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Can money buy you balance?

I’m not a big fan of the phase “work-life balance.” It implies that the two concepts (work and life) take up equal space, which is not the case for most people. With 168 hours a week, if you sleep 8 per night (56 per week) that leaves 112 for other things. You’d need to be working 56 hours per week for work and the rest of life to be truly “balanced.R… read more »

Round-up: What selling Girl Scout cookies teaches you about business

This week’s round-up is coming a little late due to some hotel wireless access issues. The official on sale date for All the Money in the World is less than two weeks away. If you’d like to pre-order a copy I would really appreciate it! If you do, I’ll send you an e-booklet called 10 Ways to Buy Happiness For Under $10. Just let me know. The mails… read more »

10 Ways To Buy Happiness For Under $10

Did that headline catch your eye? I hope so! “10 Ways To Buy Happiness For Under $10” is the title of a little ebooklet I wrote, and it’s yours, free, if you pre-order a copy of All the Money in the World. That link takes you to the book page on this site, which links to several retailers. Just post here that you’ve ordered it, or you can ema… read more »


On February 15, 2003, I was out with some friends at an Italian restaurant when my friend Jen got in touch with me. She was at a bar called Boxers with her new boyfriend’s colleagues and she wanted back-up. I headed over there. I was ordering a drink at the bar when a gentleman started talking to me about the Irish authors painted on the wall. “Now, James Joyce &… read more »

Not worth the money

In Chapter 1 of All the Money in the World, I suggest that readers look through their bills and receipts — but not for the usual reasons (that is, to tally it up and make sure the money coming in is more than the money going out). Instead, I ask how these expenditures make you feel. What are you thrilled to spend money on? What just makes you annoyed? What seems… read more »