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The context of an hour

I spend lots of hours with my family. Over the past weekend, I spent the majority of Friday, and pretty much all of Saturday and Sunday with them. So it’s interesting to me why one hour on Monday felt so different. It was another full day. I had two events and a meeting in NYC, so after getting the kids off to school, I took off for the train station. I had packed to be… read more »

Platform, explained and semi-embraced

Every industry has its buzzwords. “Platform” is a big one in the book publishing business. It’s easy to loathe but I think it’s also misunderstood. Viewed in a different light, it’s helpful to all sorts of authors, famous or not. Platform is defined as the built-in audience an author brings to a book. If you are a much-loved TV star who can yak about y… read more »

Fall fun! (well, except for the face painting)

Fall colors are at their peak here, and we had gorgeous weather this weekend. I’m also realizing that Halloween is no longer a day but a season. Fortunately, I don’t think a few extra mini-Twix bars are going to hurt anyone. Friday was a fairly chill day. I had the little kids during the day, and we spent some time crawling around on the grass in the backyard, a… read more »

Looking for a good fall read?

I love fall. Yesterday, driving to pick up my son at swimming, I was so taken with the slanted early evening light reflecting off the red maples and yellow oaks that I had to remind myself to keep looking at the road! It’s beautiful and semi-spooky here with all the stone homes, but it’s even more so up in the Poconos, which is where I set my novel, The C… read more »

The hard truth about becoming a work-at-home parent

Crystal Paine is known online as the “Money Saving Mom.” The focus of her site is deals and sales, but her new book coming out next month has a different twist. It’s called Money Making Mom, and taps into a particular economic and cultural phenomenon that’s worth examining. Here are some realities. Middle-class incomes have been stagnant (if not dec… read more »