Sarah Palin's Alaska

Confession: I have been using several of my last 168 hours to watch multiple episodes of Sarah Palin’s Alaska on TLC. I have a business reason (I wrote a short post over at the website as part of the “Meta-conversation” the show is having). But let’s face it. That’s not the reason I’ve watched at least 6 hours worth of Pal… read more »

Guest Post: Your finances and your job (there's more to work than money)

(Laura’s note: Today’s guest post is from Caroline Ceniza-Levine, the career coach who introduced me to the List of 100 Dreams exercise that appears in Chapter 2 of 168 Hours. She agreed to share some thoughts today on the issues of money and jobs, and how they relate — and how they don’t).
By Caroline Ceniza-Levine
Career choices a… read more »

The joy of commuting, plus the weekly round-up

I’m back blogging at BNET again after the holidays. My post this week is called “Hate your commute? 5 ways to use it, lose it or enjoy it.” I’m learning to write in tip format, which turns out to be good for getting people to click. Not all of life can be organized into bullet tip points, but part of life can, so I’ll write such thing… read more »

USA Today: Not Your Grandpa's Retirement

(My column on seniors working longer ran in USA Today yesterday; text is below. There were split opinions in the comments section. Some subscribed to the lump sum of labor theory, believing that old folks need to be bribed out of the workforce to make way for the new — not a position I hold or that I think makes much economic sense. Others think it’s o… read more »

What does one put in a 10,000 square foot house?

So I live in New York City, which in general means living in relatively small amounts of space. Kids share bedrooms and bathrooms, and no one thinks it’s weird. We occasionally look at stuff and say “that’s something we’d buy if we had a big suburban house,” but the only thing I think we’re really missing is a guest bedro… read more »