Nintendo console (I finally succeeded, rescuing the princess. Go me.) They are also a very addictive way to spend time, keeping the player in a boosted psychological state where he/she is stimulated, getting constant fee… read more »

Nostalgia and forward motion

This weekend featured an interesting mix of memories and signs the kids are growing up. It started on Friday, when I drove to Princeton University for a meeting (I serve on the board of an undergraduate journalism organization). Parking my car felt strange; I never drove while I was a student there. But once I walked out from the garage it was such a nice night it… read more »