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Tackling the weekend, solo

My husband was gone all weekend. This is a relatively rare occurrence, but still never my favorite one. Especially since I am still out of my kitchen, meaning life involves a lot more trips up and down the stairs and stuff being hard to find. Cooking is difficult, and yet I didn't really want to try bringing all four kids out to eat. I'm sure those readers who solo p… read more »

Spring break in the UK

Frequent blog readers may recall that, at some point this winter, I suffered a bout of planning fatigue. Having figured out summer vacations, camp schedules, activity schedules and so forth, I had no desire to tackle spring break. So my husband took on that task. He did a great job! Five out of six of us just spent a week in the UK (the 3-year-old stayed stateside… read more »

Not this again

Another week, another snowstorm. Another week of switching flights around. Another week of early dismissals and school cancelations. I was in Seattle/Tacoma giving a speech on Tuesday, and then my flight home to Philadelphia on Wednesday was canceled due to the snow. I wound up buying a ticket on a different airline connecting through Denver and then cros… read more »

Louisville and life

Note: this post talks about the death of a friend - just a heads up. Life is a mosaic, and Monday was one of those days that had all the pieces of it: the mundane, the fun, the profoundly sorrowful. There were little moments of gratitude for things that work. One of my children woke up with what was clearly pink-eye. As a veteran parent, I could easily diagnose this,… read more »

Podcast: Work/life balance with librarian Hannah Olsen

Part of the Best of Both Worlds podcast mission is to share stories and strategies from of lots of different women. How do people from all walks of life make work and life fit together? Sarah and I welcomed Hannah Olsen to the program this week. Olsen is a technical services librarian, a mom of two (7-year-old girl and a baby boy). Unlike Sarah and me, she's a true M… read more »