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One morning in Maine

A few weeks ago, my husband had asked if I wanted to accompany him to a work conference in Florida this past weekend. I said I was up for it, and my mom was up for babysitting (with help from my aunt, who also planned to come). Then it turned out he didn't have to attend this conference after all. But since we had the babysitting in place, we decided to plan a last minute… read more »

The International Journal of Haruspicy, or the problem of statistical significance

I recently finished Jordan Eilenberg's book, How Not To Be Wrong, and quite enjoyed it. This book, on "the power of mathematical thinking" covers many topics at the intersection of math and life. While it requires a reasonable grasp of math to read, it is relatively accessible as these things go (and it was recommended by Bill Gates, along with Sapiens, which… read more »

The app trap

I have had my shiny new iPhone for about 6 months now. Previously, I was operating with an early 2011 version, which I think was actually the old version then, and it had very little ability to deal with most apps. At some point, even the built-in map app stopped updating with traffic. I checked email and could use it as a phone, and could see a few websites (many cra… read more »

Update on the summer fun list: My “tri” day and Ocean Grove

Every summer, I make a list of fun things I hope to do during the warmer months. These are activities that will make me feel like I had a good, full summer. In some cases, summer won't feel like summer if I skip them. We are approaching the halfway mark on summer (well, sort of. We don't start school until after Labor Day around here, so we have a good 8 weeks to go). I de… read more »

Sonnet written after another too-early Saturday morning wake-up

I dream these days of setting an alarm. At 5 or so a “mama!” cry and call — keep watch! And keep a toddler safe from harm. I roust myself and stumble down the hall. He’s snuggly — just a moment — my reward, then off he tugs while all the household sleeps. The kitchen: yogurt? cheese? He’s quickly bored. The TV’s on, and through the dim light seeps ref… read more »