The Art of Productivity

Dear readers: We interrupt the 168 Hours Challenge, going on this week, for this piece from The Huffington Post. If you are new here, welcome! Please poke around through the archives, and if you’d like to join the soon-to-launch monthly newsletter, email me at to subscribe.
By Laura Vanderkam
Some warm morning, nearly 200 year… read more »

168 Hours Challenge Day 3

We are deep into the week. How are we holding up? I’m impressed with some of the time logs I’m seeing. One issue people are raising is how we can be deliberate about distractions. The truth is, we all need a break now and then. Many times, we take that break by losing hours in email, web surfing, Twitter checking, etc. Which is fine, if we’ve cho… read more »

168 Hours Challenge Day 2

Welcome back, challengers! I’m starting the Day 2 thread here. I’ve heard from many people via email who are doing this but don’t wish to post logs, plus people at Facebook, et al. How did the first day go? What did you learn? Any complications? A big one for many people is calling a whole half hour something in particular. I have this problem… read more »

168 Hours Challenge Day 1

Hello time-loggers! I’m excited to start this project of tracking our 168 hours together. I’ll start posting my log now, and will update this post several times through the day. Feel free to chime in whenever you want with thoughts, observations, etc.
6:30 – wake up
6:30-6:55 – feed baby
6:55-8 hang out with baby (3-year-old is sle… read more »

Pre-Challenge Thoughts

I’ll be posting my time logs here all next week (as will others, here and at Facebook and on their own blogs). Since I know my logs will be public, I’ve been planning ahead to make sure next week has some good stuff in it. Nothing like public accountability to make you think more seriously about your time! Here’s what I’ve been doing:
1.… read more »