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Do you work after the kids go to bed? Here are 5 ways to make it work.

Here's the dilemma: you need, or want, to work more than 40 hours a week. You also have young kids who go to bed on the early side. How do you see them while still putting in the hours? As I have analyzed parents' time logs, I have realized that one of the most common solutions is doing what I call a "split shift." You leave work at a reasonable hour, come home for family… read more »

Is this a happy money story?

There are many great reasons to choose to stay home with your kids. Achieving better personal finances, however, is generally not one of them. Economist Sylvia Ann Hewlett has calculated that professional women lose 37 percent of their earning power, on average, by taking 3 or more years out of the workforce. To put some numbers on it: a 37 percent haircut on $… read more »

The Great Unsubscribing (and a request for sources for stories)

I know email marketing works. I have a newsletter. I have also made purchases because a company has emailed me a deal and it triggered a thought that I needed X, Y, or Z. Over time, however, the sheer volume of marketing communication starts to become overwhelming. Perhaps it's the journalism thing, but I have also been added to a lot of newsletter lists that I am… read more »

Multi-tasking burns more time than you think, but you can get those hours back.

When I tracked my time for a year, I used spreadsheets. So did most of my subjects in I Know How She Does It. Spreadsheets are simple and straightforward, and show visually what life looks like. However, they have their downsides. They are imprecise. The tiny cells lead to a lack of nuance. What actually happened during the 30 minute block I called "work"? Many p… read more »

The productivity strategy you do not need to feel guilty about

When people track time, they discover all kinds of things, but one of the most common is that they do not work as many hours as they think they do. We (and I include myself in this statement after analyzing my 8784 hours -- yes, I overestimated too!) have a tendency to remember our busiest weeks as typical. Not only that, our mental image of a typical week does not in… read more »