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My post-holiday Winter Fun List and a belated December Books List

Today's post is a bit of a catch-all before my time logs go up next week. Yes, I am hosting another 168 Hours Time-Tracking Challenge! You can download a time log here if you'd like to play along. You can sign up to receive daily motivational emails here. Anyway, I decided to make a short winter fun list. I really am not that into winter. The kids get sick and I get sic… read more »

Merry Christmas! Here’s how we did on the 2017 holiday fun list

We tore through the presents by about 9 a.m. this morning, so it's been kind of a long Christmas day. At least there were new presents to play with. And fight over. But I digress! Since it's Christmas, I thought I'd go ahead and post a re-cap on the 2017 holiday fun list. Back in November, I observed my annual tradition of creating a list of activities that would hel… read more »

My year of making time to read (plus a most memorable books list)

As I write this on December 20, I have read 134 books since January 1. Some have been short (Ann Patchett's Getaway Car). Others have been epic (1Q84). In any case, I read a lot in 2017. I haven't added up my time log totals, but if each book took 4 hours to read, that would be 536 hours devoted to books alone. The first year I tracked I read for 327 hours, which includes… read more »

My 2017 holiday fun list — what’s on yours?

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Well, probably not; as I write this it is 43 degrees and rainy, so there are no visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. However, the Christmas season does feature a lot of only-once-a-year festivities, and the opportunity for celebrating old traditions and creating new ones. A few years ago, to make sure my family eme… read more »

It’s still fall for a few more weeks, but here’s how I did on the Fall Fun List

I really love fall. I love the colors, the crisp weather, the cozy feeling that winter is coming but is not yet here. Unlike summer, though, when the kids' non-school schedules, and vacations, naturally push one to do things to enjoy the season, fall is harder to pause and appreciate. So, this year, I decided to create a Fall Fun List. It is structured much like m… read more »