Musings on space

I like thumbing through Sarah Susanka’s architectural books in the “Not-so-big House” series. I interviewed her a few years ago for All the Money in the World, and have looked through those books far more than I do through the average book that a publisher sends me.
Somewhat ironically, around the time I interviewed her, my husband and I purchased a hom… read more »

My work/life balance, or working on the weekend while on vacation

I spent much of this afternoon (Saturday) working. I’m at the beach for the last two weeks of August, but I have little things going on here and there that I like to stay on top of.
In one narrative of life, working on weekends is bad, and working on vacations is bad, so working on vacation weekends must be doubly bad. And yet from a balance perspective, I think thi… read more »

Beach rhythms

A few days in to a 17-day vacation, I have hit a rhythm. On a good day, I wake up before everyone else at around 7:15 a.m. I’m out the door around 7:30 to run on the boardwalk. I’ve been aiming to do 4 miles. I feel slow and plodding at first, but the minutes soon feel less lousy. I’m cruising by the end.
After 45 minutes or so, I’m home to make/eat breakfast. In m… read more »

At the beach

I am on vacation until Labor Day, and while I thought I would have good Internet access, all I can use is the browser on my iPhone. So I may not be blogging much. I will post a thought or two or picture here and there. In the meantime, enjoy this last bit of summer!… read more »

Childcare costs, or why money matters

Get Rich Slowly tackled one of my favorite topics this week: the economics of childcare. It’s not a favorite topic because it is fun. Far from it. Indeed, it’s often depressing. However, it can lead to a useful discussion of how choices need to be considered not just in the moment, but in the long term. (I’m quoted to this effect in the original post).
Here… read more »