If you like my books…

…would you do me a favor?

January is always a big month for self-help titles. Prospective readers want to know that other people found books helpful and enjoyable.

If you enjoyed my books, would you please visit an online retailer (Amazon, BN.com) and write a short review of any of your favorites? Those links take you to lists of my books at both retailers. All you have to say is that you read the book and learned something new. Describe how that tip made a difference in your life, then say that you recommend the book to others. That’s a perfectly succinct formula for a review and answers the questions prospective readers might have.

If you don’t want to write a review, another way you can be helpful — on Amazon and BN.com — is to indicate that an existing positive review was “helpful.” There is a question by every Amazon review asking “Was this review helpful to you?” (or just “Was this review helpful?” on BN); reviews that get the most “yes” votes for helpfulness tend to rise to the top of the list of reviews. So obviously I’d love if some 4- or 5-star reviews got that coveted spot.

Thank you so much. I can see on both sites that some regular readers here have already left reviews, and I really appreciate that.

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