Stuck at home? You can still plan a great weekend anyway

When people say they want to enjoy their weekends more, one of my first tips is to plan “anchor” events. These are 3-5 fun things that you will look forward to. Anticipation accounts for a major chunk of human happiness. When we anticipate a great dinner out on Saturday night, we experience some of the same pleasure that we will in the moment. Only it can last… read more »

Guest post: 7 ways to stop procrastinating now

Laura’s note: I’ve been running a handful of guest posts lately. Today’s is from Tor Refsland, who lives in Norway, and blogs at
by Tor Refsland
You and me are in the same situation.

We are victims of the dreadful procrastination beast that keeps too many people from reaching their potential.

The b… read more »

Baby it’s really, really cold outside

We’re living through an Arctic blast here in Pennsylvania. The snow hasn’t been too intense this winter (unlike in Boston) but wow. This was a good weekend to be indoors. I’ve never had a baby in winter before. I can see upsides and downsides. The downside is that we are pretty much housebound. I can bundle him up, but even the minute it took to get him from t… read more »

What my ancestors did before breakfast

My baby is almost one month old. It’s been a long month in many ways. Now that I’ve been through the first month four times, I also realize that the one-month mark is somewhat of a dangerous tipping point for me. In the immediate postpartum days, I have a burst of energy that comes from no longer being hugely pregnant. There’s the excitement of having a new b… read more »

The perfect work day schedule

One thing I’ve learned from studying time logs is that there are no perfect days. There aren’t even any typical days. But if one were to design an ideal workday, what would it look like?
The Huffington Post recently attempted to answer this question. You can see their diagram of a perfect workday here. When I shared this on my Facebook page, many commenters… read more »