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Time strategy #5: Leave breathing room

In years of writing about people's schedules, I have learned that we all have different activity tolerances. My inclination in life is more toward "full." I don't mind having things push out a bit at the seams. On the few package tours I have been on, I have been amazed to see how much downtime is considered normal. That said, I do know this: a day has exactly 24 hou… read more »

Time strategy #4: Satisfice

Back in 2011, when we learned that our third kid was on the way, my husband and I decided to cast our real estate sights beyond our already crowded New York City apartment. While much of my industry is in NYC, I seldom have to be there more than once a week. My husband is a consultant and often travels to clients. In other words, we didn't have to live anywhere.… read more »

Time strategy #3: Hollow the stone

When it comes to time, the human brain has many foibles. We overestimate what we can do in the short term. Sure, I will respond to 1000 emails in the next hour, and write that report too! But the corollary is also true: we tend to underestimate what can be done in the long term, even with very small actions. Small things done repeatedly have great power. One of my fav… read more »

Time strategy #2: Earn your merit badges

I spent a few years as a Girl Scout. I consider earning badges to be among my more satisfying memories of childhood. While knowledge of, say, folklore is a nebulous thing, earning a folklore badge is incredibly straightforward. All the requirements are specific, doable actions, such as reading certain books or asking people for stories.* You do the specifi… read more »

Time strategy #1: Tend your garden

Since becoming suburbanites five years ago, my family has been experimenting with gardening. We planted produce in the same spot for a few years, then realized tomato plants and other such things needed new soil from time to time to thrive. This spring my husband constructed two raised wooden gardening boxes, and we planted a host of vegetables in them. It go… read more »