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Weekend and life updates

I wrote last week that I was crashing toward my next book deadline. I am happy to report that I turned in my manuscript around 3 p.m. on Friday. That left just enough time to cross another nagging to-do -- coloring my hair -- off the list before the kids got off the bus at 4:05 p.m. I am efficient like that (and frugal! I should calculate how much money I've saved in 20 y… read more »

Books read in September

I read fewer books this month than in recent past months. There are reasons for that. First, several of these books were challenging to read: long, consisting of prose written in a time before people had cable, etc. This pushed my reading rate to the lower end of the range. Second, I've been working more this month as I'm crashing toward my own book deadline. Thi… read more »

Writer on deadline

I usually don't let too many days go between blog posts. So just a quick note of explanation: I'm trying to wrap up this round of edits on Off the Clock by the end of the month. Which is rapidly approaching! This book has been an interesting beast to write. Creating a first draft was easy. Almost strangely so. The editing has been a lot more difficult. I'm currently… read more »

Best of Both Worlds episode 8 – the outsourcing discussion thread

On today's podcast episode, Sarah and I discuss what we outsource, and why, and how to do it effectively in order to save time. (Please pardon my tinny sound -- ugh! I recorded in a room with an echo. I was trying to get away from my children while recording, but it's possible the alternative was worse.) We opened with a discussion of what our children eat. We will p… read more »

Fitting it all in — the long weekend report

Our school district gives days off for Rosh Hashanah, so we just finished a 4-day weekend. In my last blog post, I wrote about our Thursday excursion to Ricketts Glen State Park, which did not quite go as planned, thanks to the bull dog incident. That seems like ages ago now, though, because this weekend was so full (not busy! I don't like that word. Full.) On Frid… read more »