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#IKnowHowSheDoesIt Twitter Chat May 27th

Join me tomorrow, May 27th, at 12 pm ET for a Twitter chat to talk about my new book, I Know How She Does It. I will be giving away book bundles and passes to the June 9 (launch day) event I’m doing with Savor the Success in NYC! In addition to sharing ideas from the book, the Twitter chat will cover: time management tracking time work-life integration how moms and d… read more »

My 672-hour Challenge, part 1: Sleep

I love my sleep. I am a horrible person when I don’t get enough sleep. Given that I have a 4.5 month old baby whose existence sometimes precludes restful sleep, I am kind of obsessed with the topic right now. Do I sleep enough? What could I do to get better sleep? I decided to record my time for four weeks (April 20-May 17) to discover trends in my life. For my next bo… read more »

Memorial Day weekend highlights

Over the next four days, I’ll be posting about my “672-hour Challenge.” I logged my time for four weeks to see if I could see trends. Seeing my life spelled out in Excel was eye-opening as it always is, and I can see which of the stories I tell myself are both true and untrue. But in the meantime, a few highlights from this 3-day weekend: My husband took all fou… read more »

Stop plotting your escape

Last week, I wrote a piece on how to gracefully exit a conversation. You’ve no doubt been in these situations at networking events where you’d like to break away, but there’s no obvious way to do so. There’s the bathroom and the bar, but if your drink is full, or you started talking to the person after coming out of the bathroom, those aren’t options. T… read more »

How to think and play big

I read a lot of self-help books. Most are…eh. So I was pleasantly surprised when I read Tara Sophia Mohr’s Playing Big, which came out last fall. I think there are some interesting insights in there for readers generally, and as I’ve been pondering my own career. Mohr’s thesis is that many people (she writes for women, which is smart if you’re do… read more »