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Podcast discussion thread: Making time for community and volunteering

When I ask people what they'd like to spend more time doing, volunteering lands on the list almost as frequently as exercise and reading. People would like to contribute to their communities. They know they'd probably enjoy doing different activities, and maybe tapping different skills than they do during the work day. They'd like to meet friends and neigh… read more »

In like a lion

This weekend did not go as planned. I wrote on Friday that it was a rainy March day. Shortly after I wrote that, the rain turned to snow. The wind kicked up a lot. The temperature, which was supposed to stay above freezing, got close enough to it that the snow started to stick. And accumulate. At 2:00, when I left to go visit my kindergartner's class (they were prese… read more »

Friday miscellany: When you don’t stick to the plan

It is a rainy March day. The ground is completely sodden; I see puddles of mud in my backyard. I am telling myself that in a month my plum trees will be flowering. Already, I can see the yellow on the forsythia starting to poke out. But early March is very much a transitional season. It's been a pretty good, if full week. One unexpected nice moment: I came home from ch… read more »

Books read in February 2018

As I was putting the title on this post, I realized that I started doing a monthly post on my reading log one year ago (so "books read in February" is taken). While I read a good number of books in January 2017, it was only in February 2017 that I started reading novels with any seriousness. I am happy to report that, one year later, my reading mix is much more satisfyi… read more »

Podcast discussion thread: The great decluttering debate

Organized is not the same thing as tidy. I realized this, years ago, when I invited a prominent professional organizer into my home as part of writing 168 Hours. She looked at my various piles of stuff and then noted that we were not disorganized. We were, in her words, lazy. I am not sure lazy is the right word either, but I realized she was onto something. Organiz… read more »