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Does tithing buy happiness?

(Laura’s note: This column ran in USA Today yesterday. Thanks to everyone who sent me their thoughts on the topic!) Come December, many Americans add this tradition to the obvious trees and carols: the annual digging out of the checkbook, as we respond to charity solicitations. The average family will give roughly 3% of household income away by the en… read more »

Sneak peek at All The Money In The World

Those of you who subscribe to my Just a Minute newsletter (sign-up to the right) got a link in your inboxes this week to download the introduction to All The Money In The World: What the Happiest People Know About Getting and Spending. The book itself will be out March 1, but this will give a taste of it. I explore the concept that if money isn’t buying us happ… read more »

What the most successful people do…after dinner?

I started writing this blog post before my children woke up (they were up late last night) so in some sense I’m “using my mornings.” But as I’m cranking out my “What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast” ebook, I’ve realized that, ironically, I’m doing a lot of the work at night. I’ve started going to a local coffee shop (where no on… read more »

The 'fat pants' dilemma

Having a baby shortly before the holiday season introduces special challenges. First, there’s travel. Are you going to travel with a newborn or make everyone come see you? Second (and more relevant for this post) it’s a bummer of a time to lose weight. Pecan pie! Christmas cookies!  Cheese platters! Consequently, though I’m back to my usual running… read more »

Being careful with "no"

(cross-posted with Gifted Exchange) I’ve been pondering lately the question of “what have my children taught me?” (Asked by the facilitator of my parents’ group). One lesson I’m working on learning is to be careful with my “nos.” Here’s the thinking: Whining is hell on earth. Listening to children wh… read more »