Round-up: Reviews, interviews, etc.

As those of you who read this blog regularly are no doubt sick of hearing, I have an ebook coming out next week called What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast. I also had a “normal” book come out three months ago called All the Money in the World. The net result is that today’s round-up features a little of both!

House of Peanut reviews All the Money in the World, noting that “I devoured it in a few hours which is pretty remarkable because I am really not into reading personal finance books.” In a similar vein, from a while back, The Frugal Girl also writes about reading All the Money in the World. Nice quote from her: “Vanderkam has a very engaging writing style…it just kind of draws you through the book without you even realizing it.  I think that’s a remarkable quality in a non-fiction book, which doesn’t have the advantage of a plot to keep you reading!”

This raises an interesting question, though. What would it be like to put a plot into a self-help book? Stay tuned on this one.

Dietician on the Run puts ATM on her list of five faves this weekend. While it seems I rank below her CSA mustard greens, I’m still happy to be on there!

Now on to #BeforeBreakfast: Jessica Stillman at Inc writes “Want to Be More Successful? Change Your Mornings.” She deems the book “short but useful.” That’s what I’m aiming for!

Meanwhile, at The Grindstone, Jen Dziura writes “Successful People are Up at the Crack of Dawn (A Conversation with Laura Vanderkam).” This was a fun interview, because Jen argues with me, makes her own points, and so forth. Much more interesting than your standard Q&A.

As for my own writing this week… Over at CBS MoneyWatch, I ask “Can Pinterest Help Your Career?” I also offer “9 Hacks for Managers Who Hate Wasting Time,” then round it out with some new stats from the Op-Ed Project in a piece called “Are Women Selling Their Ideas Short?” 

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I’ll be listening to the Young New Yorkers’ Chorus sing Carmina Burana, among other things. What do you have planned? 


3 thoughts on “Round-up: Reviews, interviews, etc.

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! That “Faves” list was in no particular order, though the Mustard Greens were pretty tasty (after the initial shock of Mustard > Kale).

    I’ve been raving about this book to anyone who will listen, but refuse to share my copy. Thank you for creating a timeless resource!

    1. @Heather- thanks so much for including me on your list! Whether it was in order or not:) Thanks for not sharing the copy; as a writer, I enjoy when people buy my books…

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