Should I get up earlier if I’m already getting up really early?

The past few mornings I’ve been setting an alarm. This is a step toward being intentional about my mornings. I’m starting with limited ambitions and the good news is that when your ambitions are limited, they’re easy to achieve. I’ve actually been waking up before my alarm. If I go to bed at midnight, I wake up on my own around 7:15. I t… read more »

There are no typical weeks

As I’ve been starting the Mosaic project, a number of potential time trackers have asked which weeks they should record. People want to record a “typical” week that shows life as they view it.
This is all well and good except…there are no typical weeks. The belief that there are typical and completely atypical weeks is what gets us in trouble when… read more »

My favorite memories from 2013

I’ve spent some time over my past few non-working, non-blogging days thinking about the ending year. It was a good one. Here are some of my favorite memories from the past 8760 hours.
I went on my first roller coaster rides at Disney World in March. First it was Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom, then the Rock n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith at Disn… read more »

Looking to profile a few people who’ve kept New Year’s resolutions

Everyone loves to hate New Year’s resolutions. The general line is that they are made to be broken. Yet people do succeed in adopting new and better habits in life, and there’s no reason that can’t happen in January.
For me, there are a few good habits I’ve succeeded in keeping over the years. I’ve been trying to think through w… read more »

What fits in 168 hours

I’ve had a good week. I usually do during my “birthday weeks” because I’m good about planning in fun stuff in both my work and personal life. I’m also good about not planning stuff I don’t want to do. There’s a lesson there.
Maybe I should do this more often.
It turns out you can fit a lot of cool things into 168 hours. Starting the Friday after Thanks… read more »