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This is how we do it

168 hours — the amount we all have per week — is a lot of time. I maintain that it is enough time to build a rewarding career and have a family and personal life too. But how, exactly, does one fit everything in? What does “having it all” look like on an hour-by-hour basis? After Cloud — the nom de blog of a biotech executive and mom of two who wr… read more »

The question of clutter

I’ll be joining Lorie of The Clutter Diet tonight for a conference call on money, stuff and happiness. You can register for the call here. I know we have over 80 people signed up already, so please come join the party! If you want to ask a question, you can post it on Twitter to @clutterdiet. So what is the link between money, stuff and happiness? In the cours… read more »

Compounding the problem

Are you saving for retirement? Great. But here’s an equally important question: what kind of returns are you envisioning in your portfolio? Financial guru Manisha Thakor pointed me toward an interview that ran in the WSJ recently with Robert D. Arnott, a portfolio manager. Looking at demographic trends and the maturing of the US economy, he made the… read more »

ATM Book Club: Week 1 (intro)

For the next two months or so, I’ll be running a very informal book club here at the blog, working through the chapters of All the Money in the World: What the Happiest People Know About Getting and Spending. In future weeks, I’ll link back to previous book club posts, so you can jump in at any point. This week, I’ll start at the beginning (whic… read more »

The Princess Problem

(Laura’s note: This column originally ran in USA Today on Aug 12, 2009. It’s somehow disappeared from the archives, and since I’ve been getting requests for it lately, I’m reprinting it here). by Laura Vanderkam Austere times bring austere fashions to the runways but not, it seems, to toy stores. Hunting for birthday presents la… read more »