Michael’s and Pokemon

In preparation for my brood expanding, I’m trying to build the habit of spending one-on-one time with each kid. The idea is to do something that the kid wants to do. Today happened to be a day I budgeted time with both boys. It was interesting to see what they picked.
My 4-year-old finally starts school tomorrow. Since our nanny has a class on Tuesday and Thursd… read more »

Spotted at the York County Fair…

This pumpkin. It was a full 826 lbs. I don’t think this photo quite captures the glory. At least one other topped 700 lbs. I am enjoying my backyard garden, but I don’t think I will ever pull this off. I kind of wonder what they do with them afterwards…… read more »

The day the Fitbit battery died

Batteries do not last forever. They die sooner if you use them a lot, and that’s the case with my Fitbit Zip (a step counter), which I got in May and wore religiously. I tapped the screen many, many times per day as well. The battery died late last week. Consequently, I spent this weekend without my constant companion of the past 4 months.
The experience gave me a… read more »

At least I got a 6 month reprieve from diapers…

Introducing the newest character on this blog, baby #4, arriving in January. Another boy. We’re running out of boy names!… read more »

How I spent my 10-year anniversary

I got married 10 years ago today. The weather in Princeton, NJ was lovely, and the photographer got this great image of us in the late afternoon light. We then took off for Africa for 3 weeks, seeing South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Mauritius.  
I celebrated my anniversary today by having a date with a different dude, namely, my 4-year-old. He and the 2-ye… read more »