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A different picture of American life

Longtime readers will recall my love affair with the American Time Use Survey. Every year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics calls up thousands of Americans, rolling over every day of the year, and asks them to talk through "yesterday." Not a typical day, yesterday. The survey also doesn't ask about any particular category of time; instead, the researchers as… read more »


I am deep into revisions on Off the Clock. (My next book; current subtitle is "The fine art of feeling less busy while getting more done.") This is consuming pretty much all my mental energy, so I don't have a lot on the blog front. So just a few thoughts. First, please leave a comment on the previous post on abandoned books! I will choose a comment at random (using a… read more »

How do parents counter the impression of being less productive? (Request for sources)

Just a quick post: I am working on a piece for Verily on how some parents have shown they are "still in the game" after having kids. How do you show you are just (if not more!) productive after having kids? This is a particular issue for women; the motherhood wage penalty is partly about women being seen as less promotable once they have caregiving responsibiliti… read more »

How to tame the paper beast

I spent about an hour last weekend going through the pile of paper that collects on the counter under our microwave. This is where mail and magazines go when they come in. It is also where kid papers that get dumped elsewhere migrate. I imagine lots of households have such a paper pile, and dealing with it can consume much time. Not dealing with it can result in o… read more »

24 hours in the mosaic

People who've read I Know How She Does It know I like the mosaic metaphor for life. I track my time on spreadsheets with half hour blocks on the vertical axis and the days of the week on the horizontal. We can speak of this as 336 cells on a grid, but I prefer the more artsy image of "tiles on a mosaic." How I place those tiles is up to me, and by moving things around, a… read more »