What On Earth Am I Doing With My Time?

Welcome to My168Hours! My traffic logs are showing a bunch of new visitors (from BNET, Free Range Kids, the Miami Herald, etc.). If you’re new here, the links on the right will give you an overview of some of the greatest hits from the blog. Some people have emailed me that the subscription form isn’t working; if it isn’t for you, please emai… read more »

Sherpa Parents, And The Fall-Out

On the Saturday before Mother’s Day, Lenore Skenazy (author of Free Range Kids and a long-time friend of 168 Hours) penned a funny op-ed for the Wall Street Journal on hovering parents. She mocked the modern parental obsession with staying within 2 feet of one’s children (“a hug’s length away” to use Gymboree parlance). On… read more »

Fear.less, Tony Hsieh, and the Fear of Public Speaking

168 Hours (and a loooong interview with me) is featured in this month’s fear.less magazine (that link takes you to the downloadable copy or you can read it in your browser; I’m on pages 14-22). My interview is right before the section on Tony Hsieh, the founder and CEO of Zappos. While Hsieh was quite able to come up with an awesome way to sell shoes a… read more »


I had heard of The Pioneer Woman blog before, but hadn’t really thought too deeply about the saga of Ree Drummond until I read a New Yorker profile of her the other night. This city girl moved to a ranch in Oklahoma after marrying a cowboy (the “Marlboro Man”), is homeschooling their four children, and blogs about her cooking, ranch life and… read more »

Round-Up: Homeschooling And 168 Hours

Those of you reading the comments will see one from Annie Kate with a link to a review of 168 Hours. I thought it was an incredibly thoughtful review, and you can read it here, “A Homeschooler Discusses the Book, 168 Hours.” I keep another blog called Gifted Exchange that deals with issues of gifted education, and about half my readers over there ar… read more »