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10,000 words a day

Like any writer, I am always looking for tips for more efficient writing. This is especially true now that I have three small children. The chance that I will get days to do nothing but write in my garret somewhere is nil. I also firmly believe that writer’s block is a pretentious and ridiculous excuse. If you’re making a living writing, you need to… read more »

Income inequality…in my own life

Income inequality, though always with us, is certainly in the media more these days, thanks to the Occupy Wall Street movement and the focus on the 1% vs. the 99%. Social movements tend to need neat dividing lines, though I am not so sure what a household earning $350,000 per year (putting you in like the 97-98%) has in common with someone who is truly destitute.… read more »

Are you writing that holiday letter?

My husband and I have been working on our annual family letter (he wrote the first draft!) I always joke in my speeches that the holiday letter is a pretty wretched genre of literature, but it serves a purpose. It reminds you of what has happened in your life, and when written in a prospective fashion (for next year) it keeps you focused on your big goals. When you k… read more »

Publishers Weekly touts All The Money

Thursday marks the 3 month countdown to the release of All The Money In The World, with book buyers starting to look at it. And so I’m thrilled that Publishers Weekly gave the book a positive review this past week. According to the review (which you can read in full here), “Vanderkam explores the ways in which thinking more cogently about money’… read more »

TaskRabbit and the rise of microlabor

One of the classic benefits of technology is flexibility. It lowers the transaction costs on various exchanges, meaning things that were once “not worth it” cross into the “worth it” category. In a world where things must be printed on paper, it’s not economically viable to share your random thoughts with a few hundred peo… read more »