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Equally Shared Parenting

(Laura’s note: I’m taking the week off, and revisiting some posts from past years. This book review ran in January of 2010). Over the past few years, Marc and Amy Vachon have found themselves in the public eye for what, judging by some of the comments on blog posts about them, seems like a pretty controversial and non-traditional lifestyle. Nope… read more »

Create one-on-one time with each kid

(Laura’s note: I’m taking the week off, so we’ll be revisiting a few old blog posts this week. This one was from September 2010, when I had two children. The issue seems even more germane now that I have three.) In a recent webinar, one participant spoke of wanting to find solo time for each child, given that she had children. This is a good que… read more »

ATM Book Club Week 7 (Chapter 6)

I’m running an informal book club on the blog devoted to All the Money in the World. You can join at any time; there are links to previous weeks at the bottom of this post. This week we’re discussing Chapter 6, “The Marginal Cost of Children.” If you haven’t read the book, or want a refresher, you can read my USA Today column on a si… read more »

Round-up: How much time do you waste deleting email?

I’ve been thinking a lot about email this week. I have had the same email address for many, many years, and over time, I’ve gotten on a lot of lists. I get ads from companies I purchased something from three years ago, member announcements from organizations I am no longer part of, digests of things that seemed interesting at a different stage of my… read more »

Redbook’s no-spend zone

May’s Redbook magazine has a financial package called “Redbook’s 30-day money cleanse.” Money guru Beth Kobliner gives 30 “tiny daily steps” to “shock you out of your financial rut.” While many of the tips are perfectly fine, the whole package reminded me of my beef with much personal finance literat… read more »