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Podcast: Work/life balance with librarian Hannah Olsen

Part of the Best of Both Worlds podcast mission is to share stories and strategies from of lots of different women. How do people from all walks of life make work and life fit together? Sarah and I welcomed Hannah Olsen to the program this week. Olsen is a technical services librarian, a mom of two (7-year-old girl and a baby boy). Unlike Sarah and me, she's a true M… read more »

Weekend notes, early March edition

This was a fairly low-key weekend. The boys had the Cub Scout pinewood derby, and the 8-year-old had a baseball clinic (ahead of the team evaluations, which happen next week). This allowed us to have a discussion of the merits of practice. Him: "Mom, I don't think I'll be a pitcher because I'm not good at throwing the ball." Me: "Sweetie, no one is good or bad, the… read more »

Friday miscellany: Midweek adventures, maintaining streaks

We have continued to get slammed with winter weather. Unlike the storm a week ago, though, Wednesday's storm was well-predicted. That meant that I had several days to stew about the odds that I would make it to Detroit on Wednesday in order to give a speech to about 250 people on Thursday morning. My hosts were, at first, not worried about the whole thing. Then, a… read more »

Guest post: How to survive multi-generational trips

Laura's note: Travel expert Jody Robbins reached out to me with the idea of doing a podcast on family travel. It was such a good idea that it turned out we'd already recorded an episode! So I asked her for any other travel tips she wanted to share. If you're thinking of doing an extended family trip over spring break or summer vacation, read on for her strategies.… read more »

Fragmentation, and what to do about it

Over Christmas this year, I stayed with my then-almost-3-year-old while my husband took the three big kids skiing in Colorado. I thought this would be less stressful than taking two long flights with the little guy, and then attempting to keep him safe and non-destructive in a rental house. On some level, this should have been fine, except I also needed to tur… read more »