168 Hours Challenge Wrap-Up Thread

I spent last week logging my time. As always it was an enlightening experience. Time passes whether we consciously choose how to fill our hours or not, and so keeping track of our time shows us a lot about the architecture of our lives.
What did it show me? Well, first, I really like my life! Over the course of writing 168 Hours, I learned to choose a small number of p… read more »

168 Hours Events This Week

In celebration of the 168 Hours paperback launch, we’re hosting a few virtual events this week:
1. Teleclass with The Clutter Diet: Wednesday June 1, 2011 at 6:00PM Pacific/ 8:00PM Central/ 9:00PM Eastern. Find out where your time goes! Join us by registering here with this link (http://bit.ly/iwq1XD). Directions for dialing in will be sent to yo… read more »

Paperback Out Today!

Today is an exciting day for 168 Hours. The paperback version of the book is out today in the US. It’s the same 168 Hours we all know and love, except with a new preface, and in a cheaper and more portable version. If you’ve been thinking of picking up a copy, I would greatly appreciate an order this week.
What is 168 hours? It’s 24 x 7 — the n… read more »

168 Hours Challenge, Days 5-7

Finally, the weekend log! This weekend had some pretty steep highs and lows. If I were to describe it to someone, I hope I’d highlight the positive. I read some fiction again (for the first time in ages). I spoke on a panel for Princeton reunions, and during the course of my talk, someone ordered 168 Hours on her phone (she told me afterwards). I love what te… read more »

168 Hours Challenge Day 4

I am settling into a routine of logging my time. The past 4 days have been relatively typical, and now we’ll head into the weekend tomorrow, which won’t be. I will probably not post logs until Monday or so, but if you’re logging along, please keep at it! Weekends give us a full picture of our time.
I wound up staying up later last night after blo… read more »