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Report on Mommy Day #1

My 4-year-old finished school for the year on Tuesday. The boys still have another week to go. All of the three big kids have been promised a "mommy day" this summer, when we do their choice of activity together So that made this week a great opportunity to do my daughter's mommy day. She wanted to go to Hershey (the amusement park). We got in the car around 9 A.M. on… read more »


I bought my old MacBook Pro in the summer of 2010. It served me well for lo these many years, taking the beating that I inflict on my laptops with nary a complaint. On its keys I typed All the Money in the World, What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, I Know How She Does It, and The Cortlandt Boys, plus hundreds of articles and blog posts. I know six yea… read more »

The Mom Gig: How do stay-at-home moms spend their time?

I like writing about time management, but I am more fascinated by broader questions about how people spend their time. This winter, Redbook hired me to do a time diary study on how stay-at-home moms spend their days. This project, "The Mom Gig," was released this week. In addition to my findings, Redbook commissioned essays from stay-at-home parents, and se… read more »

Hitting a triple

I posted my summer fun list last week. This weekend was mostly a good one -- in part because I completed two items, and made major progress on a third. On Friday night I took my husband out for a birthday dinner at one of our favorite haunts, Cerise (the chef was recently on a show with Bobby Flay!). It's a BYOB establishment, so we decided to bring one of the good bott… read more »

Smart Mom Rich Mom (book review)

In our culture, we have a lot of sayings about money. For instance, "more money, more problems." The idea is that money just invites more woe into one's life, which may be a comforting thing to believe on some level. However, I'm not sure it's true. While more income invites some problems (you are unlikely to be audited if you don't have a lot of taxable income!),… read more »