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How to manage a full-time job, kids, and start a business too

I attended the Rock the World conference this past weekend, and got to meet a number of fascinating entrepreneurs. One of them was Emilia Prahin, who is the COO and marketing director of a company called Signature.Styled. This platform matches busy professionals with stylists who will help them shop for the right wardrobe; you can use the site to book your se… read more »

Getting time with all four

One of the challenges of managing a brood (and it is a management challenge!) is getting solo time with each of them. They definitely respond well to individual attention. Who doesn’t? Employees thrive when managers invest time in them. As in an office, though, getting one-on-one time on the calendar is easier said than done. That’s why I was qu… read more »

Conquer the world in 40 hours a week

I’ve been somewhat obsessed lately with the idea of “maximum sustainable progress.” Some people’s careers are not just productive but prolific. How do they structure their time to sustain productivity over the long haul? I suspect they work long-but-reasonable hours, and use those hours incredibly well. This got me thinking about what I would i… read more »

A week at a glance

Long time readers know I have been recording my time continuously for the last 5 months. It’s been fascinating (for me at least) to see the rhythm of my weeks. Some weeks are definitely more intense than others, and last week was one of those weeks. A lot can fit in 168 hours. The week started Monday morning in our rental house in Florida, with the day mostly… read more »

Using time in the car

I drove up to Bristol, CT on Wednesday in order to speak at an ESPN Women event Thursday morning. I was interviewed by the wonderful Cari Champion (professional photos of that are forthcoming!), and got to meet many great people, including organizer and producer Valerie Gordon (pictured). I elected to drive instead of fly because, in theory, the drive shoul… read more »