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Time tracking challenge: Day 5

I slept through the night again last night. I didn’t even wake up coughing or to go to the bathroom. After going down by 10:30 I popped up at 5:30. I decided to snuggle back under the covers and drifted in and out until 6:45 when I heard my husband changing the baby (apparently he got up before I did). We all hung out for a bit, got the kids breakfast, etc. Then it was a… read more »

Time tracking challenge: Day 4

I ended yesterday's blog post saying I hoped I slept until 6. I did — to 6:15, but I'll take it. When P (nanny) came at 8, I mentioned that the baby had slept through the night. She said she figured, since all the children's backpacks, shoes, coats, mittens, lunches, snacks, etc. were lined up and ready to go. Apparently I have a lot more energy when I'm not up… read more »

Time tracking challenge: Day 3

It was a good day with a good start: the baby slept through the night! I woke a few times coughing so it was not perfect, but oh did it feel lovely not to spend 90 minutes dealing with a fussy toddler. I turned off my light at 10:30, and woke up on my own around 5:45 (7.25 hours is sort of my base sleep need, so this makes sense). I could have gotten up, but I also felt like, e… read more »

Time tracking challenge: Day 2

My pessimism about the night was spot on. I went to bed at 10:30. The baby started wailing around 3:45. I tried to let it go for a while, but he just got wound up (this happens with most attempts at crying-it-out). I went and gave him a bottle, which he sucked down. I tried to put him down, but after 20 more minutes of wailing, I went back in and gave him another bottle. H… read more »

Time tracking challenge: Day 1

Monday January 11th started in the middle of the night. My husband had gotten up with the baby at midnight and then got him back down, but when he heard him at 2:45, he woke me for that one. The kid would not go back down. Rocking, nursing, bottles, letting him cry it out. At 4, I gave him to my husband to give it a whirl. I don’t know what he did but I went back to bed. I wo… read more »