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As I look through my time logs

I finished my 8784 hours at 5 A.M. this morning. Yesterday, I began analyzing the logs in earnest, which means that at least a few of my 8784 hours were spent analyzing my 8784 hours -- very meta. Anyway, the process was intense but relatively fast. When I was analyzing logs other people kept for I Know How She Does It, I could not get faster than 20 minutes per log. A… read more »

Have you tracked your time? A request

I may be a bit light on blogging this week due to some travel and the Great Stomach Flu of 2016, which has my family in its clutches. I thought we would be in the clear by now. We are not. Anyway, this blog post features two requests. First, for me. I am working on a project related to my year-long time diary, and I would like to include the experience of a few other peopl… read more »

Hitting a Q2 goal amid the laundry

My kids all got sick at various points over the past few days. It has not been fun, and there has been a lot of laundry, though one upside was that we got a more low-key weekend than planned due to skipped playdates and sports practices. One thing I did not skip: my 10-mile training run on Sunday morning. It was sunny and clear, if cold. I had slept better than the illn… read more »

Retiring at 37

In my hotel room Wednesday night, I spent some time watching basketball games. It was a good evening for it! I did not watch the whole Kobe Bryant retirement game, or the Golden State Warriors get their 73rd win, though I did see Boston come back from a 20-plus point deficit to beat the Miami Heat so that was kind of cool. Anyway, despite going to bed early into the l… read more »

The day that ended well

Ever have one of those days where you will be leaving for a business trip mid-day, and yet before that happens, one of your children winds up getting stitches in the ER, and another comes home sick from school? Yeah, Wednesday was that. I had a speech scheduled Thursday morning in Nashville, so I was leaving Wednesday mid-day. My daughter fell out of bed, perhap… read more »