Childcare, TV and Children's Time

I am a big fan of center-based childcare (i.e. daycare). Jasper started when he was a few months old, and though the first year was tough with illnesses, by age 15 months they had started a pre-school type curriculum. I love that we don’t have to constantly schedule activities and play dates to keep him entertained. Instead, he’s learning music,… read more »

Last Week's Round-up: Fantasies and Weekends

Over at BNET last week, I tackled two issues: daydreams and weekends. Yes, it was that kind of week. A bit crazed, but a lot of fun. I was in Chicago Thursday through Sunday, singing at the American Choral Directors Association conference with my choir, the Young New Yorkers’ Chorus. We did the full-on college-style choir tour, making this the first tim… read more »

10 Ways to Stretch The 167-Hour Week

Yes, we are springing forward this Sunday. That means that this week is a wee bit shorter than most. But there’s no reason it has to feel like it. Here are a few ways to get that hour back:

Watch an hour less of TV. Commit this week to watching only shows you love and absolutely nothing else.
Do one thing at a time. When you try to check email while writing an essa… read more »

Entrepreneurs Feed Detroit's Extreme Makeover

My column on Detroit-area start-ups, “Entrepreneurs Feed Detroit’s Extreme Makeover,” is running in today’s USA Today (follow the link in this sentence for the online version). Detroit has obviously gone through a lot in the past few years (decades?) But here’s the fascinating thing: the destruction, or at least massi… read more »

Living without a car, or with one?

I am 32 years old, and have never owned a car.
I got my driver’s license at age 16 and one month (as one could do in Indiana at the time) and occasionally borrowed one of my parents’ cars for getting to work or school. Then I lived on the campus of Ball State University from ages 16.8 or so to 18.5, and walked a lot. Same for college in New Jersey. I moved aft… read more »