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Podcast discussion thread: Sun’s up, morning’s here…

Longtime readers know that I am somewhat obsessed with morning routines. To the extent that anyone who doesn't read this blog regularly might have ever heard my name, it would be in conjunction with a short ebook I wrote several years ago called What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast. Click-bait title, but the bait worked. It hit #3 for non-ficti… read more »

My 2017 holiday fun list — what’s on yours?

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Well, probably not; as I write this it is 43 degrees and rainy, so there are no visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. However, the Christmas season does feature a lot of only-once-a-year festivities, and the opportunity for celebrating old traditions and creating new ones. A few years ago, to make sure my family eme… read more »

Judging a weekend by the right standard

Weekends have been rough of late. The 2-year-old's sleep is disordered (still), which means that staying up remotely late is a recipe for trouble. He no longer reliably naps, so there's no break. There has been a lot of kid bickering, and people want to do activities, but they don't want to do the same activities, and any other kid's suggestion will be met with a… read more »

Friday musings: Planning a balanced life

We are in for our first freeze tonight. The temperature is supposed to drop to 23 by Saturday morning, which means the fall flowers may be gone soon. However, in the meantime, here is a photo of the mums for reader Cate (who, being from the UK, thinks of mums as moms -- a very different sort of concept!) On my calendar for today: many phone calls, and also a spot of tim… read more »

It’s still fall for a few more weeks, but here’s how I did on the Fall Fun List

I really love fall. I love the colors, the crisp weather, the cozy feeling that winter is coming but is not yet here. Unlike summer, though, when the kids' non-school schedules, and vacations, naturally push one to do things to enjoy the season, fall is harder to pause and appreciate. So, this year, I decided to create a Fall Fun List. It is structured much like m… read more »