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Book writing in the age of blogs

Books are an old-fashioned medium, much like albums. In the iTunes era, the album model has increasingly struggled, and these days each single needs to stand on its own. I imagine this will happen with books via the ebook revolution soon. Right now, if you want chapter 1 of one of my books, I can make you buy chapter 8. In the future, you’ll be able to see that whi… read more »

Why retire?

The markets have been rallying since October, slowly building a cushion around shaken nest eggs. That sounds like good news for baby boomers approaching retirement age. With 401ks bolstered by a bull run, the question of at what age people can afford to retire no longer returns an answer of “never” on financial advisors’ handy calculators. But here… read more »

Round-up: Picasso and 98 things

It’s been a big week here, and we have a lot of new readers. I hope you’ll stick around! Every Friday I do a round-up of my writing from elsewhere (mostly my gig with CBS MoneyWatch), plus media mentions of me or my books, and other cool stuff from around the web. As a reminder, you can subscribe to my newsletter to get a once-a-month email featuring an… read more »

The equivalent of making your bed

I’ve mentioned The Happiness Project several times on this blog over the past two years (I enjoyed the book quite a bit — and I usually don’t enjoy memoirs). Gretchen Rubin’s tale of working to be happier is not particularly prescriptive. But when she did interviews, people wanted tips. What can I do to be happier right now? So she complied, and on… read more »

Welcome to the 1 percent

(Laura’s note: my column ran in yesterday’s USA TODAY under the headline “Does Income Inequality Matter?” online and “Does Income Gap Matter?” in print.) Income inequality has long been with us, but it has seldom been talked about as much as in this election cycle. Last fall’s Occupy Wall Street movement int… read more »