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Slow progress toward big goals

As I wrote in my “fat pants” post a few weeks ago, I am deep into the project of trying to lose the last 10 lbs of baby weight. At least it is no longer the last 15 lbs of baby weight. I am making progress. But it is slow progress. The thing about losing 0.5-1 lb per week is that the scale can refuse to budge for days. And if it budges, it can go up, since a person… read more »

Doing up Christmas

Shopping for Christmas presents raises a host of issues at the intersection of money and happiness. Here are two things that are simultaneously true: 1. I love to give people presents that delight them. 2. I hate wasting money. This often produces mental turmoil, as a large chunk of money spent on gifts is inevitably wasted, meaning the person would have rath… read more »

Giving vs. investing — and the gray area between

I was on Talk of the Nation yesterday, speaking with Neal Conan about microphilanthropy. NPR’s producers found a USA Today column I wrote about the topic last year. If philanthropy is the voluntary promotion of human welfare, microphilanthropy is doing the same thing on a much smaller scale. It’s about establishing a direct connection betwe… read more »

Why energy is more important than time — and how to boost yours

(Laura’s note: Even though I’m no longer really on maternity leave, I’m still running a few guest posts from my favorite bloggers — enjoy!) By Linda Formichelli Time management is a huge industry: e-books, print books, iPhone apps, and software programs all help people cram their too-many to-dos into the time they have. Article… read more »

Does tithing buy happiness?

(Laura’s note: This column ran in USA Today yesterday. Thanks to everyone who sent me their thoughts on the topic!) Come December, many Americans add this tradition to the obvious trees and carols: the annual digging out of the checkbook, as we respond to charity solicitations. The average family will give roughly 3% of household income away by the en… read more »