Going one-on-one (or trying to)

My kids are starting to play well together. The 2-year-old is finally mature enough to interact with her brothers (ages 4 and 7) instead of automatically causing total havoc. This is the upside of having siblings close in age: constant playmates! Sometimes they play and entertain themselves and I get to just sit there. But there’s a lot of arguing too, and w… read more »

The LeBron James letter

I like to watch basketball, though I can’t say I follow any team or player closely. I hadn’t been paying attention to the whole LeBron James saga until it exploded all over my Twitter feed Friday.
The general consensus was that he left Cleveland poorly 4 years ago, with a lot of bad feelings, or even if the feelings weren’t particularly pronounced, they g… read more »

What I’m working on: Over-used business case studies

This has been a good week. I took a break from Mosaic editing after devoting 60+ hours to it last week. I needed to step back a bit before doing the “final” round (that is, before sending it to my editor as a first draft). In that space, I’ve been doing some pitching. I had a phone call with an editor I’m excited to work with again. My column… read more »

Can’t is a strong word

Grumpy Rumblings (of the formerly untenured) ran a post this week on “Things I want but can’t have until my children are older.” The list reflects things that will certainly be easier when children are older (like sleeping in, and owning nice china), and is pretty light-hearted, which is why the blogger didn’t want a lecture on life optimization, pe… read more »

Random Wednesday thoughts

First, we finally have power again. A strong thunderstorm last night knocked down a bunch of trees and power lines. We lost power around 8 pm and got it back at 2:45 pm. That’s a little better than the 7 pm to 4:30 pm outage last week, but still, two overnight outages in one week seems a little steep. Ice cream does not improve in multiple thawings and freezin… read more »