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Podcast discussion thread: Goals, and what didn’t work in 2017

We interrupt this time-tracking challenge week because...it's Tuesday! Which means it's time for another podcast discussion thread. I'm late posting this one because our school opening was delayed for 2 hours, which meant there were people underfoot and such, and I shifted the day around some. Anyway, this week's episode was about our goals for 2017 and 2… read more »

2018 Time-Tracking Challenge: Day 1

Day 1, like life, did not go entirely as planned. We have a "wintry mix" of precipitation falling, and so that changed everything. My day: 6:30 - up, heard husband, got up 6:45 and showered 7-7:30 - hung out w/2-year-old 7:30- 8:30 - made breakfast for kids (and me), G came at 8, I helped 8-year-old with suddenly-located homework due today. Got big kids in coats/… read more »

Happy Monday! Welcome to the Time-Tracking Challenge

Good morning! A lot of people resolve to spend their time better in the new year. The first step to spending time better is knowing where it's going now. To that end, I'm hosting a Time-Tracking Challenge this week. I'll be posting my time logs (in narrative form) on this blog from January 8-14. Several hundred people have signed up to track along. If you'd like t… read more »

My post-holiday Winter Fun List and a belated December Books List

Today's post is a bit of a catch-all before my time logs go up next week. Yes, I am hosting another 168 Hours Time-Tracking Challenge! You can download a time log here if you'd like to play along. You can sign up to receive daily motivational emails here. Anyway, I decided to make a short winter fun list. I really am not that into winter. The kids get sick and I get sic… read more »

9 time habits that will make you super-productive in 2018

Do you want to manage your time better in the new year? Small habits can make a big difference. Try a few of these very doable strategies to make 2018 your most productive year yet. 1. Exercise two mornings per week. Few people want to wake up at 5 a.m. daily to put in an hour at the gym. But what about getting up half an hour earlier, two days per week? You could run on th… read more »