Out today: The Cortlandt Boys (my novel)

I am happy to announce that my novel, The Cortlandt Boys, is now out as an ebook, and available for purchase at major retailers. Here are the links to Amazon, to Barnes & Noble, and iTunes (if you frequent another e-retailer, let me know and I’ll hunt down links for those too).
This is the story of a small town high school basketball team that wins the Pe… read more »

Round-up: loyalty, millennials in church, Susan Wojcicki, morning routines

It’s Friday! I’m quite ready to start Christmas break, which we will officially begin on the 24th. There may be a 10-hour car trip involved at some point. The folks at my OB office said I need to stop and walk every 2 hours. Since I’m not sure I’d make it 2 hours between bathroom stops, this shouldn’t be a problem.
I’m working on… read more »

What stories people read and shared in 2014 (Fast Company version)

In addition to blogging here, I’ve been writing three stories a week for the past year and a half over at Fast Company’s website. This has been a fun gig partly because the potential audience reach is so huge. When I see that something is being shared broadly, I know it is resonating with people. That’s often a sign it’s worth writing about more. Here are… read more »

The life-changing magic of not tidying up

Here are some interesting things to know about Marie Kondo. When this young Japanese “cleaning consultant” comes home from work, “I greet the waist-high potted plant by the window and stroke its leaves,” she says. Having fondled the foliage, “My next task is to empty the contents of my handbag on the rug and put each item away in its place.” Not ev… read more »

Your favorite posts of 2014

In evaluating my various professional endeavors, I’ve spent some time over the past week looking at what people chose to read in 2014, and what they did not. Here are a few of my most popular posts from this blog, and why I think people liked them (I’ll write about my most-read Fast Company posts later this week).… read more »