Where did the Korean Greengrocers go?

Last summer, I found myself taking the subway to random New York neighborhoods to visit the surviving members of a kind of store that was once ubiquitous: The Korean green grocery. Founded by immigrants from South Korea in the 1970s and 1980s, often in bad neighborhoods, these stores attracted controversy (particularly a string of boycotts). But they gave… read more »

Aiming for perfect? Try good enough

I don’t usually suffer from perfectionism. Indeed, one of the reasons I love writing for newspapers or online is that the turn-around time is so fast that perfectionism doesn’t come into it. When you’ve got 2 months to write a magazine feature, I find, the editing process takes 2 months. When you have 20 minutes to crank out a blog post, you… read more »

The BNET round-up

This week over at BNET, I had two posts. The first was called “How To Get a Raise (And Get Your Kid To Eat His Veggies).” I interviewed Stuart Diamond, author of Getting More and a famed negotiation professor at Wharton, about ways to better handle negotiation, including negotiation with our little ones. I can’t say the negotiation tactic… read more »

The key to success? A sponsor

Last night I attended a presentation of the results of economist Sylvia Ann Hewlett’s latest study: The Sponsor Effect. (Just an overview here as I plan to be writing about it elsewhere, too). Hewlett and her researchers find that advancement into the executive ranks is more likely when an upper-level manager has a “sponsor” — th… read more »

Fun and frivolity with $10,000

Over at Facebook, and in personal conversations (how retro!) I’ve been asking a question lately which has sparked quite a discussion. I started off by asking how people would spend an extra $10,000, but it turns out that my friends are upright responsible citizens. People first wanted to pay off debts, save for retirement, etc. All good ideas, but not… read more »