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The assignment and the follow-up

One of the highlights of third grade at my kids' school is something called "The Wax Museum." The children each choose a historical (or current) famous figure, and research the person's life. Over the course of several months, the kids do multiple assignments, culminating in the construction of a timeline. They display this timeline at the school while dre… read more »

NYC recap

I spent Thursday-Saturday in NYC this past week. My "anchor event" was the American Society of Journalists and Authors conference, where I delivered the welcome keynote on Friday. I have gone to this conference most years since (I think) 2005, so it was an honor to be asked to speak. I am getting to know the Roosevelt Hotel quite well. I had not, however, been up… read more »

Running for pleasure, or running to train

I have been traveling a lot lately, and Philadelphia has been rainy. This has been a problem because I need to do another long run or two before my scheduled half-marathon in mid-June. I looked at my schedule for today, while I have been in New York, and I realized I had an open slot in the afternoon. I could go to Central Park and run. It was a beautiful day, and so I di… read more »

How much sleep do people need?

When it comes to time, certain narratives get repeated a lot. One is that we are all increasingly sleep-deprived. Certainly, some people are sleep-deprived; probably a number of readers of this blog! Many people have bad nights here and there. I know I do. Human nature means these bad nights stand out more in the mind than the good nights. However, looking at t… read more »

How (and why) to keep a time log

If you want to spend your time better, the first step is figuring out exactly how you spend it now. While recording a day or two is helpful, I recommend keeping track of your time for a week to get the best picture of life. A week is the cycle of life as people actually live it (what's a normal day for you? Tuesday or Saturday? They both occur just as often and have the sa… read more »