Jasper’s movie reviews: 3 picks for the holidays

Laura’s note: I occasionally run guest posts on this blog. Today I welcome Jasper, my 11-year-old son, who shares his views on three movies currently in theaters.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2018)

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a great film to see with your kids this Christmas season. This version of the story is loosely based on the classic 1966 film (with the song “You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch”), but gives much more detail to the story. The biggest difference? More back story about the Grinch. We learn that he was a young orphan who always wanted a happy Christmas, but never got one. So he decides that he hates everything about Christmas and wants no one else to have a Christmas either. This version also develops Cindy Lou Who’s story, and explains more about why she’s up spying on Santa. This film has plenty of laughs and overall has a good main idea to carry the plot for about 1 hour and 45 minutes vs. the 1966 film’s 26 minutes. This film is definitely one to see, particularly with kids ages 4-10. I would give this film a 91/100.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald

This incredible movie is easily one of the best in the Harry Potter franchise. Grindelwald, a precursor of Voldemort, is held in a prison, but escapes through magic. He travels to Paris where he gathers allies for his cause of raising pure-blood wizards to rule over the muggles. Dumbledore, who cannot fight Grindelwald himself, asks Newt Scamander, one of his former students, to find Credence, a pure-blood wizard who is key to the last part of Grindelwald’s plan. The movie is about Scamandar’s quest, with plot turns all over the place, including unlikely family relationships. This film is definitely a great one and is recommended for kids ages 8 and up (because of some violence). Their parents might like it too! 97/100.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Vanellope and Ralph are video game characters, living in an arcade, doing the same things every day. Then one day, because of Vanellope’s complaints about this monotony, Ralph decides to try to make a new track in Vanellope’s racing game, Sugar Rush. Unfortunately, the wheel used for her arcade game breaks and everyone in the racing game has to get out before the owner unplugs the cable. When the owner can’t pay for a new wheel, Ralph and Vanellope go in to the internet to find the wheel on eBay. This results in a surprisingly funny adventure featuring overbidding, YouTube, Disney Princesses, and an entrepreneur named Yesss. I recommend this movie to 5-10 year olds because it’s funny with almost nothing that’s scary. I would give this film a rating of 95/100.

Jasper is a 6th grader living in Pennsylvania, where he enjoys acting, swimming, and studying the movie revenue statistics on Box Office Mojo. 

7 thoughts on “Jasper’s movie reviews: 3 picks for the holidays

  1. Great guest post. Thanks Jasper, and hello from England! I am looking forward to showing your reviews to my kids when they get back from school, and we’ll use them to help pick a favourite to watch over the holidays.

  2. Jasper, your review of The Crimes of Gridelwald has captured my imagination. I’m a Harry Potter fan but was skeptical of any plot lines beyond the original books. You’ve changed my opinion.

  3. I love these reviews! We usually watch a lot of family movies over the holidays and it sounds like The Grinch and Ralph Breaks the Internet will be right up our alley.

  4. Jasper, thanks for this! My 11 year old and 12 year old will especially be glad to read this before we make our Christmas vacation plans!

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