Jasper’s movie reviews: Endgame

Laura’s note: My favorite guest poster, Jasper Conway, is back with his review of the biggest box office sensation of the season!

Avengers: Endgame( PS> NO SPOILERS)

by Jasper Conway

So sorry my review was a little late. Most people might have seen the film already, considering it broke box office records and over 40 million people saw it.

So here’s my review. Endgame was the finale to the Avengers movies, which follow the story of several superheroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe coming together to fight a villain. It had a lot of hype…and it’s worth the hype. It was definitely an incredible film — emotional, exciting, and spectacular, and without the usual superhero ending. The epic dramatic fights between the villains and the superheroes and their heroic acts as they save others and (mostly) themselves make Endgame in my opinion one of the best movies, not just in Marvel, but ever.

I would recommend this film for anyone (including kids ages 8+) who likes superhero movies, as it’s less violent than Infinity War. If you are not a big Marvel fan, I would still see it, because it’s a moving story.

Jasper’s rating: 96%

3 thoughts on “Jasper’s movie reviews: Endgame

  1. A most excellent review, Jasper! I would agree on all your points. Our whole family would, actually. Now that most of us have seen it, I expect our pastor will weave it into his sermon for next week. It was so worth the wait! What was your favorite part?

  2. Thanks for the great review, Jasper. I’d love to know if you thought there was one character who stood out as the true hero of the movie..

    PS: My favorite character was Thor :).

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