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If you like my books…

…would you do me a favor? January is always a big month for self-help titles. Prospective readers want to know that other people found books helpful and enjoyable. If you enjoyed my books, would you please visit an online retailer (Amazon, and write a short review of any of your favorites? Those links take you to lists of my books at both retailer… read more »

All the Money in the World: What the happiest people know about wealth

This was an expensive Memorial Day weekend, given that we stayed in town. But all in all, I think it was money well spent. The biggest expenditure was a Friday night trip to REI. We’d been thinking about buying bikes for a while. We’ve rented bikes and a Burley (2-kid buggy) numerous times near the Lehigh Gorge State Park and at the Valley Forge National Park… read more »

The real problem with women and money

Many personal finance books are aimed at women. It’s a logical brand extension if you get a bestselling title. Not only are women more willing than men to buy books that offer advice for improving one’s life, there’s also a widespread belief that women need more help in the monetary arena than men do. As Suze Orman wrote in Women and Money, “Why is i… read more »

My well-measured life (part 2)

In addition to tracking my time, I also spent last week keeping a food journal, and logging my runs with a bit more detail than usual. The reasons? After getting down to my goal post-baby weight in September, I gained a few pounds back that I’ve been struggling to lose (Ok, I lost them when I had that stomach bug in January, but that doesn’t really count). My hu… read more »

Win $500 million and still be happy!

The PowerBall jackpot has now hit $500 million. Such occasions bring the usual photos of people lining up outside gas stations, and a more curious modern tradition: news stories reminding people that winning the lottery can ruin your life. There is some actual research finding that, after an initial bit of glee, lottery winners revert to their old levels of… read more »