Plunging In

Starting up normal life again after a vacation, or summer in general, is always tough. I have several major assignments I need to wrap up before the baby comes in 4 weeks (or so) but my motivation level is low. I think it’s partly a fit of nesting. Why write a feature piece when you can re-arrange the lamps?
Over the years I’ve learned several motivat… read more »

Recessions and Time Use

Over at the Washington Post, Sarah Kliff had an interesting article late last week on the changing ways we’ve spent our time during a recession. While there have been articles about an alleged “Speed Up,” the overall reality during a recession is that the number of hours worked per person falls. This is because a higher percentage of peop… read more »

Memories from a Family Vacation

We are back home after a weeklong car trip to Maine. It was quite the journey, packing a lot into 168 hours. Traveling with small children is never easy, but they do guarantee that the hours don’t just drift by. You are quite aware of them, which helps lay down tracks of memories.
The first two days are definitely burned into my brain now, as I realize how stu… read more »

Dispatches From Vermont

I’m allegedly on vacation this week, and in fact have been enjoying myself and creating some memories, but this vacation has had some drama. We weathered Hurricane Irene in Philadelphia just fine (beyond a bit of wash out in the yard and a small leak). So we took off for vacation as planned on Sunday, which involved driving to Bar Harbor, ME over the next f… read more »

Sewing, and things to do during that boring meeting

Over at BNET this week, I followed up on last week’s musings on 22 Things To Do During That Boring Conference Call with two related posts: 19 Things To Do During That Boring Meeting, and Work From Home? What You Can Do During That Boring Conference Call.
This theme of posts has been a bit more popular than I wish it was. It seems that many organizations persi… read more »