Category: Productivity

Be more productive in 2017 (Day 5: Plan your workweeks on Fridays)

Over the past five days, I have shared some of my favorite productivity habits. All of them are small in the grand scheme of things, but all have a big impact. Today's habit is important because of a simple fact: time passes, whether you think about how you spend it or not. In that way, it's like moving water. If you're swimming in a moving stream, it can be difficul… read more »

Be more productive in 2017 (Day 4: Make one connection daily)

Over the past few days, I've been sharing simple habits that can have a big impact on productivity. Today's strategy has to do with building and maintaining connections over time. "Networking" often seems either sleazy or intimidating. It can be done ineffectively; people collect dozens of business cards at conferences and then elect not to follow up with… read more »

Be more productive in 2017 (Day 3: Think through weekends by Wednesday)

This week I'm sharing five small habits that make a big impact on productivity. First, we talked about climbing mountains on Monday morning (that is, tackling long-term, important stuff that doesn't have to happen first). Yesterday we talked about building in mindful breaks. Today's habit -- a strategy for creating more satisfying leisure time -- has lit… read more »

The Boston trip

I spent several days this week in Boston, giving three talks in three days (and throwing in a webinar too for good measure). The last was at the Massachusetts Conference for Women, which is a huge, 11,000 person extravaganza. I spent some time hanging out with Glennon Doyle Melton and Jenny Blake — see our fun photo of all of us holding each others' books. Fun s… read more »

Reader time makeover: Adding exercise and writing to an incredibly full life

Whenever I poll audiences about what they'd like to spend more time doing, exercise almost always comes out on top. Push a little bit more, and people mention other activities that at first glance seem different, but broadly fall in the same category: writing and other creative activities, brand-building opportunities such as blogging, and so forth. Thes… read more »