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Not worth the money

In Chapter 1 of All the Money in the World, I suggest that readers look through their bills and receipts — but not for the usual reasons (that is, to tally it up and make sure the money coming in is more than the money going out). Instead, I ask how these expenditures make you feel. What are you thrilled to spend money on? What just makes you annoyed? What seems… read more »

Who is my neighbor?

We moved from New York City to the suburbs of Philadelphia in June. Over the past 8 months, I’ve run a variety of different routes around my house in order to get to know the area. What I’ve discovered is that, depending on which route I take, I can get very different impressions of the place. Running through town and along some of the streets, there are a lot of… read more »

Round-up: The idea machine

To my new readers of this blog: welcome! Every Friday, I post a round-up of my writing from other places, any media mentions, and other interesting tidbits. I’ve been exploring a lot of cool money blogs over the past few weeks, so I’m going to start posting links to those as well. I’m always looking for more fodder, so feel free to send ideas.… read more »

Getting out of a rut

I’ve been reading Getting from College to Career, the classic career guidebook by Lindsey Pollak (a longtime friend of this blog — click on that link for a guest post), which was reissued last week. The book is packed with very practical advice for the modern world. Get a good headshot (what do you think you’re going to use on your LinkedIn p… read more »

The New Tupperware

A few years ago, I went to a Tupperware party in a friend’s apartment. It was a somewhat surreal experience. The official Tupperware representative was a middle-aged suburban woman sent in to this tiny apartment filled with Manhattan 20-somethings, most of whom  — or perhaps all of whom — had never been to such a thing before. What I remember… read more »