The Marginal Cost of Kids

Everyone knows that kids are expensive. Every year, the US Department of Agriculture publishes some high number, like $222,360, and says this is the cost to raise a child to age 18. This doesn’t even include college. No wonder, in the recession, the US birth rate has fallen quite a bit in just 2 years.
But what’s interesting is that the USDA also pu… read more »

Creating a Focused Schedule

We have a lot more free time than we think. Even very busy people have favorite TV shows, or make time for Facebook, Twitter, personal email and the like. But one reason we feel like we don’t have free time is that in our distracted society, leisure moments come in disjointed chunks. 
How do we solve this problem, and seize these chunks of time for recreat… read more »

Best Places to Work… Or Not

Over at BNET this week, I take issue with the annual Fortune list of best places to work, and other such lists. A big problem? These lists are opt-in, meaning only companies that care whether they make such a list will make such a list. Others, which may still be great places to work, may not devote the manpower to filling out surveys. I also think these lists becom… read more »

My Name is Laura, And I Have Free Time

Over at the New York Times’ Motherlode blog, Lisa Belkin posted this week about “Free Time For Parents.” Apparently, over in the UK, a supermarket chain called the Co-operative polled working parents about how they spent their time, and found out that their days, on average, looked like this:
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How Do You Get Your Best Ideas?

After talking with my BNET editor yesterday, I’ve been mulling a series called “My Best Idea(s).” The concept would be to interview various folks about how they got the breakthrough ideas that have made a big difference in their lives. Creativity is always a murky matter. We have various notions of it (“it just popped into my head!… read more »