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The Princess Problem

(Laura’s note: This column originally ran in USA Today on Aug 12, 2009. It’s somehow disappeared from the archives, and since I’ve been getting requests for it lately, I’m reprinting it here). by Laura Vanderkam Austere times bring austere fashions to the runways but not, it seems, to toy stores. Hunting for birthday presents la… read more »

Catch me on Fox & Friends Saturday

I’m scheduled to be on Fox & Friends tomorrow, March 3 (Saturday) at roughly 7:20 am. I’ll be talking about the marginal cost of children — whether kids really are cheaper by the dozen. The time could move earlier or later so it might be a good morning to set the DVR. Wish me luck!… read more »

Round-up: News and press from this week

Yesterday was the official launch date of All the Money in the World. It’s always exciting to send a book out into the world and see what happens. The first thing that happened is that Amazon sold out. So if you tried to order through Amazon, please know that they are getting more copies right now. Kindle copies are, of course, unlimited. And all the other r… read more »

What happy people know about money

Today is launch day for All the Money in the World. A lot has changed on this blog since my last launch day, for 168 Hours in 2010 (here’s the “Hello World” post on that, which I think is worth a read, but I’m biased). That book brought a lot of opportunities into my life, including the chance to write this book. But, like many opportunities, writing Al… read more »

A blog post 4 years in the making

Oh yes, it’s Leap Day — the extra 24 hours bequeathed on us by calendar creators due to the not exactly 365-day journey of the earth around the sun. We don’t really get an extra day in the sense that this week still has 7 days. Though wouldn’t it have been fun if we did get an extra-calendar day? Monday, Tuesday, Leap Day, Wednesday… Yes, it woul… read more »