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How Olympic binge-watching can help you live a more fulfilling life

We are less than a month away from the summer Olympics, and I am gearing myself up for some epic television watching. To be sure, I do not watch the games live. I DVR the broadcasts so I can forward through the commercials, the gauzy athlete portraits, and endless commentary. Still, I know this is going to consume a lot of time. It's not just me. Lots of busy people w… read more »

Peaks and troughs and the upside of space

I've done a lot of public speaking over the years, but this is the first year I've been more disciplined about marketing myself and scheduling a certain number of speeches per month. In doing so, however, I have realized that "per month" is the wrong way to look at the rhythm of this line of work. The conference and event season is incredibly cyclical. March thro… read more »

What is time?

Days and years are natural phenomena. It takes the earth a certain quantity of time to turn on its axis, and to revolve around the sun. Hours and weeks, on the other hand, are very human inventions. Why 7 days and not 5? The 24-hour division of a day (and 60 minute hours and 60 second minutes) is a holdover from the ancient Sumerians, who used base 6 (and some base 10)… read more »

The Mom Gig: How do stay-at-home moms spend their time?

I like writing about time management, but I am more fascinated by broader questions about how people spend their time. This winter, Redbook hired me to do a time diary study on how stay-at-home moms spend their days. This project, "The Mom Gig," was released this week. In addition to my findings, Redbook commissioned essays from stay-at-home parents, and se… read more »

7 ways to keep kid activities from taking over your life (or at least your weekends)

One unsung upside of having four children is that almost no one tells me "Just you wait!" anymore. Back when I "only" had two, and they were young, and I was first writing about time management, I got a fair amount of just-you-wait mail pointing out that I had not yet experienced the madness of kid activities. Once that started I would see that life really was craz… read more »