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What is time?

Days and years are natural phenomena. It takes the earth a certain quantity of time to turn on its axis, and to revolve around the sun. Hours and weeks, on the other hand, are very human inventions. Why 7 days and not 5? The 24-hour division of a day (and 60 minute hours and 60 second minutes) is a holdover from the ancient Sumerians, who used base 6 (and some base 10)… read more »

Report on Mommy Day #2

My 6-year-old's half-day kindergarten ended on Friday. Older grades still had a half-day on Monday, so I decided it would be a good day to tackle Mommy Day #2. A few weeks ago, I took my 4-year-old to Hershey for the day. This is what the 6-year-old wanted to do as well. So, after getting the 9-year-old on the bus, the 6-year-old and I took off for the 90-minute driv… read more »

Guest post: Make it a summer of purpose

(Laura's note: Today's guest post is from Christine Whelan, whose new book, The Big Picture, helps guide young adults to finding their purpose in life. Christine is on the faculty of the School of Human Ecology¬†at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I'll be back later this week.) by Christine Whelan What would you ask God or a supreme being if you could get… read more »


Another school year is ending. My 4-year-old wrapped up preschool a little over a week ago, and today is the last day of kindergarten for the 6-year-old. The 9-year-old has a half day on Monday (!); I told him it would mostly be a party day and he should go for that reason. We have experienced a few aspects of real progress this year. The 6-year-old is reading and re… read more »

Summer habits

I have been feeling like I am in a bit of a lull right now. Partly it is that the baby is not sleeping well. He has been going to bed late, waking up early, and he is coming off a streak of waking up in the middle of the night nightly. This combination means I am not operating at peak energy status. Also, I am figuring out what my next big project will be. But as I do, I am usin… read more »