Another 10-minute lunch

I wrote here last week that I don’t spend much time meal planning or cooking. But this is not the same thing as surviving on fast food for every meal. It’s a false dichotomy to say that fast cannot be decent, as if the time devoted, by itself, is what makes food healthy or interesting.
So, since I’m cranking out 4000 words daily right now on vari… read more »

When you need a change of scenery

I work late roughly one night a week. When I do, I go to the library. The easiest option is just to go to my local branch, which is only half a mile away, though it’s fairly small, and it isn’t open until 9 every night.  On the nights it’s not open, or if I’m looking to be around people other than the librarians, I go to a bigger branch that’s about 10 minutes… read more »

Life is not lived in epiphanies

The human brain loves stories. It may be how we have evolved to store information. Language developed before literacy, and in order to convey ideas from person to person, we had to be able to remember those ideas. We forget all sorts of useful information, but we’re able to trot out a familiar tale at dinner parties, telling it in such a predictable format tha… read more »

Dear Mrs. Patton: From one ‘Princeton Mom’ to another

Dear Mrs. Patton: I’ve been watching the media tour surrounding your new book, Marry Smart, with some interest. For starters, you’ve done an amazing job at branding yourself. You are now “The Princeton Mom,” which means that none of the other 700 women Princeton graduates every year, about 80 percent of whom eventually have children, can use it. Ni… read more »

What’s for dinner?

In this month’s newsletter (out April 1!), I argue that being organized about household chores doesn’t necessarily save you time. There may be other benefits, like more interesting meals, perhaps, if they’re planned and cooked ahead on weekends. It’s not a causation relationship. Being organized in and of itself doesn’t make you spend more ti… read more »