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A different berry season

Strawberry season has come and gone. The berry season is short! Fortunately, fruit ripens in sequence all summer and the raspberries and peaches are prime for picking. The kids don’t have camp this week so Thursday featured a visit to the local pick-your-own farm. As soon as rush hour was over, we got on the highway and drove there. We convinced the farm to gi… read more »

Re-railing a derailed day (or not)

In a comment on yesterday’s post, reader Lindsy asked this: “What I’m wondering is, what do you do on those days when lack of sleep has derailed your plan for the day? Do you look for low-energy tasks to do instead or just try to power through? Or do you have back-up plans for bad days when you can’t focus? I would love to hear your strategies.” This is a gr… read more »

The sleep-deprived parent’s dilemma

It’s a funny thing with larger families. You always think that one more kid than you have is the definition of madness. I’ve had a few women with 3 kids and seemingly much more difficult careers than mine (I’m thinking of two recent physician encounters here) use the “I don’t know how you do it!” line. My response is that four is not an order of magnit… read more »

When busyness ebbs and flows

There are no typical weeks, but what if your life features a cycle of typical and atypical weeks? What if one week out of every few is much fuller than the others? Life has ebbs and flows, but I think it’s still possible to figure out a good balance that takes advantage of each. I had this discussion recently with a reader who sent in a time log. She’s a psychothe… read more »

168 hours on vacation

When people offer to send me their time logs, they generally want to show me a “typical” week. This tends to mean a full work week, but vacation days do happen, thank goodness, and I think looking at vacation weeks offers an interesting insight into life as well. I’ve been tracking my time continuously for the last two months. I spent last week with my husb… read more »