Career metaphors

I’m editing my draft of Mosaic. One of the chapters is on strategies for keeping your career moving forward, sustainably, even if you have a full life outside of work. The broad advice is to keep thinking ahead (time masters are like chess masters), to do real work, to invest in people, to be strategically seen, to build in space. I would love to come up with a go… read more »

Reflections on 3 years in Pennsylvania

We moved from our 2-bedroom apartment in NYC to our 5-bedroom house in Pennsylvania three years ago this week. On some level life is different here. On others it isn’t. I get up in the morning and do kid stuff, then I work, then I take a break to run, then I work again, then I do kid stuff, then I get them to bed and work or read again. On weekends we do family activitie… read more »

One way to reclaim leisure time

My kids have never been great sleepers. They don’t seem to need as much sleep as many kids. The older two gave up their naps pretty early. My 7-year-old can easily go to sleep at 10 p.m. or later, wake up at 7 a.m., and be fine. My 2.5 year old still naps most days, but graduated to a later bedtime in order to keep the nap.
So bedtime had been around 9 p.m. here. But it ne… read more »

This week’s articles; what I’m working on

My interview with Sylvia Ann Hewlett ran at Fast Company this week.
I also interviewed Keith Ferrazzi on how to transform online connections into real ones.
For next week, I’m working on a few pieces. One is on how to become a Pinterest star. If you’re on it and have a following, I’d love to talk with you about what people respond to. Also what… read more »

Cutting 4700 calories, and changing stories

I always love a good weight loss story, so I was intrigued by the Wall Street Journal’s recent offering. Former NFL lineman Brandon Moore used to eat like, well, a 300-lb lineman. He needed to be bulky for his job, and as a professional athlete, he exercised a lot. He could absorb 6400 calories per day (the total for a menu he provided). This included such meal c… read more »