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Round-up: Math and Motherlode

Last summer, I mentioned Sal Khan and the Khan Academy a few times on this blog. The feature piece I wrote on that topic, “The Math of Khan,” is finally up at City Journal’s website. I’m fascinated by the promise of blended learning, and how it easily matches the curriculum to the child, turning teachers into tutors equipped with rea… read more »

Spend less time cleaning (without spending a dime)

In 168 Hours, I write that if you don’t think something is a top priority for your time, you have three choices. You can ignore it, minimize it, or outsource it. When it comes to housekeeping, that last option tends to get people up in arms. To be sure, not everyone can afford a cleaning service, though “afford” is a squishy word. Over the past 10 years, the m… read more »

Growing into my own advice

One of the most gratifying parts of writing self-help books is that I hear from people who’ve made big life changes — or had massive productivity boosts — as a result. Occasionally I read these emails and think “wow, I should read my own books.” Because, you see, my 168 hours could use a tune-up right now. I know there are big life goals I’d l… read more »

Got a minute? Yes you do.

The April issue of Real Simple features a long package on women and time. Based on a survey done for Real Simple and the Families and Work Institute by Harris Interactive, the package argues that women feel they have little free time, but not for the reasons you think. It’s not because harried working moms are putting in long hours at the job. More than two-thi… read more »

ATM Book Club Week 2: Chapter 1

For the next few months on this blog, I’ll be hosting an informal book club devoted to All the Money in the World. I’ll go through one chapter a week, and will link back to earlier posts so you can start whenever you pick up the book. Last week, we looked at the introduction, and talked about what an observer would discern of your values by looking at your financ… read more »