On gravitas

I interviewed economist and frequent commentator Sylvia Ann Hewlett yesterday. She has a new book out called Executive Presence: The Missing Link Between Merit and Success, and it deals with this question: what makes people look like leadership material? The obvious answer is “you are a tall white man,” but the rest of us, alas, cannot become tall whit… read more »

Musings on my own little sweatshop

I have now officially crunched 143 logs for Mosaic: work totals, sleep totals, housework, exercise, TV, reading…. The reason this is significant is that 143 logs give me 1000 days (1001 to be exact). That was my target for data analysis. I think 1000 days gives me a pretty good picture of modern life.
(Side note: I actually have a lot more than 143 logs, bu… read more »

I like to go to other people’s conferences

I went to a writing conference a few weeks ago and it was fine. I said hello to a number of people I know, and I got good ideas. But I’ve been having a more interesting time lately going to other people’s conferences — other professions, other industries.
This is honestly a major perk of being a professional speaker, and not one I’d really thought abo… read more »

The Nesting Place: Analysis, critique, etc.

I recently read The Nesting Place, by Myquillyn Smith, and went through various frames of mind about it. The one sentence review: it’s got a lot of great decorating ideas in it, and some seriously gorgeous photos of what can be achieved on a slim budget. If you are not into a discussion on feminism, gender roles, economics, and the upsides/drawbacks of the &#… read more »

What does it mean to stay home?

The Pew Research Center came out with a report a few weeks ago on stay at home moms in America. The headline out of the report was that the proportion of stay-at-home mothers was rising, to 29 percent of all women with kids. Perhaps this conjures up an image of women chucking their briefcases for hearth and home, but deeper within the report were some more interes… read more »