The Slow Cooker Philosophy

I don’t actually own a slow cooker (a Crock Pot type contraption). I like the idea of it — throwing a bunch of meat and vegetables in a pot and having it all come out as a dinner hours later — though I am also unsure I would use it. Why is the idea appealing to me? I think it stems from this thought, which Trent blogged about over at The Simple Dollar:… read more »

Frugal Beauty, and Choices

One of the themes of 168 Hours is that time is a choice. Sure, you have to eat and sleep and attend to any pressing medical needs, but beyond that, we have a lot of control over how we spend our time. What would happen if you quit your job? What would happen if you didn’t drive the kids to soccer practice? What would happen if you just lay in the grass instead of go… read more »

How to Upgrade Your To-Do List

Everyone has her own particular productivity rituals. That’s why I’m somewhat averse to preaching mine, as if it is the One True Path. Different people are going to have different things that work for them. If it involves an elaborate tech system, I won’t do it. I probably also won’t do it if it involves filing papers orcleaning my d… read more »

Round-up: Emails, Messy Desks and Knowing Your Worth

My transition to suburban life continues. I bought my first car this week (at age 32). I am now, slowly, getting used to driving it. Cars seem to have become much more about creature comforts since I learned to drive in the early 1990s. At the dealership, I was getting a tutorial in running my vehicle from the sales person, and I swear, 90% of the instructions had t… read more »

How not to report on economics

I have landed on the mailing list for “Remapping Debate” — a site launched to do original reporting on policy issues. The idea is to go beyond the usual starkly presented policy choices and show the full range of possibilities. There is an ample amount of press criticism involved; often pieces stem from articles in major news outlets that… read more »