Do We Like To Work?

In her blog recently, Kimberly Weisul noted a study that found that Europeans are happier when they work less and have more leisure, but Americans aren’t. There are many reasons Americans may be happier working more — perhaps the returns are better here, or we associate more hours with success. Or we’re less enamored with leisure time. P… read more »

Venture Capitalists: It's Time To Invest In Women (USA Today)

(Note: I have a column in today’s USA Today on why women-owned businesses receive such a small percent of equity funding. Is it because sexist VCs refuse to read business plans by women? Not so much… when women ask, they get funded at the same rate as men. The biggest problem — as with submitting op-eds or negotiating for raises, incidental… read more »

If You Had A 2-Hour Workday…

I’m home with Sam (19 months) today, and we’re having a fun time. There was a zoo trip and shopping — I’ll let you figure out which one of us chose which as our morning activity. There are many upsides to self-employment, and one of them is that I didn’t have to ask anyone’s permission to take today off.
On the other hand, th… read more »

Round-up: Is Work-Life Balance a Career-Killing Phrase?

Over at BNET this week, I blogged about the phrase “work-life balance” and asked if it is a career-killing phrase. I can’t say I’m particularly fond of this set of words. Partly, that’s because of the meaning we often assign to it in a context of corporate programs: parents (usually women) wanting to work less. It conjures up… read more »

The Happiest Mom, And How We Spend Our Time

I spent some time this past week reading Megan Francis’s new book, The Happiest Mom. Meagan is a long-time friend of 168 Hours, and writes a great blog about how to be a happier parent. Why is such a blog needed? Happiness research continues to find that parents are less happy than non-parents on a moment-by-moment basis. Our overall life satisfaction i… read more »