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Weekend hits and misses

On Friday, I wrote about my planning process, which is basically a list of lists. Does this process work perfectly? No! This weekend, for instance, we had some definite hits and misses/inefficiencies. My other half, as some long-time readers may have surmised, is slightly less into planning/organization than I am, probably because 99 percent of humanity… read more »

My planning process (or the list of lists)

One of the best parts of writing about productivity is that I have a good excuse for studying other people's strategies. Then I can take what I think sounds smart, try these strategies in my life, and keep what works best. As I was making a list of strategies for this post, I realized that almost everything involved a list. So this is a list of lists. Because lists a… read more »

20 miles along the Lehigh Gorge

People who have heard me speak (or read 168 Hours) know I often tell the story of where I first heard the line that "I don't have time" means "it's not a priority." When I tried to get in touch with an extremely busy woman (small business, 6 kids, etc.!) to set up an interview on a Thursday morning, she was not available to speak with me. Of course, right? But the reaso… read more »

A twist on #NaNoWriMo

Over the past two years, I have participated in National Novel Writing Month, which involves writing a 50,000 word novel during the 30 days of November. This is roughly 1700 words a day. I didn't find the process all that challenging, but I have a big advantage there: I did not need to squeeze my writing around another job. I just took on slightly fewer profess… read more »

What I am into now (November edition)

Were I to make a list of favorite months, November would be near the top. In my corner of southeastern Pennsylvania, the month starts with peak fall color. I love food, which makes Thanksgiving — with its festive and seasonal fare — a happy occasion. Then the month ends in cozy anticipation of the holidays (and usually my "birthday week" — I like to arrang… read more »