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Would you get pregnant to take a year off work?

Crazy as it sounds to American mothers, over in the UK, women can take up to a year off work, partially paid, after having a baby. Such generous benefits are designed to give moms and babies time to bond, but according to a new magazine survey (highlighted in the Daily Mail), they’re having a side effect: giving burnt-out women an escape route. Of 2000 British… read more »

ATM Book Club Week 10 (Chapter 9)

I’m running an informal book club devoted to All the Money in the World here on the blog. You can join at anytime; there are links to past weeks’ discussions at the bottom of this post. Chapter 9 is called “Another Way to Invest.” I knew that any book on money had to talk about “investing” in some way, shape or form, but I fin… read more »

Quick round-up: USA Today and Washington Post

I’m taking the day off work, mostly, so here are just a few quick links: USA Today ran its review of All the Money in the World in the print edition on Monday. Very fun to see my color photo on the back of the money section! The online version of the review ran a few weeks ago. The Washington Post also favorably reviewed All the Money in the World, calling it R… read more »

The Lump of Labor Fallacy

A few weeks ago, we talked about false choices on the blog. These are situations where a belief that there are only two variables falsely constrains the debate. More women are in the workforce these days so therefore they must be spending less time with their children. Smaller class sizes will increase student achievement. And so forth. Today I’m talking a… read more »

Sorry, sister — dads rule this playground

I liked the cover of this week’s New Yorker. Yes, the times, they are a-changin’…… read more »