Getting in the creative habit

I always like learning how creative people structure their lives. Even if we work in different fields, I hope there’s something I can take from their discoveries. That’s probably why I really enjoyed reading Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit, which was first published in 2003. Tharp is one of the country’s most innovative and pro… read more »

The curse of inflight wi-fi

I am writing this from somewhere up in the air, en route from LAX to JFK. When I’m flying without my small children, plane trips are a great chance to get stuff done. I can set a goal to write an op-ed during a flight and chances are I will finish it with no interruptions. (When I have small kids with me, this is a different story… don’t get me start… read more »

Bang for your buck? Or buck for your bang?

(From Laura: I am on the road again this week. Today I’m delighted to welcome Heather Allard as a guest poster. She may be best known as the inventor of Swaddleaze and Blankeaze, wearable blankies for babies. Having started several companies, she now runs The Mogul Mom, a service which helps other women entrepreneurs grow their businesses. She’… read more »

Are you trying to do too much this weekend?

Since writing 168 Hours, I’ve had to hone my message into talking points. One that has gotten a surprising amount of pick-up is the “rule of three” for weekends (and workdays, too, but we’ll get to that).
Here’s the idea. When we have full-time jobs (or school schedules, or what have you), our free time during the workweek com… read more »

Funny Money Quotes

When I started writing about the changing ways Americans spent their time a few years ago, I ordered boxes full of old Good Housekeeping magazines. Now that I’m writing about how we earn and spend our money, I’m working my way through a pile of old Money, Fortune and Forbes issues (btw, I use Past Paper, a small company out in the Lancaster PA area fo… read more »