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Podcast discussion thread: Getting dinner on the table

Today's food themed Best of Both Worlds podcast is mostly about that common weeknight pain point: getting dinner on the table. Everyone is coming home from work, and daycare or aftercare, and everyone is tired and hungry, but someone has to get dinner on the table. (Or at least someone probably thinks she should get dinner on the table. The cultural narrative… read more »

13 years of running

I have never run the New York City marathon (which happened this past weekend). I don't really think of it or Boston as being on my bucket list, which I know a lot of runners do. I have run a marathon (Big Sur, 2010), and I imagine I will again at some point in my life, but I have been feeling mixed on races of late. They are a lot of hassle. NYC would especially be so, wh… read more »

Lux Aeterna

This was All Souls Sunday, and the chamber choir I recently joined performed Faure's Requiem during the service. It was quite an experience -- quite moving. Words don't do well to describe music, but there were a few chill-causing moments for me. One of my favorite parts is when the sopranos come in all alone singing "lux," held on a C for two measures until the o… read more »

Off the clock, on a plane

I do not particularly like flying. (Does anyone who's not actually flying the plane?) You’re sitting in a seat for many hours, in dry air, timing visits to a tiny bathroom for the time when the plane isn't bouncing over the airborne equivalent of pot holes. But here is one upside of plane travel: it can be a really, really good time for getting stuff done. Most o… read more »

What I’m into, November edition

I love November. Here in southeastern Pennsylvania the month starts with peak fall color. It ends with the coziness of the holiday season. The air is crisp, but it's usually still fine to run outside. The slush all comes later. Here's what’s making me happy this month: 100 Grand bars. I've moved beyond most check-out line candy, in the sense that I prefer hig… read more »