What do you track?

In this app-happy age, it’s possible track all kinds of personal metrics. I like time-tracking, of course, and step-counting. I’ve tried food journaling, which is effective, but not very enjoyable (I prefer happy ignorance). I used to track miles run. My Fitbit sort of does that for me now, but I don’t record runs as something separate from general st… read more »

Manage your energy, but time matters too

I’ve had a number of people tell me lately that one should “manage your energy, not your time.” There are solid reasons for this phrase. Time is what it is. However you manage it, you’re not going to get more than 24 hours in a day. Energy, on the other hand, is a more elastic thing, and hence managing it might actually change its quantity.
There are other g… read more »

Book updates

If you read this blog daily, perhaps you’ve never thought “hey, I’d love to read even more of Laura’s musings!” But if you have, a quick update on one of my book projects.
The Cortlandt Boys, my novel, is in the final stages of the ebook production process and will most likely start showing up at major retailers next week. Just in time for the holidays,… read more »

Unmet and mismatched expectations, or getting him to take your career seriously

I’ve had several people send me articles about new research on Harvard Business School women, and the various factors that might have held back their careers (here’s one from the New York Times).
The upshot: female graduates and male graduates have equal ambitions. This is true even after the graduates start families. But over time, women are less like… read more »

Do it anyway

For years, I sang in a choir called the Young New Yorkers’ Chorus. It was all 20- and 30-somethings. Youthful voices blend together well, and it was a pleasure making music with such a crisp, clear sound. We commissioned lots of new music from young composers too. I left the choir when we moved to Pennsylvania, but I’m still the president of the board of trus… read more »