Why Is Meagan Francis's Housekeeper Controversial?

Over at The Happiest Mom lately, Meagan Francis has been starting a Mother’s Day related conversation on the fiction of doing it all. As long-time readers of this blog know, I think it’s quite possible for parents to “do it all” if you define doing it all as having a challenging career and a happy home life centered on nurturing your f… read more »

What a Mother's Time Is Worth

Every year, Salary.com comes out with a new survey that purports to show what a mother’s time is worth. Getting lots of attention for the survey involves making sure it is a huge number. And so, this year is no different. After asking thousands of women how much time they devote to different tasks, Salary.com claims that a fair paycheck would be $115,4… read more »

Round-up: Where Did My Day Go?

Welcome again to the new website for 168 Hours! We’re gearing up for the paperback launch at the end of the month, and I thought that the site could be a bit crisper as readership grows. Hopefully it will be easier to navigate and read. If you look up at the URL, you’ll see it’s slightly different for the blog: www.my168hours.com/main instea… read more »

Welcome to the new website!

We are migrating here from the old version of My168Hours.com. Please note that the main blog posts are now going up at www.my168hours.com/main vs. www.my168hours.com/blog. The comments will migrate over later today. I hope you enjoy the new look!… read more »

PR, From a Journalist's Perspective

Today’s post is unrelated to much, except that I was just on a panel at the “Rock The World” conference sponsored by Savor the Success and thought I’d write about it. I spoke to a New York meeting of this group of women entrepreneurs last August about 168 Hours, and it was great to see familiar faces again.
The topic of the panel was what… read more »