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Draft 4 of the writing life

Over the weekend, I read John McPhee's new book, Draft 4: On the Writing Process. I am drawn to almost any "writer on writing" book, but I was particularly interested in this one because I took McPhee's writing seminar at Princeton many years ago. He had taught a course on the literature of fact for decades, but in the spring of 1998, he decided to offer it as a fres… read more »

How I’m multitasking these days

Multitasking gets a bad reputation in productivity circles, and for good reason. It's really hard to do two things at once, or at least do them well. Yes, it's tempting to read email while you're on a phone call, but then you miss things. Perhaps the call is not important enough that it matters if you miss things but then…why are you on the call? However, there a… read more »

Podcast discussion: “But I thought the school years would be easier from a childcare perspective!”

Episode 11 of Best of Both Worlds went live yesterday! This episode features the fabulous Prof. Siobhan Brady of UC Davis. We chose Siobhan as our first guest both because she is happily combining a big job at a major research institution and a family, and also because she is Sarah's former running buddy. Hence she was unlikely to get mad at us if we flubbed up our… read more »

Why to maintain your earning power, no matter what

In early 2009, I hosted a small get together at the Oyster Bar in NYC, which was near my apartment. I was celebrating getting a book deal for what became 168 Hours. One of my guests was Emma Johnson, a woman I knew through freelance writing circles. I was somewhat annoyingly evangelistic about the 168 Hours message — that there is plenty of time in a week to build… read more »

The second half of my week

I posted on Thursday afternoon last week that the week was only half over. I then realized that my blogging schedule falls right into the trap of paying excess attention to Monday-Thursday, and not enough to Thursday-Sunday! I will often post four times between Monday and Thursday, and then not at all in the second half of the week. In my defense, I know my reade… read more »