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When the meetings pile up

When I tell people I write about time management and productivity, they often assume that I schedule something every minute of the day. This is not true. I may be a “J” in the Myers-Briggs taxonomy, but I love completely open work days when I can work on whatever I want, whenever I want. With NaNoWriMo I’ve been trying to engineer more of thos… read more »

Repost: 5 reasons I’m not simplifying Christmas this year (updated)

(Laura’s note: A version of this post ran in November, 2012, and remains an audience favorite. Since 2012 feels like a lifetime ago, I’ve updated it a fair chunk, but the gist remains the same.) It’s that time of year again — time for a round of blog posts, ebooks and magazine articles on how to simplify Christmas. “Simple” is a powerful word in our c… read more »

The Norwegian secret to getting an article shared 300,000 times

I fancy myself a student of what gets attention on the internet. Beyond the obvious reasons (sex, violence, and cute animals doing adorable things), why do people choose to click on things and share them? I’ve been pondering that this week as the Fast Company post I referred to the other day (“The Norwegian Secret To Enjoying A Long Winter”) took on a lif… read more »

My Edison Talk video is live!

Last month, I participated in Chicago Ideas Week, and gave an “Edison Talk” on time management. If you’ve got 13 minutes and 40 seconds to spare, the video is now posted and you can watch it here. If you like it, I’d also appreciate any shares you might give it (FB, Twitter, etc.). Thanks!… read more »

“That was my own little MFA” — novelist Camille Pagán on frustration and success

I got to know Camille Pagán years ago when we were both young writers in NYC. I profiled her for a City Journal article on the taxonomy of self-employment (she was the quintessential “soloist”). We started having dinner together on occasion, and she started a writer’s strategy group, based on something she read in The Happiness Project. Our group met… read more »