What You Can Do To Create Jobs

It’s easy to become glum while reading the Wall Street Journal these days. Not only is the economy likely headed south again, our elected leaders have gotten us into a fiscal mess, in part by promising us unsustainable benefits, and in part by creating a hugely bloated federal bureaucracy (particularly in the area of defense).
While long term we can al… read more »

Writing, Running, Investing

If you pay attention to day-to-day stock market performance (a habit I picked up while reading the newspaper in 6th grade on a neighbor’s driveway while waiting for the school bus) you know that yesterday was a doozy. These past two weeks have been rough if you’re investing for short term gains.
Which, of course, you shouldn’t be. Discipl… read more »

How to Buy a Car

I made it to age 32 before buying my first car, but last week I finally pulled the trigger and did it. I’d heard good things about the Acura MDX from a few people, and after test-driving it and the Toyota Sienna minivan, I decided that I just didn’t want to do the minivan thing. So then it was on to agreeing on a price.
I have spent the past year reading per… read more »

The Slow Cooker Philosophy

I don’t actually own a slow cooker (a Crock Pot type contraption). I like the idea of it — throwing a bunch of meat and vegetables in a pot and having it all come out as a dinner hours later — though I am also unsure I would use it. Why is the idea appealing to me? I think it stems from this thought, which Trent blogged about over at The Simple Dollar:… read more »

Frugal Beauty, and Choices

One of the themes of 168 Hours is that time is a choice. Sure, you have to eat and sleep and attend to any pressing medical needs, but beyond that, we have a lot of control over how we spend our time. What would happen if you quit your job? What would happen if you didn’t drive the kids to soccer practice? What would happen if you just lay in the grass instead of go… read more »