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What I’m eating now

Back in March I ran a series of blog posts on food. One of the topics was my four postpartum weight loss journeys. At the time (March 25) I was in the mid-130s generally, and the lowest I’d seen was 134.5 lbs. I was telling everyone I was content with this slow and steady weight loss of about 0.5 lbs every week or two. Then, a little while later, in the interest of exp… read more »

Life right now: Reading Virginia Woolf on the sidelines at soccer practice

As the weather warms, weekends have taken on a certain fullness around here. Spring sports are still going, so we had 3 swim lessons, two soccer games, and one baseball game this weekend. The big kids went to a play, and my 7-year-old had a playdate and even a book club meeting on Friday night (yes, really! A mom organized a group of friends to get together and disc… read more »

StoryWorth: Living well is the best revenge

Earlier in the week, I mentioned that I was guest judging StoryWorth’s Mother’s Day essay contest. I’m happy to share news of the winner, a tale by Naomi F. of her grandmother, Marie Pinney. Her grandmother was quite a glamorous woman as you can see by this photo, and a brave one too. Her marriage dissolved in the early 1940s, but she embraced being a singl… read more »

Faulty work/life narrative 3: It’s all on mom

Like many people, I’ve been shocked by the news of Dave Goldberg’s death late last week. It was an utterly senseless accident, and regardless of who the people in question were, the idea of a happy couple going off on vacation and the wife coming back as a widow with two young kids is just heart wrenching. Most readers of this blog know what we do of Goldberg fr… read more »

Faulty work/life narrative 2: Working moms don’t sleep (or get me time)

A little confession: I love my sleep. Love it. I don’t just love feeling focused and productive after a good rest (though that is nice). I love sleep for its own sake. I love that delicious feeling of sinking into dreamland, the way my brain pieces images together, and that lovely sense, on the best mornings, of drifting in and out of natural grogginess with no… read more »