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Win $500 million and still be happy!

The PowerBall jackpot has now hit $500 million. Such occasions bring the usual photos of people lining up outside gas stations, and a more curious modern tradition: news stories reminding people that winning the lottery can ruin your life. There is some actual research finding that, after an initial bit of glee, lottery winners revert to their old levels of… read more »

Judging net worth by candy bar size

Halloween was postponed from October 31 to November 4 around here, so we got the kids dressed up last night and took them trick or treating. Our house is on a semi-busy road. So -- while we stopped by our immediate neighbors -- we did the bulk of candy collecting in a subdivision that’s a 3-minute walk around the corner. My husband took the boys there last year to… read more »

Up in the air

I spoke at the Meadowdale Branch Library in Chesterfield County last night about All the Money in the World. The organizers were wonderful, doing an incredible amount of marketing for the event. So, despite some blustery wind and quite the downpour in the Richmond, Virginia region, we had a packed house. (The food trucks they’d planned to have for the even… read more »

Less than 40 minutes per week

I may have found my new favorite data set. The Center on Everyday Lives of Families at UCLA did a study of 32 middle-class, dual-income families in Los Angeles. Researchers documented people’s possessions and videotaped 1500 hours of family activities, recording how and where people were spending their time (the findings are being released as a book in A… read more »

Want to be happy? Boost your joy budget

I tried out my money speech for the first time at the Invent Your Future Midwest Conference for Women this week. While I have given my speech on time often enough that I know exactly when the audience will laugh or nod, the money material was all new. I’ll be honest. Some of it didn’t work so well. Some of it got people leaning forward. These are things it’s ha… read more »