Entrepreneurs Feed Detroit's Extreme Makeover

My column on Detroit-area start-ups, “Entrepreneurs Feed Detroit’s Extreme Makeover,” is running in today’s USA Today (follow the link in this sentence for the online version). Detroit has obviously gone through a lot in the past few years (decades?) But here’s the fascinating thing: the destruction, or at least massi… read more »

Living without a car, or with one?

I am 32 years old, and have never owned a car.
I got my driver’s license at age 16 and one month (as one could do in Indiana at the time) and occasionally borrowed one of my parents’ cars for getting to work or school. Then I lived on the campus of Ball State University from ages 16.8 or so to 18.5, and walked a lot. Same for college in New Jersey. I moved aft… read more »

The National Sleep Foundation vs. American Time Use Survey

The National Sleep Foundation’s annual Sleep in America poll is out today. As usual, the NSF claims Americans aren’t getting enough sleep. “Most say they need about seven and a half hours of sleep to feel their best, but report getting about six hours and 55 minutes of sleep on average weeknights,” the NSF press release notes.
But t… read more »

Weekly Round-Up: The Best Productivity Tool You're Not Using

We’re welcoming lots of new readers to My168Hours this week. Between being featured in Motherlode at NYTimes.com, Wired’s GeekDad column, Working Moms Against Guilt, some rising BNET traffic in general, and in Yahoo (more on that below) we’ve actually had our best month since I was on the Today Show in June.
If you are new here, welcome!… read more »

Guilt Is a Waste Of Time

There’s a week for everything, and apparently over at BabyCenter, it is “Guilt-Free Parenting Week.” Yes, February 25-March 4 is a celebration of the idea that “great parenting isn’t perfect.” Apparently that will be celebrated with prizes, give-aways, etc.
It’s an interesting promotion for BabyCenter… read more »