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Money lesson 3: Money is a tool to build the life you want

I come from a long line of frugal people. Family lore says that, as a kid, I was asked what “expensive” meant. I said “it costs a lot of money.” I was asked what “cheap” meant. The answer? “We can buy it!” In general, being thrifty is a good thing. But one of my major money discoveries — money lesson three during this week of money lessons for… read more »

Money lesson 2: The world doesn’t owe you anything

To my brilliant and adorable children: I started writing this as the littlest of you was sleeping in the Boppy seat next to me. He’s had a good morning. He woke up in his nursery that is a perfect 68 degrees. Having a winter baby has made me marvel at how humanity survived for its history. There must have been some good fires and warm furs in those caves on January d… read more »

Money lesson 1: Live within your means. There are two ways to do that.

It’s money week on the blog, with an emphasis on money lessons I’d like to pass along to my kids. Of the various financial advice out there, what do I think is most important? I’ve been pondering this, and I do keep coming back to the oft-repeated wisdom of living within your means. As long as you have at least a mid-level income, if you live within your means… read more »

Will your kids be better off than you?

We’ve been reading a lot of family stories lately. My grandfather’s short memoir is as good an American story as they come. His grandparents, who lived in a village in the northern Netherlands, basically couldn’t afford to feed his father. So when my great-grandfather was a boy, he rose at 5 a.m. to tend a local landowner’s sheep in order to earn his ke… read more »

What I learned from recording the audio version of my next book

I spent the past several days recording the audio version of I Know How She Does It. It was a fun experience. It was also a swift one! We were scheduled to go through Friday, but finished Thursday afternoon. This was great, because it was both the director and the recording engineer’s birthdays (what kind of amazing coincidence was that?) We celebrated with w… read more »