Category: Time Management

What is my time worth?

I always encourage people to think about the value of their time. But actually putting a dollar value on it? That’s complicated. That was my take-away after several readers sent me Sue Shellenbarger’s WSJ article on “Do You Know What Your Time Is Really Worth?” The article had a link to an online tool called ClearerThinking that asks a series of quest… read more »

My approach to conferences: pack it all in

I wrote this in a coffee shop in Madison, NJ, on Saturday while waiting for my family to pick me up. We were on our way to a pool party in northern New Jersey, and it made more sense for my family to drive from Philly to meet me vs. my going all the way back out there. I had spent the previous few days in New York for the BlogHer conference. This annual conference focuses o… read more »

Another day in the life post

I have been tracking my time for 3 months now. In the comments on yesterday’s post, SHU asked if this accountability affected how much time I waste. I’m not sure — I still waste time! — but I do think it nudges me to put more fun stuff in my life. I like to see interesting things on my time log, so I’m marginally more likely to do them.… read more »

The sleep-deprived parent’s dilemma

It’s a funny thing with larger families. You always think that one more kid than you have is the definition of madness. I’ve had a few women with 3 kids and seemingly much more difficult careers than mine (I’m thinking of two recent physician encounters here) use the “I don’t know how you do it!” line. My response is that four is not an order of magnit… read more »

When busyness ebbs and flows

There are no typical weeks, but what if your life features a cycle of typical and atypical weeks? What if one week out of every few is much fuller than the others? Life has ebbs and flows, but I think it’s still possible to figure out a good balance that takes advantage of each. I had this discussion recently with a reader who sent in a time log. She’s a psychothe… read more »