Getting up on time, part 2

Today was day 2 of waking up at 6 a.m. to work. As with Sunday, I showered at night, so I could pop up and get straight to work. I put on my fleece and grabbed my glasses, came downstairs, turned up the heat, started the coffee, and opened my laptop. That meant I was working by 6:05. I processed 4 time logs before I stopped at 7:25. I am getting more efficient. The first o… read more »

My week: The highs, the lows

I logged my time again last week again. I could make an argument that it wasn’t typical in the sense that I didn’t work Monday (our nanny was on vacation). But long-time readers will not be surprised to learn that, despite the day “off,” I still worked…wait for it…49.5 hours.
In other words, despite the week being atypical, my work total f… read more »

Getting up on time

I haven’t done much alarm setting over the past 7 years. My kids woke me up most mornings with ample time before anything I needed to do. But in the past 6 months, this has started to shift. The 2-year-old stays up later, especially on days she naps, but she also gets up later (note: sleep has never beget sleep in my house.)
What this means is that I have more contro… read more »

The statement necklace, and love letters to life hacks beyond Amazon Prime

I wrote a love letter to Amazon Prime last week. Then they raised the yearly rate by $20. Oh well, I still think it’s a bargain. This week I’m writing a love letter to various other things in my life that make my life much easier.
Stitch Fix. I am now on Fix number 7 or something like that. I keep basically everything they send me. Would I have picked it al… read more »

Who deals with childcare disruptions?

The question of what, exactly, holds women back professionally is a complicated one. It tends to involve a lot of impressions, rather than data, which is frustrating for trying to have a rational conversation.
So I’m thrilled to see a study published in Annals of Internal Medicine (hat tip to Vicki!) that attempts to address this question. Looking at hund… read more »