Managing Time Transitions

I’m not too big on small time-savers. To me, it’s silly to think about a device that will let you core a pineapple faster if, for instance, you’re in the wrong job or your family members hate each other. Get the big things right first: meaningful work, happy home. Then you can either deal with you inefficient pineapple cutting issue, or not.… read more »

Round-up: Graduates, Do What You Love

The round-up is coming a little late this week because I spent Thursday at Princeton for the She Roars conference, and Friday and Saturday at the American Society of Journalists and Authors conference in New York. I got some interesting take-aways. For instance, the Wall Street Journal’s social media people have found that when they put a colon befor… read more »

Book Title Musings (And Call for Beta Testers)

Earlier this week I met with the editorial and publicity team over at Portfolio (the publisher of 168 Hours). We have been working for a while at coming up with a title for the money book. I have been relieved to learn that a book can be mostly written without a title, but it is still generally nice to have one. It gives you a touch point to keep mentioning in differen… read more »

Do We Like To Work?

In her blog recently, Kimberly Weisul noted a study that found that Europeans are happier when they work less and have more leisure, but Americans aren’t. There are many reasons Americans may be happier working more — perhaps the returns are better here, or we associate more hours with success. Or we’re less enamored with leisure time. P… read more »

Venture Capitalists: It's Time To Invest In Women (USA Today)

(Note: I have a column in today’s USA Today on why women-owned businesses receive such a small percent of equity funding. Is it because sexist VCs refuse to read business plans by women? Not so much… when women ask, they get funded at the same rate as men. The biggest problem — as with submitting op-eds or negotiating for raises, incidental… read more »