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A different portrait of a modern family

Last Thursday at 7 a.m., a visitor to my house would have seen this: me, standing over the waffle maker, making about a dozen waffles over the course of 20 minutes. I try to do up breakfast when the kids are all up with me. They ate the waffles and the baby nursed, and then they experienced one of those upsides of big family life, the instant playdate. All four of them… read more »

How to really stay happy when the days are getting dark and cold

Over at Fast Company, I have a post up on “The Norwegian Secret To Enjoying A Long Winter.” I had originally planned to write a piece on how to stay happy when it’s getting dark and cold, and give standard advice like get some exercise, go outside at lunch, listen to upbeat music, etc. But then I came across research from Kari Leibowitz. She sp… read more »

My fancy, high-tech planning system

No, not really. I ordered my 2016 calendar the other day. Every year around this time I notice that I’m starting to scribble in a lot of dates for the next year on the blank pages at the end of my calendar. That’s my trigger to order a new one. When I was in London I did some shopping at Fortnum & Mason, and I thought about buying a fancy leather calendar. But I h… read more »

No one has to lean back

As I’ve been traveling to a somewhat ridiculous number of places these past six weeks, I’ve gotten used to certain questions. People often ask how I came to the topic of time management (I really wish I had a better story). People ask if I discovered anything in my research for I Know How She Does It that surprised me (not on the big stuff. But I’ll throw some… read more »

Notes on NaNoWriMo and pacing

I’m having fun with my NaNoWriMo novel. I started a fresh file and am writing from the beginning. While the characters are the same as the novel I wrote during NaNoWriMo last year, I feel like this year I have a better sense of what should happen, and I know who the characters are. So it’s coming together better than it did in the prior version. I’m sure there… read more »