TaskRabbit and the rise of microlabor

One of the classic benefits of technology is flexibility. It lowers the transaction costs on various exchanges, meaning things that were once “not worth it” cross into the “worth it” category. In a world where things must be printed on paper, it’s not economically viable to share your random thoughts with a few hundred peo… read more »

What is your morning ritual?

I am starting work on an e-book that will be called “What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast” (riffing off my old BNET post on that title which has now had something like 250,000 views… crazy). I am fascinated by the topic of morning rituals. How we start our day affects everything else. I had some people tell me on my “Get O… read more »

"Life is difficult"

Those are the opening words of M. Scott Peck’s classic self-help book, The Road Less Traveled. I’d actually not heard of the book until self-help expert Christine Whelan mentioned it as one of the “self-help books that don’t suck” (per the column I wrote about the topic earlier this year; please forgive the bad formatting.… read more »

What I am thankful for

Holidays are always a great time for reflection. This morning, I read through my Thanksgiving post from last year to remember what was on my mind this week. I had just run the Philadelphia half-marathon. We had visited the house of a friend who lived on the Main Line and had been contemplating going abroad for a year, to see if we wanted to rent the place. They ulti… read more »

Spending for the life you have

Over at Get Rich Slowly, writer April Dykman recently wrote a post called “Spend on the Things You Do Every Day.” The gist was that people tend to waste a lot of money buying things for the life they hope they will have: lots of “going out” outfits when they don’t go out, lots of fancy cookware when they don’t cook, etc. Mea… read more »