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13 years of running

I have never run the New York City marathon (which happened this past weekend). I don't really think of it or Boston as being on my bucket list, which I know a lot of runners do. I have run a marathon (Big Sur, 2010), and I imagine I will again at some point in my life, but I have been feeling mixed on races of late. They are a lot of hassle. NYC would especially be so, wh… read more »

What I’m into, November edition

I love November. Here in southeastern Pennsylvania the month starts with peak fall color. It ends with the coziness of the holiday season. The air is crisp, but it's usually still fine to run outside. The slush all comes later. Here's what’s making me happy this month: 100 Grand bars. I've moved beyond most check-out line candy, in the sense that I prefer hig… read more »

Books read in October

This was another doozy of a month for reading. I was in between drafts of Off the Clock (which is now back on my plate), and I had a reasonable amount of time on planes and trains. Plus, book reading has become my default activity before bed. I can usually get 60 minutes in if I'm disciplined about it. Here's what I tackled this month: Still Life, by Louise Penny I fin… read more »


I put on my fall fun list that I wanted to go to Cape May to see the autumn colors on the shore. Cape May is also a great bird watching destination as various species stop by on the way south. I actually had something of a work-related reason to go; my potential time management fable will be set on the autumnal Jersey shore (per the proposal) and so I wanted to see the sc… read more »

Ricketts Glen wins again

Long time readers may recall that in May I took my older two boys on a Cub Scout camping trip to Ricketts Glen State Park. This park in the mountains of northern Pennsylvania has some lovely (and large) waterfalls. We went on a great hike, but it rained all day, and by the end of the day, the temperatures were dropping into the 30s. Our tent was taking on water. So I ma… read more »