What's the big deal about retirement?

Several weeks ago, I attempted to write a post about compound interest and the caveats involved in that. I soon realized that I wasn’t explaining my point right, and yanked the post. But I’m back at work on it as I’m writing about savings and retirement for my (as yet untitled) money book.
What I was attempting to say is that a common theme of p… read more »

Pushing through the hours

Those of you who read 168 Hours know that I used the HARO (Help a Reporter Out) email list for finding some of my more random subjects. HARO was founded by Peter Shankman, who went on to sell the service and in what seems to be a growing trend among entrepreneurs who cash out, did an Ironman triathlon.
I really enjoyed reading his account of the race, because it show… read more »

Guest post: Conquer the Christmas Time Crunch: 2 Steps to Save Your Seasonal Sanity

(Today we welcome a guest post from Gwen Thompson, owner of Graceful Space, which offers western-style feng shui for the home and office. If you’d like to hear more about paring down the holiday to-do list, I’m offering a free holiday time management webinar today at 12:30pm eastern. Click on that link to register. All you need is a computer wi… read more »

If you’re lucky enough to get a bonus…

…how should you spend it?
It’s a question many people would love to ponder, and if the economy continues to grow, perhaps a few more people will deal with that question this year than last. In theory, bonuses are what economists call windfall payments — those that are not expected. They fall outside your normal budgeting patterns, and so t… read more »

Planning for peak experiences

I know, as an adult, it’s not cool to be all excited about a birthday. You’re supposed to play it down, mourn your advancing age, etc. Well, I say hooey. I really like celebrating my birthday. It gives me an opportunity to plan fun stuff ahead of time. Studies of happiness find that the anticipation of enjoyable experiences makes them even more enj… read more »