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2018 Time-Tracking Challenge: Day 7

Almost done with 168 hours of time logs! Did you stick with the whole week? Last night, I watched football (Go Eagles!), ate various snacks, and put the kids to bed. I made it to bed around 11:30 (again! Perhaps my new bed time). Here's how today went: 7:00 - 7:15 up with 2-year-old, who announced he needed to go potty (!) His diaper was wet, alas, so it was an ineffec… read more »

2018 Time-Tracking Challenge: Day 6

When I do workshops, I always like to have a few people track a week ahead of time. The goal is to see how people in a particular organization spend their hours, so I can make my presentation as useful as possible. Curiously, some people charged with doing this simply do not track their weekends. They'll track the whole work week, and even put stuff in that they pro… read more »

2018 Time-Tracking Challenge: Day 5

It's the weekend! Do you have anything fun planned? I hope so! Last night after hitting post I did have my celebratory glass of wine. I chatted with my 10-year-old briefly, then sent him to bed. My husband and I had a drink together. We read and went to bed 11:15. Here's how today went: 7:00 - 8 - up with 2-year-old. He consented to a short snuggle, then we went downst… read more »

2018 Time-Tracking Challenge: Day 4

It's Thursday, which means that, as of late afternoon today, we are officially half-way through this 168 hours Time-Tracking Challenge! Late Thursday always feels like the end of the week. But it is not. It is the half-way point, and getting my head around that concept has been transformative to how I see time. Anyway, last night was fairly relaxing. G got the… read more »

2018 Time-Tracking Challenge: Day 3

The temperatures soared into the 40s today, so it was easier to stick with my resolution to get outside! After posting last night, I cleaned my office, then watched Caillou with the 2-year-old while everyone else was assembling the giant aquarium my 10-year-old got as a combo birthday/Christmas present. While it is "only" 40 gallons there has been a shockin… read more »