StoryWorth: Living well is the best revenge

Earlier in the week, I mentioned that I was guest judging StoryWorth’s Mother’s Day essay contest. I’m happy to share news of the winner, a tale by Naomi F. of her grandmother, Marie Pinney. Her grandmother was quite a glamorous woman as you can see by this photo, and a brave one too. Her marriage dissolved in the early 1940s, but she embraced being a single mother during a time when that wasn’t very common. She worked hard and rose to become a story editor at CBS, and put her daughter through college. Through it all, she never expressed bitterness at her ex, despite not receiving financial help while he lived pretty well. She wanted her daughter to have a relationship with her father. So she embraced the philosophy that creating a good life is the best answer to poor treatment.

Please go check out the full story! And in the meantime, thanks for photo-328all the comments this week on the faulty work/life narratives. It’s been a good week. We were linked to by the New York Times! Also, I got the first copy of I Know How She Does It hot off the press. Shown here with the plant I got from my daughter for Mother’s Day. Two great presents.

In other news: Links! Here’s one from Fast Company on How To Cope With A Disorganized Boss. And here’s one from City Journal, a review of the novel Adeline on Virginia Woolf called “Brilliant and Tormented.” Have a great Mother’s Day weekend!

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