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Be part of my next book (and help some great non-profits too!)

Do you have 6-10 minutes to help me out? OK, bad question. Everyone has 6-10 minutes. A better question: would you be willing to make it a priority, in the next 6-10 minutes, to help me gather some data for the book I am writing? My next book, Off the Clock, will explore how people feel about their time. To add data to the project, I am conducting a survey looking at ho… read more »

A gala, the yellow belt, Bob books, Panera

We are still in the lull between sports (baseball starts next week), so that makes for more open space on weekends. It has its ups and downs. The kids spend a lot of time on the computer or their kindles (or the TV) and I feel like as I turn off one screen they drift to another one. Also, it's tempting to feel like I should be doing more chores if I'm around the house, so I… read more »

Friday miscellany

I spent several hours last night at the local high school for the Reading Olympics, which my 9-year-old was participating in. The judge asks questions about books from a list of about 30 books. The teams huddle and appoint a spokesperson to answer the question. My son had been told the requirement was to read five of the books, and so that is what he did. His tea… read more »

One-on-one time

One of my Secrets of Happier Parenting, discovered over years of refereeing sibling arguments, is that being with one kid, solo, is an entirely different experience than being with n children, where n>1. I am more relaxed. The kids are more pleasant. They do play well at times, which is a joy to watch, but there is more of a sustained satisfactory experienc… read more »

“I’ve NEVER met a mom who said she wished she’d worked more”

Most people who post comments on this blog do so on the most recent posts. But sometimes someone finds a post from past years floating around the internet somewhere, and the person wanders here to leave a comment. When I'm moderating comments I see them in the order they come in, so this one, excerpted in the title, was on top of the queue yesterday. The comment… read more »