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168 Hours Time-Tracking Challenge- Day 6

If you made it through the first full weekend day of this time tracking challenge, congrats! It's not easy to document where weekend time goes. But all you have to do is make it through tomorrow, and then you're done. And then you'll have a good, holistic picture of your life. As for me, I read for a while last night, and got the kids down around 9:15, but then my husb… read more »

168 Hours Time-Tracking Challenge- Day 5

We are five days in! While it might be tempting to give up tracking over the weekend, there is quite a bit of time between that 6 p.m. Friday beer and 6 a.m. Monday wake-up. I think enjoying one's time means having a rough sense of where weekend time goes — so you can consciously choose to spend it on enjoyable or meaningful things. You don't have to track weeken… read more »

168 Hours Time-Tracking Challenge- Day 4

I stayed up later than usual last night. I worked until about 8:30 p.m., then read some while the kids watched TV with my husband. Then when the littler big kids went to bed, I did some work with my 9-year-old on test-taking strategies. I am so not a tiger mom, but this turns out to be a school skill that matters. So...there we go. I did that until 9:30, read on and off (… read more »

168 Hours Time Tracking Challenge – Day 3

Last night was my husband's night on toddler duty. I worked from 8-8:45 p.m., then stuck my head outside my office and heard that my husband and toddler were still hanging out together upstairs. So I went up and took over and got the little guy down (to the usual shrieks — and today he managed to open the childproof handle on his other door. Sigh). Then we watched… read more »

168 Hours Time Tracking Challenge – Day 2

Last night started well. After working until about 8:30 p.m., I got kids snacks and showers, read stories, and put them in bed by 9. Then I read in my room, mostly uninterrupted, until 10:15, at which point I went to sleep. My husband stayed up late working — or possibly watching the football game — which then meant he pleaded exhaustion when the toddler wa… read more »