I had heard of The Pioneer Woman blog before, but hadn’t really thought too deeply about the saga of Ree Drummond until I read a New Yorker profile of her the other night. This city girl moved to a ranch in Oklahoma after marrying a cowboy (the “Marlboro Man”), is homeschooling their four children, and blogs about her cooking, ranch life and… read more »

Round-Up: Homeschooling And 168 Hours

Those of you reading the comments will see one from Annie Kate with a link to a review of 168 Hours. I thought it was an incredibly thoughtful review, and you can read it here, “A Homeschooler Discusses the Book, 168 Hours.” I keep another blog called Gifted Exchange that deals with issues of gifted education, and about half my readers over there ar… read more »

What Do CEOs Do With Their Time?

When you start studying questions of how people spend their time, you quickly realize there’s a big problem. Most of what we “know” about life comes from quick response surveys. These are easy to conduct (“How many hours do you work per week?”) but suffer from two flaws: people are clueless and they lie.
The clueless part: Mo… read more »

Why Is Meagan Francis's Housekeeper Controversial?

Over at The Happiest Mom lately, Meagan Francis has been starting a Mother’s Day related conversation on the fiction of doing it all. As long-time readers of this blog know, I think it’s quite possible for parents to “do it all” if you define doing it all as having a challenging career and a happy home life centered on nurturing your f… read more »

What a Mother's Time Is Worth

Every year, Salary.com comes out with a new survey that purports to show what a mother’s time is worth. Getting lots of attention for the survey involves making sure it is a huge number. And so, this year is no different. After asking thousands of women how much time they devote to different tasks, Salary.com claims that a fair paycheck would be $115,4… read more »