Category: Time Management

Life on the LIRR

I gave two speeches near Syosset in Long Island yesterday. Since one was a breakfast speech, I came in the night before, and with Amtrak cancellations, it worked best to take a 3:25 p.m. Pennsylvanian from Philadelphia to NY's Penn Station, and then take the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) out. With the connection I wound up on the 5:17 p.m. Port Jefferson line tra… read more »

Survey thanks and updates

Thank you so much to everyone who took my time perception survey! We closed the survey with a little over 900 completed responses. I was blown away with how quickly we surpassed the tally goal. Anyway, I look forward to digging into the data and the open-ended responses, but for those who were curious about the non-profit split, it was 33 percent for Boys and Gir… read more »

Be part of my next book (and help some great non-profits too!)

Do you have 6-10 minutes to help me out? OK, bad question. Everyone has 6-10 minutes. A better question: would you be willing to make it a priority, in the next 6-10 minutes, to help me gather some data for the book I am writing? My next book, Off the Clock, will explore how people feel about their time. To add data to the project, I am conducting a survey looking at ho… read more »

5 ways to make over your Mondays

One of the joys of self-employment, and working from home, is that Mondays don't feel like Mondays to me. It has been ages since I have felt any sort of dread. But my toleration for Mondays is not just about Mondays being OK. There isn't this stark contrast with weekend indulgence. Indeed, my weekends haven't been all that relaxing for the last 10 years. Maybe… read more »

Teaching kids time management

We are deep into March's round of parent-teacher conferences, and one of the skills the forms have teachers talk about is "using time efficiently." I like the idea of treating this as a skill, rather than something one is "good" or "bad" at. However, like all skills, questions of motivation and the like come into play. I have no idea if what we are doing will "wor… read more »