How expecting your fourth kid is different from expecting your first

We survived the holidays, including the 10-hour car trip both ways to Indiana. It was not as bad as it could have been, and seeing the kids have so much fun with their cousins made it all worthwhile. With Christmas and New Year’s behind us, now there’s nothing left before the next big family event: the baby.
Yes, if everything goes well (hopefully), I should… read more »

2014 highlights, and goals for 2015

Over at Fast Company this week, I’m writing about how to budget next year’s 2000 working hours, and why 90-day goals beat annual ones. Both have figured into some goal setting and reflection I’ve been doing the past few days. The hours (probably just a bit north of 2000) that I spent working in 2014 produced a few things:

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Unexpected insights from tracking time

I sometimes sound like a broken record in suggesting people try tracking their time. So I’m working on a piece on why. What comes out of doing this? (If you’d like to share your experience and be quoted, please let me know: lvanderkam at yahoo dot com).
I read recently in Jackie Woodside’s new book, Calming the Chaos, of a man who wanted coaching because he… read more »

12 days to a happier, more productive you

Laura’s note: This post reached newsletter subscribers as this year’s December missive. Since the 12 days of Christmas start tomorrow, I thought I’d re-post. Hope everyone is enjoying at least a little down time with family today.
12 Days To A Happier, More Productive You
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Update on the 2014 holiday fun list

Back in November, I posted a short list of things I wanted to do to make this holiday season memorable. I’ve been trying to strike the right balance between wanting to rush through it (because I am really tired of being pregnant) and trying to enjoy this season.
I wrote that I was “intrigued by the idea of a literary Advent calendar.” I decided to go for it. I… read more »