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Running and goals

Like many people, in January, I made resolutions for the new year. In my case, I decided to set quarterly goals in 3 spheres: career, relationships, self. My goal for Q1 in the self category was to be able to finish a treadmill workout I found in Oxygen magazine that required running 2 minutes at 9.0 mph after a progressive build-up from 6.0 mph. As this was a Q1 goa… read more »

Reader question: If starting a family is in my future, what should I do now?

Our reader question today comes from Caitlin, who is getting married this fall. She and her soon-to-be husband would like to start a family soon. To be sure, one cannot completely control the timing on these things, but they intend to begin that project next spring. So, as she said, she has a year and change before she might be pregnant. What would I recommend sh… read more »

Better than I expected

This was a fairly low-key weekend. We are in the lull before the spring sports season starts in earnest. We were supposed to start baseball on Saturday, but it rained, so that did not happen. There were definitely some moments of kid craziness. Indeed, I started writing this on Sunday afternoon while the three big kids were fighting in the basement. I kept tell… read more »

Friday fodder

My Friday sitter is at a conference this week, so the toddler and I spent this morning hanging out. We did all right. We got groceries, checked out the froggies who are making all kinds of noise in the backyard, played with balls and learned the word flower, and that we sniff flowers, rather than eating flowers. Then it started to rain, so we played in the basement… read more »

Reader question: I am unhappy in my job. What should I do with my life?

Our reader question this week comes from a woman we will call Wanda. She works full-time for a smallish firm, managing HR (among other things). The job is incredibly flexible. She knows how to do it well and efficiently. Indeed, she has managed to work out an arrangement where she works from home two days a week, but she does not work much on those days. She does al… read more »