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The New Tupperware

A few years ago, I went to a Tupperware party in a friend’s apartment. It was a somewhat surreal experience. The official Tupperware representative was a middle-aged suburban woman sent in to this tiny apartment filled with Manhattan 20-somethings, most of whom  — or perhaps all of whom — had never been to such a thing before. What I remember… read more »

Habit first. Then buy.

There is an old worn paper bag sitting in my office right now with a curious object inside: a half-finished cross-stitched Christmas stocking. The pattern is quite lovely, which is why I was drawn to it…when I was 13 years old. Yes, 20 years ago, I was hard at work on that stocking. Then I stopped, and there it sat in my closet at my parents’ house unti… read more »

The Chain (Restaurant) Gang

On Saturday night, my family and I did something fairly new for us: we ate at a chain restaurant. We’d spent the afternoon at Longwood Gardens and found ourselves in a giant stretch of strip mall development around 5:45 p.m. So we ate at Ruby’s Diner (we’d checked out Texas Roadhouse and P.F. Chang’s, but both had huge waits. I’m thinki… read more »

Round-up: Introverts in business

Is it really Friday again? This week I had a piece over at Fortune called “Can introverts succeed in business?” Using as a news hook Susan Cain’s bestselling book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, I argue that introverts do have certain in-demand business skills. Like coming up with ideas. And list… read more »


Effective time-management means taking big goals, breaking them down into doable chunks, and then getting those tasks on the schedule. But what defines a “doable chunk”? I have been pondering this lately as I realize just how fragmented I have — through various choices — made my life. Because I work from home, I can eat lunch with m… read more »