Round-Up: 100 Dreams, Brand You and Eating Lunch At Your Desk

This week over at BNET, I tackled a few questions. First, if you are a telecommuter, as a growing number of us are today, how do you create space between “work” and “life?” One solution, as I wrote, is to give yourself a “commute” of sorts — taking the last 15 minutes before you’re expected home to unwind, re… read more »

The 100-Hour Week Non-Question

Over at the Wall Street Journal’s blogs, people have been debating the question “Would you work 100 hours a week for your dream job?” Kyle Stock’s FINS blog started it, then The Juggle picked it up (linking to this blog to inform readers that there are only 168 hours in a week! Thanks guys!)
Stock cited stats from the Center for Work-L… read more »

Not Another Before-You-Have-Kids List!

First let me say that I love Erin Zammett Ruddy’s writing, and I know that she had qualms about the genre of this piece (see her Parenting blog here). Nonetheless, The Nest just ran her list of 15 things to do before having kids. Regular readers of this blog will recall how I took issue with another big list of Things To Do Before Having Kids a few months ago.
F… read more »

Really? Working Parents Are Too Stressed For Sex?

The headline over at was designed to grab eyeballs: “New Study Finds Working Parents Are Too Stressed to Go to the Gym, Call a Friend, or Have Sex with their Spouses.” (At least it was their spouses!) According to a survey commissioned by, 62% of working parents said they were too stressed to do the activities listed in the headl… read more »

The Eureka Moment (How Did You Get Your Best Idea?)

It’s a cliche that people get their best ideas in the shower, but that’s probably because it’s so true. You’re relaxed. Your mind isn’t actively focused on problem solving — it’s just wandering. You’re surrounded by white noise. You’re (probably) alone. When else does that happen?
I’ve… read more »