Who gets up with the baby? Nobody, most of the time

It was a predictable series of events. The University of Michigan put out a press release about a study on gender sleep patterns called “Wake up, Mom! Study shows gender differences in sleep interruptions.” By the time a few places posted it, people were highlighting the most glaring statistic: working moms are five times more likely to get up w… read more »

USA Today: Microphilanthropy is changing the face of charity

I have a column in Wednesday’s USA Today called “Microphilanthropy is changing the face of charity.” I introduce the issue by highlighting a charity called ModestNeeds.org, which helps lower-income people with one-time bills. When you make enough to live but not enough to save, a broken car, a plumbing leak, hole in the roof or unexpec… read more »

Kids, toys and the value of money

This past Saturday, I took my 3-year-old along in the jog stroller as I went for a run (my husband stayed with the baby). I really like getting one-on-one time with him. We had a great time talking to each other and enjoying a surprisingly warm and sunny late fall day. Jasper was good in the grocery store, despite the epic Trader Joe’s line. Then, as promised, I t… read more »

The new workplace wars: parents vs. non-parents

I read with great interest Katherine Reynolds Lewis’s new piece over at The Fiscal Times called Workplace Wars. As the holidays approach, the usual battle over who covers what times and days reaches fever pitch. The issue? People without children feel like they’re always covering for those who have family duties: kids who need to be picked up f… read more »

How I read and write

I got an interesting set of questions about my reading and writing habits from a blog reader the other day. Since it’s Friday and I’m running out of blog fodder for the week, I thought I’d answer!
1. What is your media diet?
It’s more like a media binge. We get the Wall Street Journal delivered, and I at least scan that daily. Weekly: We subsc… read more »