The US Budget — And Ours

As I’m posting this, President Obama is supposed to be addressing the nation (OK, those of us who can watch a speech at 1:35PM on a weekday) about the federal budget. The US government has been spending more than it’s been taking in for years. The question is what to do about it.
Pundits often like to compare the government’s finances to a hou… read more »

Do New Parents Exercise?

Lisa Belkin’s Motherlode blog over at the New York Times covered an interesting topic this week: whether having young children corresponds with an increase in unhealthy behaviors. She highlights a study from Pediatrics finding that moms (the majority of whose children were less than 1 year old) move less and drink more sugary drinks than non-paren… read more »

Kids and Chores

So I interviewed Prof. Lewis Mandell last week for my money book (now, called again, Laughing at the Joneses… it will come out with a title, I swear!) His research has found that kids who get non-conditional allowances do worse on financial literacy tests than kids who get conditional allowances (for doing chores) or don’t get allowances at all… read more »

Round-Up: 100 Dreams, Brand You and Eating Lunch At Your Desk

This week over at BNET, I tackled a few questions. First, if you are a telecommuter, as a growing number of us are today, how do you create space between “work” and “life?” One solution, as I wrote, is to give yourself a “commute” of sorts — taking the last 15 minutes before you’re expected home to unwind, re… read more »

The 100-Hour Week Non-Question

Over at the Wall Street Journal’s blogs, people have been debating the question “Would you work 100 hours a week for your dream job?” Kyle Stock’s FINS blog started it, then The Juggle picked it up (linking to this blog to inform readers that there are only 168 hours in a week! Thanks guys!)
Stock cited stats from the Center for Work-L… read more »