The Money Saving Mom’s Budget

In late 2010, shortly after I got a contract to write the book that would become All the Money in the World, I started asking everyone I knew for people with interesting money stories. One friend, who at the time was quite into couponing, mentioned a coupon blogger who’d paid cash for a house. I thought this sounded intriguing, though I believe my line at the ti… read more »

Hey parents, the third kid’s a bargain (USA TODAY)

(Note: This column ran in today’s USA Today)
By Laura Vanderkam
In a tepid economy, people look to save money however they can. One strategy? Not having kids. After hitting a high of 4.3 million in 2007, U.S. births tumbled, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to about 4 million in 2010.
It makes sense. Each year, the U.S. Depart… read more »

Prospering vs. Greed

One of the most interesting things I’ve learned by writing about money for the past year is how much baggage people have about this topic. We are prone to believe all sorts of things about money. Some believe it’s the root of all evil. Others think “easy come, easy go” or that it has to be displayed in order to make oneself feel worthy. I… read more »

My money philosophy

I’m attempting to distill my thoughts about money into talking points for All the Money in the World publicity. In my maturation as an author last time around, I had a little light bulb go off: the vast majority of people who hear of your book are not going to read your book. In essence, your book becomes your talking points. This can be frustrating if you think t… read more »

Doing up Christmas

Shopping for Christmas presents raises a host of issues at the intersection of money and happiness. Here are two things that are simultaneously true:
1. I love to give people presents that delight them.
2. I hate wasting money.
This often produces mental turmoil, as a large chunk of money spent on gifts is inevitably wasted, meaning the person would have rath… read more »