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Signs of spring (and a round-up)

I spotted snow drops on my run on Wednesday. They were poking up, as they often do, randomly in a patch of grass where whatever confluence of light and melt made that happen. There are green sprouts by my mailbox (pictured). I took a picture of the last patch of ice on my driveway a few days ago (see below). Of course, it’s supposed to snow/sleet on Friday. The tem… read more »

Habits I don’t have (the good and the bad)

It’s habit week here on the blog. Yesterday, I wrote about habits I do have (the good and the bad). Today I’m looking at habits I don’t have which, as with habits I do have, can be a good or bad thing. In many cases, whether a habit (or its absence) is a good or bad thing is fairly subjective. I don’t have a TV watching habit. My husband bought a new TV and stereo… read more »

Habits I have (the good and the bad)

It’s habits week here on the blog. Today I’m looking at the habits I do have, both the good and the bad (at least in my mind). First the good. I am a regular and enthusiastic runner. I’m always wary of falling off the wagon with something like that, but this winter I’ve convinced myself that — barring injury (and sure enough, after writing this post… read more »

Upholder (with a side of Questioning)

Gretchen Rubin’s new book, Better Than Before, is out Tuesday. I read it twice and enjoyed it. The list of self-help books I’ve reread is small (hers, 7 Habits, The Creative Habit, and a few others), so that’s saying something. I’ll be using the occasion to have a “habits week” here on the blog. Today’s topic? My “fateful tendency.” Rubin a… read more »

Have you restarted a habit you’d stopped?

I’ll be writing a lot about habits over the next week. For an upcoming article, I’m looking for examples of people who have successfully re-started a habit they’d previously stopped. After falling off the wagon, how do you get back on again? Was it harder the second time? I’ve managed to restart my daily journaling habit after abou… read more »