How to make the most of your weekend

I am working on a feature for a magazine on “how to make the most of your weekend.” It’s not exactly a new topic, but always a good one to think about.
Why? Most of us don’t do weekends well. As I argue in Chapter 8 of 168 Hours, many of us don’t treat our leisure time with respect. We assume we don’t have any of it, or we think it s… read more »

What you should know about income

We all know that some occupations pay more than others. Banking pays more than poetry. Petroleum engineering pays more than dance. But what about more similar occupations? How do they stack up per hour?
It turns out we know the answer to this in pretty rich detail. I’ve spent some time over the past few days perusing the Bureau of Labor Statistics’… read more »

Extreme Couponing… (Plus, the Renegade Writer)

Watching reality TV, one always risks turning over some new rock of humanity. But even so, I was a bit flabbergasted by Extreme Couponing on TLC. I watched the pilot episode a few weeks ago, and recently saw that, based on ratings, TLC ordered up a whole 12-episode series.
In the pilot, four coupon enthusiasts took a camera crew shopping and explained their t… read more »

Where did the Korean Greengrocers go?

Last summer, I found myself taking the subway to random New York neighborhoods to visit the surviving members of a kind of store that was once ubiquitous: The Korean green grocery. Founded by immigrants from South Korea in the 1970s and 1980s, often in bad neighborhoods, these stores attracted controversy (particularly a string of boycotts). But they gave… read more »

Aiming for perfect? Try good enough

I don’t usually suffer from perfectionism. Indeed, one of the reasons I love writing for newspapers or online is that the turn-around time is so fast that perfectionism doesn’t come into it. When you’ve got 2 months to write a magazine feature, I find, the editing process takes 2 months. When you have 20 minutes to crank out a blog post, you… read more »