That post-vacay plunge

So I didn’t wind up taking a vacation away from home last week, though since it was a vacation from normal family responsibilities, there has been some transitioning involved. If you’ve gone away for a week (or two!) then you’re often coming home to a deluge of work.
How do you handle it?
I’m writing a short piece on handling that post-vacation plunge a… read more »

Independence week

I’ve had a bit of a strange week. Up until last Friday, I thought I’d be going with my family to the Outer Banks for the week (my husband’s extended family rented a house). I was feeling rather stressed about the whole thing. My husband has been traveling a lot, plus we’ve got some nanny vacation coming up and the like. I planned to do some work at the beach,… read more »

Almost there…

The first tomato is almost ripe! And by July 4th this time, not Halloween, like last year. The heirloom varieties we planted last year were tasty, but I am just not that patient. I also have a row of carrots sprouting. Has anyone grown them before? When are they usually ready for harvesting? (I live in southeastern Pennsylvania).
In other news, the Mosaic manus… read more »

Childcare arrangements: What makes life easier?

I’m filling in some gaps in the Mosaic manuscript right now. One area where I think I am not being as helpful as I could be is the discussion on childcare. A lot of information out there is geared toward people who work a predictable 40 hours a week. So what if that doesn’t describe you? What if one or both parents travel relatively frequently, or have… read more »

A happy summer list

I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting next week, so I don’t want blog visitors to keep seeing a post about my slightly-elevated stress level. Instead, here are some things I am currently happy about.
Frozen bananas. I’ve been making extremely thick smoothies (that I eat with a spoon) out of frozen bananas and frozen strawberries. I mix in a little bit o… read more »