Do it anyway, redux

Last month I wrote about a solo, Saturday night trip into NYC to see a concert. I was tired, the weather was cold and rainy, and it would have been easier not to go. But I’ve been trying to follow the mantra to do it anyway (most of the time at least). If I’ve planned something fun in my life, then I need to remind the experiencing self that the remembering self des… read more »

Wintry Friday thoughts

We’ve had snow all week. We all came back from Christmas with a lovely cold (and in one case, a fever). Yep, we’re in the post holiday fun time of winter right now. On the plus side, snow is prettier out the window than mud. And thanks to the new treadmill, I’m getting in some early AM workouts. I am inordinately proud of myself that I am doing anything resembl… read more »

How to keep the treadmill from becoming a very expensive clothes rack

Many people would like to be in better shape. Come New Year’s, gyms see an influx of new members. The problem? Many stop showing up by February 24. Likewise, exercise equipment dealers do a brisk business in December/January. But it’s practically a cliche that the treadmill will eventually become a place to hang clothes. If not that, at least it will be an… read more »

Family fun lists, and leaving the house

One source of frustration at my house lately has been motivating the kids to do much. When we bring them somewhere (the Adventure Aquarium — see the jellyfish picture — or skiing, or swimming at the Y) they inevitably have a great time. But getting them out the door is painful. The 5-year-old in particular complains bitterly about it. There is som… read more »

How expecting your fourth kid is different from expecting your first

We survived the holidays, including the 10-hour car trip both ways to Indiana. It was not as bad as it could have been, and seeing the kids have so much fun with their cousins made it all worthwhile. With Christmas and New Year’s behind us, now there’s nothing left before the next big family event: the baby.
Yes, if everything goes well (hopefully), I should… read more »