What’s getting me through winter

Groundhog’s Day is a winter milestone. We have made it this far. Even if spring is six weeks away, it’s only six weeks, right? Modern Mrs. Darcy used the occasion of yesterday’s holiday to blog about “what’s saving my life right now.” Winter doldrums make it easy to complain. But we can focus on the good instead, and not just the obvious biggie… read more »

Reader question: Time management for the new stay-at-home parent

Over the past few months I’ve been running a series of reader questions (I welcome more! Please email me: lvanderkam at yahoo dot com). Today’s reader question comes via Twitter, and has to do with life transitions. A new mother has decided to stay home with her baby. She asks: what time management tips do I have for a new SAHM (or SAHD)?
With this questi… read more »

Guest post: 3 insights from tracking time

(Laura’s note: I’m running some guest posts over the next few weeks. Enjoy!)
by Alison Pike
Almost a year ago I tracked my 168 hours for Laura’s Mosaic project. It was a really valuable experience; I have been more conscious of how I allocate my time ever since. The week I tracked helped me to set up a template for my ideal week, pictured later in th… read more »

Baby’s first 336 hours

It is hard to believe that two weeks ago, I was hugely pregnant (see photo at bottom of this post). On Wednesday afternoon, I was racing to finish my pretty-much-final edits of I Know How She Does It. I turned it in around 4 p.m. I crossed some final to-dos off the list. I packed my bag to go to the hospital for my 7 a.m. Thursday induction. Then, to my great surprise, I… read more »

Is it better than driving a taxi?

Every list has its charm and idiocy, and the US News annual list of the 100 best jobs is no exception. The list attempts to rank jobs according to some mix of demand, salary, and satisfaction. Hence nursing or being a physician’s assistant score very high, whereas writing does not. Indeed, while being a receptionist or a taxi driver make the list, becoming a w… read more »