Tithing stories?

I wrote about “Tithing and Happiness” a few weeks ago. I’m now working on an article on a similar topic, and would love to talk to some folks who tithe. Why do you do it, and how does it affect your life? Please feel free to forward this request to people you think might be interested in being interviewed: lvanderkam at yahoo dot com. Thanks!… read more »

Grocery store profligacy

As part of writing All The Money In The World, I spent some serious time analyzing my own money hang-ups. One that has showed some surprising staying power is my belief that it’s not OK to “waste” money in the grocery store. I know this is absolutely irrational. Grocery store splurges are small potatoes; the money we saved by re-financing o… read more »

This Week Only: 169 Hours

Have you ever said “if only I had an extra hour in the day!”? Well, this Sunday is your chance. Daylight Savings Time ends. If you are generally well-rested, there is a good chance you will pop up an hour earlier this Sunday, without having to give up an hour of sleep. This week has 169 hours as the clocks fall back. Sunday has 25 hours.
So what do you int… read more »

Tactics vs. Speed, in Marathons and Life

I’ll be watching the NYC marathon this weekend. Running the race may or may not wind up on my bucket list, but every year, the marathon helps me celebrate my anniversary of taking up running. I had always been intrigued by this simplest form of exercise, and finally, in 2004, after watching Paula Radcliffe’s hard-fought NYC victory — whic… read more »

Incentives, and Observations on Life with a Newborn

This is Laura posting today. I’ve had a fabulous string of guest bloggers here during October, and hope to have a few more in the next month. Baby Ruth turns 4 weeks old tomorrow, and is growing rapidly. Today also marks the beginning of the 4-month count down before All The Money In The World comes out. I would love to give the book as big a launch as possible… read more »