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Reader time makeover: Adding exercise and writing to an incredibly full life

Whenever I poll audiences about what they'd like to spend more time doing, exercise almost always comes out on top. Push a little bit more, and people mention other activities that at first glance seem different, but broadly fall in the same category: writing and other creative activities, brand-building opportunities such as blogging, and so forth. Thes… read more »

The TED experience

So it has been quite a day. I did not make it through the whole thing to the bitter end -- so, alas, I only got to hear Taylor Dayne sing once today. But anyway, my TED talk went great! I was up early to be to hair and make-up by 6:45. After getting my full-on fake eyelashes (supposedly they look good on camera) I got my oh-so-TED face microphone, and then went on stage as… read more »

Greetings from San Francisco

I'm in San Francisco this week to speak at TED Women. The actual talk is tomorrow, but I was able to practice on stage today, which was pretty fun. It will be more fun tomorrow with a big audience, because part of speaking is feeding off the energy in a room. I'm looking forward to it. One of my favorite parts of traveling to the West Coast is the time change (seriousl… read more »

Fertility and false choices

Infertility has many causes. Plenty of young women have trouble conceiving, a fact that doesn't get talked about much because there are no larger social points to be made there. It is also true, though, that it becomes harder for many women to conceive upon entering their mid-to-late 30s. Men do not face quite the same decline in fertility. Because of this, th… read more »

TED Prep

I will be speaking at TEDWomen next week Thursday. This is the main TEDWomen conference in San Francisco, which features a large, live (sold out!) audience, and will be broadcast to many TEDxWomen events around the world. The theme, "It's about time," is near to my heart. The line-up of other speakers is...well, it's fun to be the least famous person on st… read more »