January reflections: The month that was

We’ve reached the end of January. If I were prone to sweeping narratives, I might be tempted to write off this month entirely. Certainly, parts of the month were downright terrible, thanks to my back/leg pain issue. I’m still not at 100 percent, which is frustrating in a great many ways.

But if I take an objective look back, I could easily see that narrative was incomplete. I got a lot done. I hosted two birthday parties (update for those following The Case of the Lost Present List — he has been sending personal video thank yous to all the friends). My eldest got his drivers’ license. I got some one-on-one time with many of the kids (the auto show, afternoon tea, etc.). I set up a miniature kitchen scene in my office and will set up the bedroom one as soon as the paint dries.

Professionally, January featured the Time Tracking Challenge (thanks to everyone who participated!), and a good mix of media coverage for time-related topics (TED Radio Hour/NPR, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, etc.). We successfully moved the Best of Both Worlds podcast over to iHeartMedia. Vanderhacks keeps growing (I kept posting every single weekday despite everything…good to have a job I can do from bed!). And I almost have a draft of my book proposal finished. I’m very excited about bringing this new book out into the world!

So, with February starting, I’m pondering a belated winter fun list (though February will actually bring two trips to sunnier places! That’s definitely on the fun list.). On it:

*I will be singing in a cabaret show, which is somewhat of a humorous thought. Need to work on my outfit! Maybe I just resurrect the green mermaid-cut dress from Christmas.

*I will watch the Super Bowl and indulge my obsession with the Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce romance plot line.

*I will make sure my daughter gets to ice skate. She wanted to do this for the holiday fun list and it didn’t happen, and then I was looking at taking her this past month but post injury the idea of me ice skating sounds like the worst idea ever. But she is going with some friends this Friday, phew.

* I will turn on the gas fireplace in my office frequently! I’m turning it on right now…

*I will go to the Philadelphia Flower Show in March

* I will write a few more winter sonnets.

*If we get more significant snowfall, I will go out and tromp around in the snow. Sadly, our last snowfall coincided with my being bed-bound…

Along with the two trips that’s probably enough ambition for now. February is a short month. Though less short this year. Yep, 2024 is an 8784 hour year, not a 8760 one….

2 thoughts on “January reflections: The month that was

  1. I really enjoy your grounded outlook on time and perspective on negative events. Glad you are improving, and hope you get closer to 100%! One of my goals this year is to pause and enjoy positive moments and make memories with family, even when days seem busy or hectic.

    1. @Kristen – that sounds like a wonderful goal! I do try to note that any given day isn’t terrible…even if it sometimes feels like it. Like, I was able to make breakfast without being in pain today. A win!

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