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Guest post: The perfect parent hoax

Laura's note: Today's guest post deals with the topic of parents who say they "never" miss a special occasion. I'll be back tomorrow - thanks! by Camille Preston I recently attended an all-day learning event where business leaders shared their wisdom and experience. It wasn't even 9:15 and the first two speakers had both gloated about how they never miss an i… read more »

Guest post: Is it necessary?

Laura's note: Today's guest post is about an important question to ask that can help you be more mindful in matters big and small. Enjoy!  by Elisabeth Sharp McKetta One of the wonderful things about mothers is the random things they keep in their house: my mother, who lives in Austin, keeps a dozen clocks all chirping different times, a collection of dog-tra… read more »

Guest post: Make it a summer of purpose

(Laura's note: Today's guest post is from Christine Whelan, whose new book, The Big Picture, helps guide young adults to finding their purpose in life. Christine is on the faculty of the School of Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I'll be back later this week.) by Christine Whelan What would you ask God or a supreme being if you could get… read more »