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What I learned by keeping a food journal

A few months ago, I posted about the Gladwyne Diet — my revolutionary weight loss program that involves two steps: 1. I eat less than I want to eat2. I exercise more than I want to exercise By following these radical breakthrough steps, I’d lost 10 lbs over 3 months or so, or roughly 0.75 lbs per week. This brought me within about 7 lbs of my goal weight. And… read more »

What would you do with $656 million?

Ok, I finally had to jump on the lotto bandwagon. The $656 million question is, of course, just a slightly more rooted question than the main premise of All the Money in the World. If you had all the money in the world, not literally, but all you wanted, what would you change about your life? I don’t think much would change in my personal life. I have this visi… read more »

ATM Book Club Week 5 (Chapter 4)

I’m running an informal book club devoted to All the Money in the World here on this blog. You can start at any point; there are links to previous weeks at the bottom of this post. This week we’re talking about Chapter 4, “Laughing at the Joneses.” In this chapter, I look at the American Dream of home ownership, and specifically, the bi… read more »

Round-up: Time magazine, plus can Twitter be productive?

It’s Friday again, and time for lots of links. It turns out this blog has some readers in influential places, because our discussion of Time magazine’s “The Richer Sex” cover got quoted in the Editor’s Desk page of last week’s issue. I am billed as a “self-help author” who “pointed to a bleaker sid… read more »

Bedtime math problems

(Laura’s note: this column ran in Wednesday’s USA Today under the headline “Answer to lagging scores? Bedtime math problems.”) We all know we should read to our kids. But even if bedtime stories are routine in your house, when’s the last time you gave your kids a bedtime math problem? Probably never. And that’s one re… read more »