How to eat ‘slim by design’ (or not) when you work at home

I recently read Brian Wansink’s Slim by Design. Wansink wrote Mindless Eating a few years ago, based on his research finding people will eat giant vats of stale popcorn if they’re not paying attention. Subtly changing the layouts of kitchens and cafeterias can greatly increase the chances that people take healthy fare rather than the less healthy fare… read more »

Swimming, holiday lists, conference panels

We went swimming twice this weekend. One of the YMCAs in the general area has family swim until 10 p.m. on Friday nights, and that’s wound up being a fun way to transition into the weekend. The kids had a good time then, and so we also decided to go on Sunday afternoon.
The Sunday trip was one of those parenting moments that you just have to shoulder through, knowi… read more »

Friday round-up

Some fun stuff this week: It snowed last night! (See the white flecks on the bushes in this photo). We were getting ready to take the trash out when we looked out and saw the flakes coming down. The kids had to put on their coats and grab umbrellas and go check it out. There’s just a light dusting on the ground this morning, but winter is officially on its way. H… read more »

Repost: 5 reasons I’m not simplifying Christmas

(Laura’s note: This post ran in November, 2012, and remains an audience favorite. Please see the note, below, for another related piece, “Think You’re Too Busy for the Holidays? You’re Not.”)
Choose “Entire Contact List” 
It’s that time of year again — time for a round of blog posts, ebooks and… read more »

The secret to bounding out of bed in the morning is…

…getting into bed on time the night before.
I’ve been realizing this lately as my sleep schedule has been shifting. I’m pretty tired at night, so I’m getting into bed by 10:30 p.m. Provided I make it through the night, I’m waking up on my own around 6 a.m. That makes sense. I know from tracking my time that I tend to settle out at around 7.5 hours/nig… read more »