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Friday post: Deconstructing the week

This week has required me to use a lot of my time management skills. I felt like I needed to be more mindful of my time and energy than some other weeks have required. That said, these strategies have made things go relatively smoothly, and left some space for good stuff too. First, the conditions. My husband was out of the country for several days (he left Monday n… read more »

How not to be late

Last week I spoke with Jennifer Liu at LearnVest about the topic of promptness. Specifically, Jennifer's lack of punctuality. Why was she late everywhere? What could she do about it? I, as a classic "upholder," often get places early. I can tell when I'm dealing with someone like me because our scheduled 3 p.m. coffee can generally commence by 2:50 p.m. Once u… read more »

Trying to understand the phenomenon of Who Moved My Cheese?

"The best laid schemes o'mice and men often go astray." — Robert Burns Spencer Johnson passed away a few weeks ago. He trained as a physician, but he will be forever best known as the author of Who Moved My Cheese? This publishing phenomenon is incredibly short. It took me about 30 minutes to read it the other day, and that's only because the core story is padded… read more »

Three kids, three camps

This fall, all three of my older children will be going to the same school. They will be getting on the bus together in the morning, and getting off together in the afternoon. This blissful confluence of events warms my efficient heart. Alas, that's in another 6 weeks. We still have camp to get through now. This week, the three big kids are in three different camp… read more »

Weekends with kids: Benihana, Sesame Place, waking up before 7 a.m.

Weekends with kids are a wee bit different from weekends without kids. I was thinking of that as we were driving back this afternoon (Sunday) from Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA. This Sesame Street themed water park has its charms: a reasonable entry-level roller coaster, some nice water slides, a lazy river. However, it's highly unlikely I would be going the… read more »