Hooray for a Happy Halloween

I have a column in today’s USA Today called “Hooray for a Happy Halloween.” (That link will take you there). I have a particular soft spot for Halloween. It’s not that I’m into dressing up; I may have managed 1 or 2 costumes in my adult life. I love snack-sized candy bars, but who doesn’t? No, instead the upside is the slig… read more »

Running on faith

I became a runner ten years ago. I had tried here and there before, but never effectively. Then I watched Paula Radcliffe win the 2004 New York City Marathon. It was a hard fought victory, coming down to a mere 3 seconds after 26.2 miles, and there was something so inspiring about it, and the thousands of other runners crossing the finish line behind her, that I kn… read more »

Weekend highlights

It was another great October weekend, with fantastic fall weather. A few highlights:
*Two amazing runs. I’d had a lousy run on Friday, which is disconcerting to a third trimester runner. Is this the sign that it isn’t going to work anymore? But I soon realized that lousy run had more to do with spending the previous night on a plane from Rio and lugging my car… read more »

Rio: All kinds of adventures

This week my husband went to Rio de Janeiro mostly for business and I tagged along. It was a lot of travel for a short time there — two overnights on planes in a week — but we had some adventures nonetheless:
* Walking along the beach in Copacabana. The beach is beautiful, with walking and bike paths.
* Dancing the samba (or approximation thereof) wit… read more »

Reader question: How do I ask my partner to share home and kid tasks?

We have another reader question! I wrote recently about “parent-work” and when it needed to happen. This reader asks “Do you have any suggestions or best practices of how to communicate with your spouse about sharing parent-work, household, or other common responsibilities?”
This reader reports that “I have established a pattern of just doin… read more »