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Honeysuckle and roses

I love this time of year, possibly because I just love the vegetation. The strawberries are bright and juicy. Honeysuckle lines all the paths I run on. The roses are erupting out of the bushes. While I do love the fragile beauty showcased during the two weeks all the flowering trees bloom in April, this June bloom seems more sturdy, sunny and, let’s face it, I l… read more »

The perfect: an enemy of the good

Things are a bit tightly scheduled around here this week, and as a result I haven’t carved out as much time for running as I ideally would. To be sure, I’m in taper mode for my half-marathon next weekend, but “taper” doesn’t mean “do nothing,” which is what I did from Monday through Thursday. Friday was likewise packed tight. But after feeding th… read more »

In defense of work/life integration

I’ve been doing a lot of interviews this week about my forthcoming book, and it’s interesting to see what questions come up the most. One is about this idea of work/life integration. In the time logs I collected for I Know How She Does It, work and life did not conform to traditional divisions of when each should occur. People did work late at night, early in t… read more »

Will you please help me out? (and how we can meet in person next week)

I’m sure my announcements are getting tedious for regular blog readers, but my next book, I Know How She Does It, will be out a little less than a week from today, on June 9. Please indulge me in another post about it. I’ve spent the past two years working on this project, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I think the book does two things. It adds new d… read more »

My summer bucket list

Yesterday I posted my entire List of 100 Dreams. Today’s post is about things I intend to do this summer. What would make the summer feel both full and wonderful? June is the Friday night of summer, and all is full of possibility. Here’s what I’d like to pull off. 1. Pick strawberries (done! We might do it again!) 2. Get some “tri” days: ru… read more »