Getting to Know You

On my previous post on “Kicking the Coupon Habit,” Twin Mom noted in a comment that doing well in a networked economy requires actually having a network. So how does one build that up, particularly if you’re not located in the epicenter of your industry?
It’s a good question, and certainly one I’m pondering now that I’… read more »

Kicking the Coupon Habit

I must admit, I’m somewhat intrigued by the extreme couponing subculture that seems to be blossoming these days. I was over at Money Saving Mom, reading a post called “Couponing: An Investment in Our Family” when I noticed that many of the comments were from irked people pointing out that the Sunday papers were all gone by the time they che… read more »

What to Do on a Rainy Day

We’re in the middle of quite the deluge here in eastern PA. I woke this morning to a full-on thunderstorm, which made me very grateful that this was a morning I could just stay in bed thinking for a while. My children obliged by sleeping late. And why not? Gray mornings are great for that sort of thing, a good reason to be 4 and almost 2 — and not have to go… read more »

Frazzled? Try Working Outdoors

I am writing this post from my back porch. After a long string of rainy days the sky is finally cloudless, and so, here I am, trying to enjoy some of the last days of summer. Even though I work from home, it’s often easier just to sit at my desk rather than go outside. But I’m always glad when I do.
Over the past few years, researchers have been finding all… read more »

Third Trimester Trail Running

In yesterday’s tomato post, Joy commented that eating garden-grown vegetables is a metaphor that helps people understand what is OK to consume. Our modern food culture, where anything goes, doesn’t encourage long-term health, so eating what you can grow is one way to learn to maintain weight.
Of course, you can buy plenty of produce at the gro… read more »