USA Today: Not Your Grandpa's Retirement

(My column on seniors working longer ran in USA Today yesterday; text is below. There were split opinions in the comments section. Some subscribed to the lump sum of labor theory, believing that old folks need to be bribed out of the workforce to make way for the new — not a position I hold or that I think makes much economic sense. Others think it’s o… read more »

What does one put in a 10,000 square foot house?

So I live in New York City, which in general means living in relatively small amounts of space. Kids share bedrooms and bathrooms, and no one thinks it’s weird. We occasionally look at stuff and say “that’s something we’d buy if we had a big suburban house,” but the only thing I think we’re really missing is a guest bedro… read more »

The futility of balance

“Work-life balance” is such a cliche that it’s inspired it’s own anti-cliche, namely, that “you can have it all, just not at one time.”
I don’t particularly like either phrase. The problem with “work-life balance” is that it’s usually a code word for working less (often part-time), whic… read more »

You have more money than you think. Really.

I’m back from a weeklong trip to Morocco with my husband. It was fabulous (in part due to some great suggestions from Indagare). Morocco is a country of experiences: seeing the covered souks with people selling everything from brains to life size statues of lions, getting scrubbed up in a hammam, seeing men wearing the same cloaks Obi-Wan Kenobi wore,… read more »

10 things I learned about time and money in 2010

I’ll be taking a break for the holidays, and then traveling for a week after that. So this may be my last post of 2010. What a year it has been! I kept my resolution to blog regularly here — something I intend to continue next year. Because I’ve been posting roughly five times a week, I’ve had to think a lot about time, and later, money. My m… read more »