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Friday thoughts

A random assortment of stuff on my mind right now: I turned in my manuscript of Off the Clock to my editor. The book will be published on May 29, 2018. Timelines in traditional publishing are fairly long, but the upside is that I have the next 10 months to grow my platform, and try to introduce more people to my work, so when the book comes out next spring, there's a re… read more »

A different picture of American life

Longtime readers will recall my love affair with the American Time Use Survey. Every year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics calls up thousands of Americans, rolling over every day of the year, and asks them to talk through "yesterday." Not a typical day, yesterday. The survey also doesn't ask about any particular category of time; instead, the researchers as… read more »

Updates from the writing retreat

I have been doing a bit of "deep work" this week, getting my manuscript of Off the Clock in shape to turn into my editor. Since I'm speaking at a conference here in the PA mountains Wednesday, I elected to drive up a few days early to finish the book in solitude. It's been good. I love the concept of writing retreats. While writing is my job, the rest of life often cons… read more »

A tale of two bike rides

I spent a surprising amount of time this weekend on my bike, but the two bike rides were quite different. On Saturday morning, we loaded the bike rack on my car with my husband's bike, my bike, and our 10-year-old's bike. The 7-year-old's bike can fit in a trunk, as can the Burley (for the 2-year-old), and the tag-along (for the 5-year-old; we take two cars on thes… read more »

What would you save?

A woman wrote me recently with an interesting story, one that I've been pondering. She was at the beach (a few summers ago) when she got a late night phone call from a neighbor. Her house had been struck by lightning, and part of the roof had caught fire. The firefighters were there, and had gotten the dog out. The fire was relatively contained, but there would pro… read more »