Third Trimester Trail Running

In yesterday’s tomato post, Joy commented that eating garden-grown vegetables is a metaphor that helps people understand what is OK to consume. Our modern food culture, where anything goes, doesn’t encourage long-term health, so eating what you can grow is one way to learn to maintain weight.
Of course, you can buy plenty of produce at the gro… read more »

Thoughts on Eating My Own Tomatoes

In late June, my family moved from Manhattan to a house in Pennsylvania with a yard. At three-quarters of an acre, it’s big enough for some reasonable planting, and so my mother-in-law planted tomatoes, peppers, and pumpkins with my kids. We later learned that the gigantic weed-ish looking plants growing in various spots around the yard are butternu… read more »

The Waiting Game

Over at BNET this week, I have a post on “How to Win at the Waiting Game.” If you are hoping for a wait-free life, you will just be disappointed. So how can you learn to use uncertain amounts of time constructively? The comments over there have some helpful suggestions, like always bringing a book (or Kindle) along, and learning to use that time for r… read more »

A Little Bit of Wasted Time

I am very grateful that I don’t usually need to commute anywhere. Commuting is generally the low emotional point of people’s days, and tends to be a profound waste of time. I’ve especially been thinking about this point as I’m trying to write a few articles on how people use their mornings. One of the worst aspects of a morning commut… read more »

Kids, Happiness and Bad Data

I was fascinated to read a story this morning discovering that “Mistakes in Scientific Studies Surge.” Research journals are reporting an epidemic of retractions. Scientific researchers are, alas, inclined to the same sorts of statistical errors and silly mistakes the rest of us make and, in an era when academics must publish or perish, the… read more »