What Do Professors Do All Day?

One of the big exercises in 168 Hours is to keep a time log for a week. I’ve posted my public logs twice (here and here). Many of my readers have done the same thing, but getting people to do this is often difficult, because it’s not easy! Time goes along whether you record it or not. But I think we can learn a lot from the experience.
So I was happy to see th… read more »

Round-Up: US News, The Nest, Get Dressed Like a Man

Lots of reading material this week. Kim Palmer quoted me in her US News money column, which was then reprinted at Yahoo Finance. The piece was called “Can I Afford a House, Car, and Vacation?” My point on houses was that there are various calculations out there on what you can spend, but spending a higher percentage of your income on housing means y… read more »

America's Cheapest Family… And Our Money Assumptions

This morning, America’s Cheapest Family, the Economides (real name!) were supposed to be on the Today Show again. As I’ve been thinking about how we earn and spend money, I’ve been poking around a bit on their website and checking out their advice, because I think it highlights a few money assumptions that many of us hold… but could… read more »

Random Acts of Microphilanthropy

One of the ideas I’m advocating in the Book Currently Known As Plenty is to create a small fund of charity fun money. I think the bulk of our giving should go to 1-2 causes we strongly support and with which we will also volunteer extensively (like your church). But in the context of buying happiness, there’s nothing quite like going through life on… read more »

Childcare, TV and Children's Time

I am a big fan of center-based childcare (i.e. daycare). Jasper started when he was a few months old, and though the first year was tough with illnesses, by age 15 months they had started a pre-school type curriculum. I love that we don’t have to constantly schedule activities and play dates to keep him entertained. Instead, he’s learning music,… read more »