The Long Road Out of Debt

One topic I don’t cover in All The Money In The World is debt and, specifically, getting out of it. This is a pretty well-covered topic in the flotilla of personal finance books I read last fall, and I really didn’t think I could add much to it. I have paid interest on a credit card bill exactly once in my life, and that was due to a snafu in our bill-payin… read more »

Acceptable Prayers

We’ve been church shopping lately around our new home in Pennsylvania. We are, in theory, Methodists. I volunteered that we might try a Presbyterian church, with the conversation between me and my husband going something like this:
Me: “Methodists and Presbyterians are theologically very similar.”
Michael: “No they’… read more »

VIV Mag, Easy Wins, and "Saving"

Ever thought “hey, I’d like to win a copy of 168 Hours?” This month, VIV magazine is offering that opportunity. This sleek digital mag (featuring several high-end nature lodges in remote locales that look awesome) is running an excerpt of 168 Hours in its “Last Chapter” section and is giving away 5 copies. To read VIV this mo… read more »

Seeking stories…

…from women who’ve raised their incomes. Did you go after a promotion? Take a better job? Re-enter the workforce or scale up from part-time? Ask for a raise? I’ve not had trouble finding self-employed folks who are willing to chat (for a feature piece for SELF). But I’d like a few traditionally employed people too! And if possible,… read more »

Plunging In

Starting up normal life again after a vacation, or summer in general, is always tough. I have several major assignments I need to wrap up before the baby comes in 4 weeks (or so) but my motivation level is low. I think it’s partly a fit of nesting. Why write a feature piece when you can re-arrange the lamps?
Over the years I’ve learned several motivat… read more »